Benefits of Hiring a Professional Window Washer

by James Florence

Window washing may be a common household task, but a professional’s touch can bring a clear advantage. Photo: American Ratings Corporation © 2020

Now that Bay Area counties are finally reopening, many residents are playing catch-up with maintenance tasks that normally would’ve been completed earlier in the season. For example, your home’s windows may still be caked with residue from the rainy season. Before you reach for that bottle of glass cleaner, consider a better option: hiring a professional window washer. Here are a few reasons you should leave your panes to the pros.


Superior tools and techniques

Window cleaning seems like something anyone can do, but few people actually know how to do it correctly. First, most homeowners lack the right tools, opting for paper towels, rags or newspapers to do the job. In contrast, professional window washers use pole-mounted strip washers and squeegees to clean windows more efficiently and effectively, with no smudges or towel fibers left behind. Plus, the cleaner your windows are, the longer they can go between washings, which means less time spent on maintenance.


Safety risks

Even if you know how to correctly clean a window, doing it yourself can pose an unnecessary risk, especially if your home has vaulted ceilings or multiple stories. Unless you’re well-versed in using a ladder, cleaning elevated windows is something you should leave to an experienced professional. It’s not worth risking your neck to save a few dollars on maintenance.


Additional services

Many window washing companies provide additional services like gutter cleaning and pressure washing, which enables you to cross multiple maintenance items off your list with a single call. You can also ask your window washer to apply a glass sealant to your windows, which will further extend the intervals between cleanings by protecting against dirt, dust and grime.

While there are clear benefits to hiring a professional window washer, you shouldn’t hire just any company. As with any service that involves personnel working in and around your home, it’s important to hire a quality company that’s fully licensed and insured. To compare apples to apples, call around and get estimates from a few different companies before making your final choice.

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