Social Distancing and Halloween

Posted on October 29, 2020 by Suzanne Carroll

Since California began its COVID-19 lockdown in March, many holidays and traditions have looked different this year. Graduation ceremonies were held online, Independence Day passed without local fireworks and baseball games were held in near-empty stadiums. Now, Halloween is just around the corner, and festivities promise to be more subdued than usual. While COVID-19 cases remain steady in California, they’re climbing rapidly in other parts of the country. State health officials still recommend wearing a mask when you’re outside your home, staying at least six feet away from others and washing your hands frequently. Read more

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Happy Halloween From the Diamond Certified Resource Team!

Posted on October 31, 2019 by James Florence

Everyone knows the best part of Halloween (other than the candy) is dressing up in costume. Most of us have at least one Halloween costume that stands out in our memory, whether it made us feel proud, slightly awkward or downright embarrassed. Whatever the case, these memories can make for amusing and even heartfelt stories later in life. Below, we’ll hear from members of the Diamond Certified Resource team as they reminisce about their most memorable Halloween costumes. Read more

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