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Waterproofing Your Home

Posted on November 28, 2017 by James Florence

When it comes to water intrusion, even small issues can lead to large consequences. For example, a minor leak can be a catalyst for dry rot, which, if allowed to progress unchecked, can spread throughout a home’s substructure and create a dangerous condition (not to mention a costly repair bill). That’s why it’s best to take a preventative approach by waterproofing your home. Whether sealing your exterior siding or your kitchen sink, proactive waterproofing measures will curb water intrusion from both exterior and interior sources. Read more

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Tip Sheet: Five Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

Posted on November 24, 2015 by James Florence

Much emphasis is put on maintaining the interior of the home, but an equally (if not more important) aspect to address is its exterior. That’s why Dennis Thompson of Thompson Construction says homeowners should take proactive steps to protect the outside of their homes from the elements. Here are Dennis’ top five tips for exterior maintenance: Read more

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Preparing Your Home for a (Potentially) Wet Winter

Posted on October 20, 2015 by James Florence

We originally posted this in 2015, when we had high hopes that El Niño would put an end to the drought. As it turned out, the winter of 2016-17 was the real drought-buster! We don’t know what’s in store for this winter, but needless to say, preparing for a wet winter is always a good idea.

California residents have spent the last four years enduring one of the worst droughts in state history. However, if recent forecasts are correct, we won’t be suffering for much longer. Citing a strong El Niño climate pattern developing in the Pacific Ocean, climatologists are predicting what could be the wettest winter California has seen in nearly two decades. Read more

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Turn on the Bright Lights: Exterior and Interior Lighting Basics

Posted on October 06, 2015 by James Florence

Have you ever been in a seemingly well-lit room and suddenly found yourself straining to see? If so, you know how frustrating bad lighting can be. And yet, many people continue to regard lighting as purely one-dimensional, not realizing there’s a lot more to it than its most basic function. In reality, it’s not merely our ability to see in the dark that counts, but how well we’re able to see, as well as how lighting makes us feel. By comprehending the true complexity involved in achieving good lighting, you can make the most of illumination in both your interior and exterior living spaces. Read more

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Party on the Patio: How to Get Your Yard Set for Summer Fun

Posted on May 05, 2015 by James Florence

If you’re like most Bay Area residents, as the long days and balmy evenings of summer set in, you’ll want to be spending as much time as possible outside. An outdoor living space can serve a variety of functions, whether an ambient setting to entertain guests or a relaxing oasis for lounging during your annual staycation. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your space, however, you’ll first need to get it clean and functional again after having sat unused all winter. Here are a few aspects likely to require your attention:

Swimming Pool
Following its winter dormancy, your swimming pool needs a bit of maintenance to get it ready for summer use. Read more

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Preparing Your Home for Winter with Fall Maintenance: Part 1

Posted on October 06, 2014 by James Florence

Summer has given way to autumn, and people throughout the Greater Bay Area are starting to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. However, amidst your fall decorating and holiday shopping, it’s important to remember another key seasonal measure: preparing your home for imminent winter weather. With its chilly temperatures and heavy rainfall, winter can take a toll on any home, but with proper preparation, you can fortify yours against the elements and avoid common problems.

Weatherproof your exterior
Whether to keep out water or cold air, weatherproofing your home is a vital preparatory measure during winter. Not only can weatherproofing prevent costly water intrusion issues, it can also improve home energy efficiency by keeping the heat in and lowering utility costs. Read more

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How Long Should a Paint Job Last?

Posted on September 13, 2012 by Chris Bjorklund

I have seen exterior paint jobs in my neighborhood last as little as 2 years and for as long as 8 years. Why the difference and how long should they last? Cleve Dayton, owner of the Painting Pros, a Diamond Certified company, explains that the keys to a lasting job are good prep before the paint is applied and on-going maintenance. With quality work, you can expect the exterior paint to hold up for at least 6 to 8 years.

Before hiring a contractor, ask how they will prep your house and pay special attention to what will be done to the southern exposure. That side takes most of the beating from the elements and is the first to crack, Read more

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