8 Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance

by Suzanne Carroll


One great advantage of owning a hot tub is that you can use it any time of the year. No matter the season, a hot tub can be a refreshing spot to socialize with friends or relax after a long day. But that’s only true if your spa is in good repair. Below, you’ll find eight tips for hot tub care and maintenance that will enable you to take full advantage of this fun feature of your home.

1. Shower before use. Taking a quick shower reduces the amount of lotion, sunscreen or makeup that gets into the water. This step helps keep the chemical levels of the water better calibrated and prevents the filter from quickly clogging.

2. Test the water weekly. Once a week, you should use a litmus strip test to measure the pH level, sanitizer levels and alkalinity of the water. It only takes a few minutes to ensure your hot tub’s chemical levels are in balance.

3. Deep clean your hot tub a few times a year. Regardless of whether you use your hot tub frequently, you should drain and refill the water every three to four months. At that time, you can also deep clean the hot tub filter by submerging it in a bucket with a spa cleaning solution or water and vinegar.

4. Consider using bromine as a sanitizer. Similar to chlorine, bromine uses a process of oxidation to eliminate microorganisms in the water. While more expensive than chlorine, bromine works better at high temperatures, doesn’t have a strong odor like chlorine and is better for bathers with sensitive skin.

5. Make sure the water circulates regularly. Even if you don’t use your spa daily, you should still run it 15 to 20 minutes each day to ensure the filters stay operational and the water moves through the hot tub’s components. Some spas are programmed to circulate water at regular intervals.

6. No pets allowed. Household pets (dogs in particular) tend to carry much more dirt and bacteria on their bodies than people. This can upset the chemical balance of the water and lead to contamination. Additionally, many filtration systems can’t handle animal fur and will cease to function.

7. Turn off the hot tub when it’s not in use. When you’re done using your hot tub for the day, be sure to turn it off and put down the cover. This will reduce your energy costs and prevent any debris from landing in the water.

8. Always choose a licensed contractor to work on your hot tub. An unlicensed technician may not have the knowledge or training to properly repair your hot tub’s complicated electrical components, which can be dangerous for anyone using the hot tub later.

A qualified swimming pool and spa service can help you with any hot tub repair or maintenance issues. By keeping a regular maintenance schedule and following some simple guidelines, you’ll spend less time on repairs and more time enjoying your spa.

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