Dent Repair Scammers Target Females

by Chris Bjorklund

You’ll be approached in a parking lot at one of the big discount stores. The dent repair impostor offers to fix a dent or scratch on the spot while you’re shopping. Bill Davis, owner of DentPro of Salinas & Santa Cruz, a Diamond Certified company, says when you come back to your car, it’s covered with white paste or wax. “They’ll tell you it needs to cure for about 4 hours.” Once you remove the paste later that day (you have to pay in advance for the repair), you’ll discover cracks in the paint or that very little was done to the car. You can’t track down the scammers either; the company business card has no phone number or address. So without a paper trail, you have no recourse other than to report the scammers to the authorities. Mr. Davis tells me he gets calls every week reporting the same modus operandi. Warn your girlfriends, so they won’t get ripped off.