5 Windshield Care Tips

by James Florence


A windshield is designed to improve a vehicle's performance and safety. Photo: Coelho's Body Repair & Auto Sales, Inc. ©2022

A windshield is crucial for the performance and safety of any vehicle, so it’s important to keep yours in the best possible condition. Consider the following care tips:

1. Have cracks and chips repaired immediately. Trash, pebbles, and sand particles can fracture the glass and cause dings that, if left unattended, can turn into bigger cracks that obscure your driving vision.

2. Employ proper de-icing methods during the winter. Avoid using hot water to remove ice from your windshield—it could cause cracking. Instead, use a spray bottle to apply a de-icing solution (one part water to one part vinegar). Use an ice scraper (a plastic spatula will also do) to scrape the ice from the corner of the windshield toward the center.

3. Crack your windows when parked in direct sunlight. Small cracks in the glass can quickly expand and spread when there are considerable temperature differences on either side of the windshield. You can avoid this by cracking your windows, which prevents heat from building up inside your vehicle.

4. Avoid ammonia-based glass cleaners. Ammonia-based cleaners can negatively affect your windshield’s tint. Instead, use a vinegar- or alcohol-based product. Also, remember to use microfiber or cotton towels—they’re highly absorbent and don’t leave streaks or dust behind.

5. Maintain your wiper blades. A lot of windshield scratches are caused by sand particles and dirt from the wipers, so it’s important to clean them on a regular basis. Use a rag and rub windshield washer fluid along the blades to remove dust, sand particles, and other contaminants. Also, be sure to frequently refill your washer fluid to clear bugs or road debris from your view.

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