Free PDF download: Part 1 of “North Bay Wildfires: Resources and Information.” Focuses on first steps for damage recovery for home and business owners.

Download Fire Recovery Guide, Part I

Updated 12/07/17

Fire is in the news again, and for some, in the air. Our thoughts go out to the residents of Ventura County. Please may these fires be contained soon!

Late summer and early fall is fire season in Northern California. Make sure you’re prepared for a fast-moving wildfire by clearing excess  brush around your home, keeping fire extinguishers at hand, and preparing an emergency evacuation plan for your family.

Let’s start with some tips for preventing wildfires from reaching your home:

Zone defense
The foundation of any fire-safe property is the creation of a “defensible space,” which fire authorities define as a 100-foot radial buffer surrounding the home.

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