Later this month, we will publish the 2022 Diamond Certified Directory. Issued in nine regional editions, the directory features full-page profiles of Diamond Certified companies throughout the Greater Bay Area. Furthermore, each edition includes a section that features helpful tips provided by owners and managers of local Diamond Certified companies. To give you a sample, we’ve assembled the following compilation of expert tips gathered from the different directory editions in print.


Hamid Rod Tehrani

Owner, Absolute Plumbing and Drain

Sewer Line Repair Alternative

If you have damaged sewer pipes beneath your home, you’ll be glad to know there are alternatives to jackhammering your foundation. One is to have a plumber descale the line and apply an epoxy to create a smooth surface and seal any cracks. This will increase the line’s lifespan and defer the need for replacement.


Mark Corrallo

President, All Seasons Construction

Adding Vertical Living Space

When it comes to adding living space to a home, it sometimes makes more sense to go vertical than horizontal. The question is, do you go up or down? Each house will have a different answer for that question. Either way, you’ll need to achieve a minimum height of 8 feet to make the space a legal living area.


Cheryl Tarik-El

Managing Partner, We Love Small Jobs Handyman Services-Remodelers & Builders

Speaking With a Contractor

When speaking with a contractor, a lot of homeowners make the mistake of leading with the question, “Do you provide free estimates?” This is far from the first question you should ask. To a licensed professional, it signals that you’re only price shopping and probably don’t have the budget to pay for the work.


Jose Valencia

Owner, Valencia Painting & Sons Inc.

Power Washing

I recommend having your home exterior power washed every two to three years. Not only will this keep the house paint looking new, it’ll also wash away mold, mildew, dirt and other substances that, given enough time, can damage the paint. Just be sure to hire a professional who knows how to perform the job correctly.


Scott Bell

Marketing Manager, Bell Pest Control

Eliminating Pest Entry Points

Inspect your home exterior and locate any gaps or openings that could serve as pest entry points. Here’s a general rule: If the opening is as big as a pinky finger, a mouse can get in; if the opening is as big as a thumb, a rat can get in. Sealing these openings will help keep pests out of your home.


Antonia Rodas

Owner, Watson’s Floor Covering, Inc

Tip for New Flooring

Are you planning to have new flooring installed in your home? If your floors are being installed as part of a larger remodeling project, consider saving this step for last. By focusing on aspects like painting first, you’ll remove the possibility of damaging the new flooring.


Anh Nguyen

Owner, A Plus Builders LLC

Custom Home Design Tip

When building a custom home, it’s important to plan for both your immediate needs and future value. Consider smart features, solar, and passive energy-saving strategies that provide intrinsic value now and in the future. Choose materials and fixtures that offer a higher value, like custom cabinets.


Christal Barquero

Owner, SLB Business Management – PW Compliance

Business Management for Contractors

From labor and wage compliance to making sure clients pay on time, many contractors struggle under the weight of all the responsibilities that fall outside the scope of their actual work. If you can relate, consider outsourcing these responsibilities to a business management and compliance company.


Dr. Alfred dela Cruz

alfred b dela cruzOwner, Alfred B. dela Cruz, DDS

A Solution for Sore Gums

If you suffer from sore or bleeding gums, the most important step you can take is to adopt a daily flossing routine. Keep in mind that when you first start flossing, it will cause your gums to bleed even more. However, with time, regular flossing will correct this issue, resulting in healthier gums.


Shem Isaac

President, Home Living Window Fashions

Researching Window Coverings

To make an informed window covering choice, take the time to understand the differences between the various products on the market. These include the material they’re made of, the quality of workmanship and the warranties associated with each option. A professional can help guide you through this process.


Emmanuel Hernandez

Owner, Calnorthex Concrete

Prep Step for New Concrete

One important step before installing new concrete is soaking the soil during the days leading up to installation. That way, the concrete will be installed when the soil is in a state of maximum expansion, which reduces the chances for damage caused by soil expansion in the future.


Leigh Bakhtiari

President, City Carpets

Choosing a Floor Covering

When choosing a new floor covering, it’s often helpful to reflect on the last one you had. What did you like the most about your previous product? What did you like the least? By factoring these pros and cons into your decision, you can improve upon the past and get a floor covering you’ll enjoy for many years.


Thomas Carrell

General Manager, Crandall Roofing Inc.

Gutter Fire Risk

Besides causing clogs when it rains, dry leaves and debris buildup in rain gutters increase the risk of and contribute to the spread of wildfire. To prevent this, have your gutters cleaned on a routine basis. If there are several trees around your home, you may need to have them cleaned more often.


Sean Lin

Owner, Future Auto Care

Wiper Blade Replacement

During summer, windshield wiper blades get baked under the sun, so by fall, they’re often dried out and brittle. To ensure your wiper blades are in good operating condition for the rainy season, plan to replace them each fall.


Howard Bloom

howard bloomCRS, Howard Bloom – Intero Real Estate

Tip for Home Sellers

After listing your home for sale, give your marketing plan time to work. Don’t take the first offer you get, even if it’s exactly your asking price. With the brisk pace of today’s real estate market, many homes are selling well over their list prices, so be patient and see what other offers come your way.


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