A Tale of Three Estimates

by Chris Bjorklund

I wanted three estimates for new kitchen countertops. I knew the dimensions, the color and the type of material I wanted. Should have been an easy process, right?

For the first estimate, I made an appointment with a specific salesman at the showroom. I waited 30 minutes while he was with another client, but when I wasn’t even acknowledged I walked out the door.

I faxed the second estimate request as a different salesman at a different store advised. Several days have gone by and I am still waiting for a response.

The third company stood out because they’re right on top of things. I faxed the information; the lead estimator called for more clarification on the backsplash, and promised an estimate within 24 hours.

How you’re treated from the very beginning of a transaction is a pretty good indication of how the company will handle the install and follow-up service. Even if their price is a bit higher, it will be worth it knowing how much hustle they have and how responsive they are from the get-go.