A Field Trip to the Food Bank

by Guest Author

2017 update: ‘Tis the season once again! Add a food bank, a shelter or another other worthy cause to your list and experience the fun of playing Santa.

‘Tis the season! Ashley and I dropped off the bounty collected from our holiday food drive at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank  yesterday and were lucky enough to get a private tour.  Given that the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the wealthiest regions in the country, I was shocked and saddened to learn that 25% of the residents of San Francisco and Marin are in need of food assistance. Consequently, I’m so grateful that there are organizations like the SF-Marin Food Bank. While they might not completely eradicate hunger, the 47 million pounds of food they distribute a year must make a dent.

Ashley and Ian make sure the tuna and low-sodium soups stay dry.

Ashley and Ian keep cans of tuna and low-sodium soups dry.

Marcia Custer, Marin General Manager and a volunteer inspect our food donation.

Marcia Custer, Marin General Manager, and a volunteer inspect our food donation.



Food Bank Donations

Here’s Ashley with just a tiny fraction of that 47 million pounds of food.











Marcia zipped up her vest before taking us into the Arctic Circle...I mean the living oom-size freezer.

Marcia zipped up her vest before taking us into the Arctic Circle…I mean the room-size freezer the Food Bank uses to store donated meat.













Food Bank packaging

On weekends, volunteers use these packaging stations to reportion bags of rice, beans and other bulk food items.

A trip to the food bank

At the food bank “store,” they sell cans of food to various organizations for approximately .25 per can.






Donating to the Food Bank

A great sentiment at all times of the year













































































The San Francisco-Marin County Food Bank takes donations and need volunteers all year round. If you would like to get involved, go to www.sfmfoodbank. Happy Holidays everyone!