Diamond Certified Experts: Top Tips of 2021 (Part 2)

by James Florence

Earlier this week, we shared 10 of the top tips that our Diamond Certified Expert Contributors provided in 2021. In this second installment, we’re serving up 10 more bite-size morsels of Helpful Expertise®.


Chih Ling Han — President, Acme Sunshades Enterprise Inc.

Choosing an Awning

Besides choosing an awning that aesthetically complements your home or business, it’s important to select one that’s functionally appropriate. For example, you should make sure your awning will cast a shade pattern that suitably covers the window, door or general area you’re targeting for shade.


jim kabelJim Kabel — President, Next Stage Design + Build

Shower Remodeling Tip

Remodeling your master bathroom? Eliminate the shower “cave” by installing a glass-enclosed shower. To let in more natural light, consider adding a window or skylight. A glass shower enclosure can really open things up and highlight the beauty of your master bathroom, regardless of its size.


Miquan Johnson — Owner, Johnson’s Insulation

Insulating Drafty Floors

Cold and drafty floors are typically caused by cold air coming in through the foundation vent. Since most homes don’t have insulated flooring, this is a common issue. Naturally, the solution is to add insulation to the flooring, which is done by going underneath the home and installing it from below.


Daniel Tseyref — Owner, Chosen Rooter & Plumbing, Inc.

Testing for Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks aren’t always easy to identify, so it’s good to regularly test for them. Simply insert a few drops of liquid dye or food coloring into your toilet’s tank. Come back in a couple of hours and look in the bowl—if there’s color in the water, it means water is leaking in from the tank.


Antonia Rodas — Owner, Watson’s Floor Covering, Inc

Wood Flooring Preferences

Wood floorboards typically come in a mixture of light and dark shades, and some have knots and imperfections. If you have specific preferences regarding the look of your new floors, discuss them with your installer in advance—otherwise, there may not be enough of your preferred boards in the product mix.


Jim Rossi — Owner, Presto Pest Control, Inc.

DIY Rodent Exclusion

When it comes to DIY rodent control, one thing you can do is identify and remove potential entry points into your home (any holes that are dime-sized or larger). Don’t use foam—rodents can eat right through it. Instead, use a drill to fasten 1/4-inch metal mesh over each opening.


Howard Bloom — CRS, Howard Bloom – Intero Real Estate

Prop 19 Homeowner Benefit

Are you a homeowner who’s over 55 years old? Thanks to Proposition 19, you’re now able to move anywhere in California and keep your current property tax assessment. Even if you buy a more expensive home, you’ll only have to pay additional taxes on the difference in value between your current home and your new one.


Emmanuel Hernandez — Owner, Calnorthex Concrete

Prep Step for New Concrete

One important step before installing new concrete is soaking the soil during the days leading up to installation. That way, the concrete will be installed when the soil is in a state of maximum expansion, which reduces the chances for damage caused by soil expansion in the future.


Tristan Wurzbach — General Manager, B2 Perfection Auto Body

Car Paint Cleaning Hack

If you find tree sap or bird droppings on your vehicle’s paint, remove it as soon as possible to avoid a permanent stain. One little-known hack for removing these types of contaminants is cleaning with hand sanitizer. Just apply some hand sanitizer to the area and use a microfiber towel to scrub it clean.


Aaron Sampson — CEO, Sampson’s Landscaping, Inc.

Hollow vs. Solid Concrete Blocks

When building a retaining wall, some homeowners opt for hollow concrete blocks to save money. However, since these blocks are lightweight, they aren’t recommended for building structures more than three feet tall. For optimum structural stability, consider investing in solid concrete blocks.

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