Rainy Day Checklist

Posted on November 12, 2019 by Suzanne Carroll

With wet weather around the corner, now is the time for homeowners to do a thorough inspection of their homes and yards. After months of dry weather, sudden rains can lead to unexpected damage. Use this checklist to address the areas of your property that tend to be vulnerable during rain events. Read more

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Winterizing Your Northern California Swimming Pool: To Drain or Not to Drain?

Posted on November 06, 2018 by James Florence

If you’re a pool owner living in or near the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, it’s time to start thinking about winterization. You’ve likely heard of people who drain their pools for the winter, or perhaps you’re one of them. But should you drain your pool for the winter in Northern California? Is it really necessary? If not, what does pool winterization entail? For that matter, is it ever necessary to drain a pool? To get answers to these and other questions, we spoke with Mike Doucette, general manager of Roger’s Pool & Spa Service Inc. in Sebastopol.

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