5 Benefits of a Digital Lock System

by James Florence


A digital lock system offers a suite of practical benefits for the modern homeowner. Photo: American Ratings Corporation ©2019

More and more applications are going digital in the 21st century, and home security locks are no exception. Today’s sophisticated digital lock technology offers several benefits, including the following: 

Enhanced security
While a burglar may be able to pick a mechanical lock, digital locks aren’t so easy to manipulate. Since they’re operated by keypad, the only way to get past a digital lock is by knowing the code. When paired with heavy-duty hardware and a quality alarm system, a digital lock system can make a home virtually burglar-proof.

No need to rekey
In the past, if you had a security breach in your home, you’d need to change or rekey your locks—in either case, an expensive and inconvenient measure. With a digital lock system, all you have to do is reset the code. With the mere touch of a keypad, you can restore security to your home.

Code customization
If you have a house cleaner, dog walker or other professional who needs to access your home on a regular basis, a digital lock system allows you to program a customized code for their use. You can even specify the code to only permit access during times when that person is expected to be at your home. If at any point your professional relationship ends, simply delete the code to prevent a security breach.

Self-locking capability
Have you ever left your home only to later realize you forgot to lock the front door? With a digital lock system, this is no longer a problem, as you can program your doors to lock automatically within a specified interval of being shut.

Smartphone integration
For added convenience, you can integrate your home’s digital lock system with your smartphone. Whether you’re a mile away or halfway around the world, you’ll have the ability to lock or unlock your doors as needed via a handy app.

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