Finding a Quality Summer Camp

by Chris Bjorklund


What is the single best question you can ask a camp director when shopping for a camp?  I got some good advice from Andrew Townsend, Camp Director for Kennolyn Camps.  “Who are your staff, how are they hired and who supervises them?  In this three-part question, you get to the very core of what a parent cares about most: who’s caring for my child? Fancy facilities and exciting programs are no good without quality, trained staff to supervise the campers.”

A well-run camp should have clear plans for how to handle emergencies like fires and earthquakes, although the law doesn’t require this. Mr. Townsend says if the camp has water sports and activities, lifeguards, trained lookouts and camp staff should all be prepared to respond to potential problems. And finally, expect a camp director to clearly and concisely explain the camp’s programs and philosophy.

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