Back Up Your Computer – Now!

by Chris Bjorklund

You may not think too much about backing up data until the day comes when your hard drive crashes. That's when I got the wake-up call, thinking I had lost everything – photos, work documents, records, letters, music. Rick Sutherland, owner of ClickAway, a Diamond Certified company, says most people are like me and don't realize how easy back up is, and how expensive data recovery can be. To back up data, some people use an external hard drive, where data is put onto another disc and stored in a safety deposit box, or somewhere else outside your home. You can also use an automatic on-line back up service, which is especially useful for saving data on a daily basis. The simplest method is not very expensive. You buy a 2 GB flash drive for less than $20 and a fireproof box to store it in. This small investment insures your data will be safe and sound.