A Diamond Certified Auto Repair Shop to the Rescue

by Chris Bjorklund

When a check engine light goes on, and won’t turn off after re-starting the engine, you know it’s time to have your mechanic check out the car. You can’t get any real useful advice over the phone. I was dealing with a problem like this and called a number of shops to find out what it would cost me for a diagnosis. Some wouldn’t give a price, another quoted a flat fee of $100, and finally a Diamond Certified shop said to bring it right in for a free evaluation. They ran a computer check on the car that lasted only a few minutes and said they couldn’t find anything serious wrong with the car. The mechanic did suggest that I might have bought a bad tank of gas, and advised me to steer clear of that brand. Problems have been reported, he said.

I’ve found my new auto repair shop in Sonoma County!