A Pleasant Surprise

by Chris Bjorklund

This is typical for me. I’m rushing to get the dishes done and instead of putting everything away in the dish rack first, I just keep piling things on. As you might expect, something topples – my new blender crashes onto the tile flooring. The glass part of the blender withstands the blow, but the plastic bottom piece that screws in breaks into 3 pieces. (I broke a salad plate too.)

Fortunately Oster has a parts replacement service, and fortunately, one size fits all. I called to verify that claim on the website, and reached a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative, Patty. She explained that those parts are standard for most of their newer blenders, and then offered to send me a free replacement.

It would have cost me all of $10 for the part and shipping. Nonetheless I was delighted with her offer – maybe because I didn’t expect it, didn’t see it coming. That customer service rep just performed a real service both for her company and the customer.