21 for ’21: Pressing “Reset” After a Trying Year

Posted on January 05, 2021 by James Florence

This time last year, no one could guess what 2020 had in store for us. Within a few short months, those New Year’s resolutions to get fit, travel and connect more with friends went right out the window as the COVID-19 pandemic set in. And that’s just one of many factors that made this past year so trying.

Now we find ourselves on a similar precipice, looking into the unknown that will be 2021. Regardless of how this year actually turns out, there’s no sense starting it off with a whimper. Instead, we should keep our heads up with the expectation of better days to come and take the initiative to improve our prospects. Read more

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What Do You Procrastinate About?

Posted on January 28, 2020 by Chris Bjorklund

I was sitting around with a group of girlfriends at the end of last year and the conversation got around to all the things we meant to do in 2019 but didn’t. It was interesting to hear how differently we all prioritize tasks and projects and keep putting some things off for months and even years. The discussion got me thinking about how I could be more productive in the coming year. So, I made a list of random things I’m working on in 2020 or that I recently completed. My list might get you thinking about yours. Read more

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