Spotlight: Diamond Certified Preferred Membership

by James Florence

Maybe you’ve heard about the Diamond Certified Preferred Membership but still aren’t quite sure what it’s all about. Maybe you just haven’t had a chance to learn more, or maybe your consumer “spider sense” has kicked in and you’re detecting some kind of sales gimmick. 

The fact is, not only is becoming a Diamond Certified Preferred Member incredibly easy, there’s positively nothing to lose because it’s always 100 percent free. Here are a few of the benefits that come with being a card carrying member of our Preferred Member program:

Member hotline
Whether to ask a question, lodge a complaint or compliment a Diamond Certified company on their great work, Preferred Members can get responsive assistance during business hours by way of our exclusive Member Hotline.

Double Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee
One of the ways in which the Diamond Certified Program stands by its promise to deliver top quality is through its Performance Guarantee. If a dispute arises between a Diamond Certified company and a consumer that can’t be resolved through mediation, the consumer stands to be reimbursed for up to $1,000 of the total project amount. By signing up to be a Preferred Member, you instantly increase your potential guarantee cap to $2,000!

Exclusive online access
Preferred Members get members-only access to additional online tools, including the ability to post comments on articles and provide advice and feedback on the website.

E-newsletter subscription
Members also get a free subscription to our monthly e-newsletter, which is put together by the Savvy Consumer herself, Chris Bjorklund.

Diamond Certified Directory subscription
Preferred Members are automatically signed up to receive a free print copy of the annual Diamond Certified Directory for their county, as well as quarterly Directory Updates. Members also have the option of receiving up to two additional county directories for free.

Join the 100,000 other Bay Area residents who are enjoying the many benefits of being a Diamond Certified Preferred Member. 

Use Diamond Certified Resource to find top rated companies.

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