Specialty Spotlight: Hardscaping

Posted on July 20, 2021 by Suzanne Carroll

hardscaping in back yard

Most of us spend more time outdoors during the summer doing activities like gardening, playing sports, grilling meals and socializing with friends. If you’re trying to create the perfect yard for enjoying the warm weather, it’s important to focus on both landscaping and hardscaping. A pathway, patio, retaining wall or any built-in feature in your yard is part of its hardscaping. Below, we’ll explain how hardscaping features can make your yard more beautiful, better for entertaining and even safer. Read more

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11 Tips for Preparing for Wildfire Season

Posted on June 01, 2021 by Suzanne Carroll

clean gutters

An unusually dry winter and windy conditions mean the Bay Area wildfire season is off to an early start in 2021. We’ve compiled this list of tips to help you prepare for the threat of wildfire and the presence of wildfire smoke in your community. Read more

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A Guide to Gravel

Posted on November 05, 2020 by Suzanne Carroll

Homeowners in the Bay Area are increasingly turning to gravel for their landscaping projects. That’s because gravel can be the right solution for many local landscaping problems. Gravel helps reduce soil erosion by slowing the flow of rainwater, and it’s an attractive groundcover option for areas where plants have difficulty growing. Also, since it doesn’t need irrigation, it’s a great solution for homeowners who want to reduce their water usage. Gravel can even help protect your home by acting as a barrier against encroaching wildfire.  Read more

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