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Preparing Your Home for Winter with Fall Maintenance: Part 2

Posted on October 14, 2014 by James Florence

While Part 1 of this blog series outlined important weatherproofing measures to protect your home against water and air leaks, this segment addresses a second, equally crucial aspect of winter home preparation:

Make sure vital heating systems are performing safely and efficiently.
There are two fixtures you don’t want to break down in the middle of winter: your central heating system and your hot water heater. Losing either of these crucial home components can make for an extremely uncomfortable situation, so it’s a good idea to make sure they’re in good working order before the cold weather sets in. Read more

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Diamond Certified Experts: Maintenance to Increase Home Safety

Posted on August 12, 2014 by James Florence

Above all else, your home should be a safe place, which is why it’s important to stay up-to-date with changing safety code standards. However, while devices like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) provide protection from potential hazards, other aspects of home safety often go ignored or unnoticed. Read on to learn from five Diamond Certified Expert Contributors about proactive maintenance to increase home safety.

Furnace inspection: Kent Penning of Cold Craft, Inc.

While ongoing upkeep such as routine filter changes can maximize your furnace’s performance, another important step is to have it regularly inspected by a professional. A furnace’s components start to wear out over time, Read more

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