Do You Have a Great Mechanic?

by Chris Bjorklund
local mechanicEvery time I have a problem with my car, I thank my lucky stars that I have a great mechanic. The last time I saw him, I needed a weird sound checked out. I was selling my Honda Fit and a woman who test-drove it pointed out that an annoying noise was coming from the back of the vehicle. When I drove around for several blocks with my mechanic, he hopped out of the car and asked me to follow him. Believe it or not, the noise was simply a loose license plate holder!I was grateful that it was such a minor problem, but I also realized that an untrustworthy repair shop could have tried to sell me something totally unnecessary like new shock absorbers or an exhaust system. If you don’t have a great mechanic, I suggest finding one as soon as possible. Check out this mini podcast I did recently for some advice.