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Why Trust Diamond Certified Hauling Companies Rated Highest in Quality?

A Diamond Certified hauling company loads and removes construction debris from a demolition job. You'll feel confident hiring a debris removal hauling company listed above because each has been rated Highest in Quality and has earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For more information on how best to choose and work with junk removal services in Alameda County, read the following articles. Photo: Need A Hand Movers And Hauling (2017) Topic: Finding High Quality Hauling Services in Sonoma County

You are the customer. If your goal is to choose a hauling company that will deliver high customer satisfaction and quality, you’ll feel confident in choosing a Diamond Certified hauling contractor. Each has been rated Highest in Quality in the most accurate ratings process anywhere. And you’re always backed by the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee. Here’s why the Diamond Certified ratings and certification process will help you find a top-rated hauling service and is unparalleled in its accuracy, rigor and usefulness:

1) Accuracy: All research is performed by live telephone interviews that verify only real customers are surveyed, so you’ll never be fooled by fake reviews.

2) Statistical Reliability: A large random sample of past customers is surveyed on an ongoing basis so the research results you see truly reflect a Diamond Certified company’s top-rated status.

3) Full Disclosure: By clicking the name of a company above you’ll see the exact rating results in charts and read verbatim survey responses as well as researched articles on each qualified company.

4) Guaranteed: Your purchase is backed up with mediation and the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee, so you can choose with confidence.

Click on the name of a Diamond Certified company above to read ratings results, researched articles and verbatim customer survey responses to help you make an informed decision.

More than 200,000 customers of local companies have been interviewed in live telephone calls, and only companies that score Highest in Quality in customer satisfaction–a 90+ on a 100 scale–as well as pass all of the credential-based ratings earn Diamond Certified. By requiring such a high score to qualify, the Diamond Certified program eliminates mediocre and poorly performing companies. Read detailed information about the ratings and certification process.

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Jason Windus is owner of Need A Hand Movers And Hauling, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 418-0975 or by email.

Jason Windus

diamond certified contributor profile and expert article

Jason Windus: Lending a Hand

By James Florence, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

SANTA ROSA — When Jason Windus found himself out of work in 2008, rather than rely on others’ help, he opted to make a livelihood out of helping others. “Before getting into the moving and hauling business, I used to work for my uncle’s sign-making business,” he recounts. “When the economy took a dive in 2008, he had to let me go. I had kids to feed and a new truck payment, so I needed to quickly find a new means of income. Off the cuff, I built a box around the bed of my truck and posted signs around town advertising hauling and cleanup services. Soon after, I started doing part-time work for a local moving company. Eventually, I decided to start my own moving company, and things have continued to progress from there.”

Today, as owner of Need A Hand Movers And Hauling, Jason says his favorite part of his job is lending a hand to those in need. “I’m all about helping people. I think my company’s name naturally draws people who are in need of extra assistance, such as elderly or disabled folks, and I’m happy to provide that.”

A resident of Santa Rosa, Jason expresses his appreciation for his North Bay locale. “Growing up, I moved all over the place, so I’m happy to have ended up here,” he says. “It’s such a diverse area—close to the redwoods, the ocean and the city. I love driving through the scenic hills and valleys. Sometimes I feel like I live in the Garden of Eden.”

Outside of work, Jason’s favorite activity is riding his motorcycle. “I have a 2017 Harley-Davidson Road Glide that I like taking for rides out to the coast or up to the redwoods,” he says. As a single dad, Jason also enjoys spending quality time with his two sons, aged 18 and 10.

When asked the key to his company’s success, Jason believes it’s directly related to his helping attitude. “I think when you go out of your way to help others, it comes back to you in some way,” he explains. “That’s why, in addition to helping people in my daily job, I take opportunities to help others outside of work, such as volunteering at the Redwood Gospel Mission. Likewise, when the North Bay fires broke out, we took our trucks to help people evacuate and transport supplies for the first responders. Basically, any chance I get to help others, I take it, because that’s always a win-win situation.”

Ask Me Anything!

Q: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever moved?
A: Once, we moved a 20-foot sculpture of a giraffe. Another time, we moved a 3,000-pound phone booth.

Q: What’s your favorite kind of music?
A: Classic rock.

Q: Are you dog person or a cat person?
A: I have two dogs and a cat, but I love my cat the most. Don’t tell my dogs.

Q: Who’s your favorite superhero?
A: The Incredible Hulk.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
A: Chicken-fried steak and eggs.

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SANTA ROSA — Mattresses are expensive commodities, especially with today’s high-end specialty models and sophisticated comfort technology. That’s why, if you’re moving, you should take measures to protect your mattress from damage while it’s being transported. The simplest way to… Read more

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Video: Protecting Your Mattress During a Move

Complete Video Transcription:

SANTA ROSA — Host, Sarah Rutan: Mattresses are expensive, which is why it’s worthwhile to take protective measures when moving one. Today we’re in Santa Rosa with Diamond… Read more



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California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) (www.casaweb.org/)
California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) (www.cslb.ca.gov/)
California Department of Public Health (CDPH) (www.cdph.ca.gov/Pages/DEFAULT.aspx)
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) (www.cpuc.ca.gov/puc/)
Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) (www.calrecycle.ca.gov/)
Local Waste Management Links (across California) (www.calrecycle.ca.gov/LGCENTRAL/Links.asp)
State of California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General (//ag.ca.gov/)

Know What You Want
Think About Hiring a Sonoma County Hauling Company

As you look around in Sonoma County for hauling companies, whether you are looking in Windsor, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, or Santa Rosa, you want to find a reliable and reputable firm. To get the best service, you should speak with several firms. Before getting in touch, consider what you need. Some checklist questions you might want to ask yourself include:

  1. Do I want a Diamond Certified company that is rated best in quality and backed by the Diamond Certified Guarantee?
  2. When can I be at home to meet someone giving an estimate?
  3. Do I feel comfortable with an on-the-spot, no-obligation estimate, or would I feel more comfortable getting an estimate in advance?
  4. Do I want to work only with a licensed company, or am I comfortable working with someone with no license?
  5. Are there any special conditions that apply? (e.g. difficult access, narrow roads, tight turning space near my house?)
  6. Do I have any specialized materials to dispose of, such as items classified as hazardous waste?
  7. How much work do I want to do myself? (e.g. break up the concrete or have someone do it, clear the shrubs or have someone do it)
  8. Am I really looking for a moving company, not a hauling company?
  9. What kind of material do I need hauled away? (furniture, concrete, building scraps)
  10. What time constraints do I have? Do I need after-hours work, or can I only be there on weekends?
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What To Ask In Person
Talk to Your Sonoma County Hauling Company in Person

Many hauling companies offer free, in-person estimates. It’s a good idea to take the hauling company up on these estimates, since a visual inspection gives the company the most accurate representation of the job. When you meet the hauling company, whether for an estimate or for the actual job, you might want to have a list of prepared questions. This will help you remember everything you want to ask, instead of possibly forgetting something you wanted to be sure to ask. Some questions might include:

  1. Do you see any problems with accessing the site?
  2. Do you think the material can be recycled?
  3. How long do you think the job will take? Are there any extra fees for the length of the job?
  4. How much service will you provide? For example, will you dig up the shrubs or only haul them away? What is the difference in cost between hauling them away and also digging them up?
  5. How much labor do you think is involved – are there extra costs for it?
  6. Do you have the equipment to perform the service I need – e.g. concrete breakup?
  7. Do you perform ground leveling? What tools do you use to accomplish level ground?
  8. Can you provide recycling receipts for me?
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  • What To Ask References
    Questions for references

    It’s best to choose a Diamond Certified hauling company because all certified companies have passed an in-depth ratings process that most other companies can’t pass. If you want quality from a hauling company in Sonoma County and the greater Bay Area, you can have confidence choosing a Diamond Certified company. Diamond Certified reports are available online for all certified companies. And you’ll never be fooled by fake reviews. That’s because all research is performed in live telephone interviews of actual customers.

    If you can’t find a Diamond Certified hauling company within reach, you’ll have to do some research on your own. If you do, it’s wise to call some references provided by your junk removal company. Keep in mind, though, that references provided to you by the hauling company are not equal in value to the large random sample of customers surveyed during the Diamond Certified ratings process. That’s because references given to customers from companies are cherry-picked instead of randomly selected from all their customers. So the contractors will likely give you a few customers to call that they know are satisfied.

    If you do call references on your own, specifically ask for a list of the company’s 10 most recent customers. This will help avoid them giving you the names of only customers they know were satisfied.

    1. Was the company easy to reach and responsive to customer queries?
    2. Was the company flexible – could you make changes to schedules and work when required?
    3. Were you satisfied with the job the hauling company did? Why or why not?
    4. What did you have hauled away?
    5. Did workers show up on time to perform the estimate? To complete the actual job?
    6. How long did the job take and did you think it was a reasonable amount of time for it?
    7. Were you charged any surprise fees beyond what was in the estimate?
    8. Did you think the price charged was fair for the service performed?
    9. Was the property neat and tidy after the workers left?
    10. Were the workers pleasant and easy to work with as they did the job?


    To Hire the Best Hauling Company in Sonoma County
    Your choice of hauling company … So before deciding on the best hauling company in Sonoma County for you, it’s important to consider the following questions.

    1. Is the hauling company responsive to me – do they pick up the phone, respond to messages, return calls or emails?
    2. Is the hauling company punctual – do the representatives show up on time for estimates or to complete the job?
    3. Does the hauling company offer the service I want? For example, will they pull up the concrete as well as haul it away?
    4. Does the hauling company act in a responsible manner toward the environment, recycling where possible?
    5. Is the hauling company willing to offer a written estimate that includes all related fees, including labor or dumping fees?
    6. Does the company have the proper licensing and certifications for the job I need them to perform?
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  • How To Work With
    Finding the Right Hauling Companies in Sonoma County

    In Sonoma County, whether you live in Sebastopol, Guerneville, Cotati, Sonoma, or Cloverdale, or the larger areas of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Windsor, or Healdsburg, look into a few companies to find the best. Check out the company’s customer service. Does the hauling company respond promptly when you get in touch with them? Or are you constantly chasing them? Does the hauling company agree that it’s important to visually inspect before giving an estimate? Is the hauling company willing to provide a free, written estimate? Does the company give straightforward information about pricing? Does the hauling company show up on time for an estimate appointment? By taking account of how the junk removal company behaves in its early contacts with you, you’ll be able to evaluate how well the company will actually perform on the job.


    Now That You’ve Chosen a Sonoma County Hauling Company
    Once you and your hauling company are both on board, clearly define the project. What will you expect the hauling company to do? What part of the job will you do, if any? For example, will you dig up the concrete, or will they dig it up and then get rid of it? Make sure that the estimate clearly covers all the services the job will include. If you change the terms of the job after the estimate is written, get a new or updated estimate. Make sure you set a time that works for you. Be flexible enough to realize that you may need slightly more time than initially thought.


    Make it Easy for Your Sonoma County Hauling Company to Work With You
    A little organization on your part can keep the hauling project running smoothly. Keep your scheduling as accurate as possible, so you don’t have to cancel or change dates. Clearly communicate your expectations about who does what. Changes to job requirements mean changes to cost, so it’s best to be as clear as possible as early as possible. Be honest about any material you want removed. If a hauling company rejects an item as hazardous materials, ask them to help you find out where you can get rid of it. If you want any special paperwork, for example a recycling receipt or certificate of destruction, ask for the paperwork early in the process.

    It’s invaluable to have you present and able to answer questions during the job. Most hauling companies prefer someone to be present, and you will find it useful, too. For example, workers may need you to verify that you actually want to discard a specific item. If workers are clearing land, they may need to ask you about whether or not to save certain plants. If you can be onsite as the job is taking place, you can prevent delays and get the outcome you want.

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  • Be a Good Customer
    How Can You Be a Good Hauling Company Customer?

    It’s the hauling company’s responsibility to remove the discarded material in a responsible fashion. But you play a big part in the success of your hauling company, too. Here are a few simple steps you can take to be a good customer when hiring a Sonoma County hauling company.

    • Be clear and upfront with the hauling company. Let them know what you want from your hauling company, the long-term outcome you’re expecting and specific ways they can satisfy your expectations.
    • Remember, a friendly smile goes a long way!
    • Before you hire a hauling in Sonoma County, restate your expectations and goals, and reiterate to the hauling company representative your understanding of the agreement. Most problems with local hauling company occur because of a breakdown in communication. By being clear about your expectations and theirs, you can avoid most conflicts.
    • Ask your hauling company if you should call to check on the progress or if he will call you with updates.
    • Be sure your service representative has a phone number where they can reach you at all times while they’re hauling the material. The work will move along more smoothly if your hauling company can reach you for any necessary updates, questions or work authorizations.
    • When your contractor contacts you, return calls promptly to keep the hauling company on schedule.
    • Pay for the hauling company work promptly.

    Why would you want to be a good customer? Hauling companies in Sonoma County appreciate customers who are straightforward, honest and easy to work with. Your good customer behavior sets the tone from your end and creates an environment conducive to a good relationship. Things may very well go smoother and any problems may be more easily resolved.

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Check The Work
The Estimate from Your Sonoma County Hauling Company Acts as an Invoice

The best invoice is a written estimate. Always verify with the hauling company that the invoice covers all costs – time, labor, dumping fees, and the like. If changes to the job occur because you asked for more work to do be done, be sure to get the changes in writing. After the job is complete, verify that all the material that you wanted removed and that is mentioned in the estimate has been removed. Check that there is no damage to your property. If there is damage, document it and work with the hauling company to resolve the issue.

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Top 10 Requests
Top Service Requests

Some of the large, national chains will come to your property to haul away old furniture, discarded materials, and almost anything else you want to get rid of. Smaller hauling firms tend to offer a range of services. For example, they will remove spas or swimming pools, clear land, level ground, or break up concrete. Some of the common requests include the following.

Old Furniture
Old or unwanted furniture often tops the list of items for junk removal firms. Often, waste hauling companies are called to take away furniture that is no longer wanted. If in decent enough condition, the furniture may be donated or recycled by the hauling company.

Lot Clearing
The hauling company can remove unwanted vegetation from the ground, clearing the yard of waste. The hauling company can provide services so that it either simply hauls away debris that someone else has cleared, or the hauling company can do the actual work of clearing the land.

Garage Clearing
If you have a garage that is buried in clutter and unused stuff, a hauling company can help you clear it out. A hauling company is often a good alternative to a dumpster, since some communities do not allow dumpsters to be parked. Also, a hauling company will remove the junk as soon as it is loaded. Again, you have the choice of doing the garage sorting yourself, and just having the items ready to be loaded, or having the hauling company do the clearing.

Shed Tear-Down
A hauling company will tear down a shed and take away the materials for you. Remember that when you are looking for a demolition project, the contractor should have a C21 license from the state of California.

Dirt Removal
Hauling companies can remove excess dirt. Sometimes you are leveling ground for a new building or tennis court, or you may be removing dirt to flatten or grade a hillside. In any case, a hauling company can remove the dirt for you. Depending on what you need, the hauling company may also be able to perform services such as the actual ground leveling.

Hot Tub Removal
When owners need a hot tub removed, the hauling company can take it away. You can look for a hot tub company that will make every effort to remove the hot tub or spa in good condition, so that it can be donated to another user.

Concrete Removal
A hauling company can remove concrete, if you are replacing a patio or driveway. Many hauling companies have machinery that allows them to pull up the concrete for you, before taking it away. It’s up to you whether you want to pull up the concrete first or use the hauling company to do it. Some will also pulverize the concrete so it can be recycled and used in roads.

Real Estate Clearance / Foreclosure
Some hauling companies work with realtors to clear houses or to clean up a foreclosed house. The hauling company will typically take away the interior furnishings. Some will also provide some landscaping services for the exterior.

Fence Removal
Hauling firms can tear down and remove unneeded fences or fences that are going to be replaced.

Mattress Removal
If you end up with mattresses you are no longer using, a hauling company will take them away.

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Glossary Of Terms
The hauling industry has specific terms. Knowing them may help you communicate better with your hauling company representative.

all-wheel drive
In an all-wheel drive vehicle, each wheel gets power from the engine. Four-wheel drives are also all-wheel drives.

Also known as: AWD

alternative fueled vehicle
A vehicle that does not use diesel or gasoline for power. AFVs are popular with hauling companies.

Also known as: AVF

anti-lock braking system
A combination of sensors, computer, and solenoid valves that try to prevent wheels from locking during braking. They can adjust braking speed if they sense problems with the wheel speed.

Also known as: ABS

An axle is the part of the vehicle that the brakes, wheels, and suspension are attached to.

The ball is the device that connects the trailer to the hitch.

Refers to a load or material that only covers the bed or floor of the truck and is not piled high. Heavy material such as dirt and concrete can only be transported at a maximum height of one foot, so is transported in bedloads.

A small vehicle or tractor that can be used to move large amount of dirt or other materials. Bobcat use can reduce the amount of manual labor required on a site.

cargo weight
Includes the weight of the supplies, gear, and the load on a vehicle.

The chassis provides the main structural element of the vehicle. Other parts, such as the trailer or cab get attached to the chassis.

commercial driver’s license
A license or permit that allows the driver to drive vehicles for commercial purposes. State and federal laws define which vehicles are classified as commercial.

Also known as: CDL

concrete removal
Concrete removal refers to taking concrete away from the site. Hauling companies may be hired to actually pull up the concrete themselves. Or the customer can use the jack hammer or other tools to pull up the concrete, then have the hauling company take it away.

The volume of three-dimensional, or cubed, space available for use.

curb weight
The weight of the vehicles with no passengers or load, but with a full fuel tank and with all liquids filled up.

California defines demolition as the raising, lowering, cribbing, underpinning, demolishing, moving, or removing of a structure, include the foundations. Contractors performing this work need a license.

dirt removal
Refers to taking away extra dirt or earth from a site. You may need dirt removed to reduce a hillside on your property, or to level ground so you can build.

Electronic waste is created when users dispose of computers, cell phones, PDAs, and other electronic devices. It is important to dispose of electronic waste properly so that the elements used to create the devices are not unleashed on the environment, since some are toxic. It’s also important that information on the devices is properly disposed of, for example, by crushing a hard drive.

Also known as: electronic waste, ewaste

An FWD, or front-wheel drive, is a vehicle for which the engine only delivers power to the front wheels.

Also known as: front wheel drive

The trailer part of a truck is called a flatbed when it has no sides.

Grading refers to making the earth’s surface fall on an even plane. Hauling companies often have very experienced workers who can level ground by eye. In other cases, where you need precise ground leveling, GPS and laser devices can be used.

Also known as: ground leveling

hazardous materials
Refers to products that have been determined to have a harmful effect on people, animals, or the environment. Hazardous materials often require special handling for disposal. Hazardous materials include many categories, some of which may unexpected, such as floor or furniture cleaners, automotive supplies, and paint.

Also known as; haz mat, hazmat

junk removal
Refers to the taking away of unwanted materials. These may include old furniture, old mattresses, hauling waste, or hauling trash.

Also known as: hauling

Local Waste Authority
A Local Waste Authority is a body or agency in California that governs a landfill or other solid waste facility. The exact name of the body or agency will differ, but you can find a complete list on the CalRecycle Web site.

A trailer with a flat bed and no sides, it’s deck height is very close to the ground. It is used for heavy loads or construction equipment.

payload capacity
The payload capacity is the maximum weight that can be in or on the vehicle. This includes cargo, passengers, and fluids, as well as hitch loads.

recycling certificate
Some local agencies that run solid waste disposal facilities will give hauling companies that bring in material for recycling a certificate indicating that they recycle. Hauling companies can request recycling certificates from these facilities for loads they dispose of for you.

roll off
In the hauling industry, roll off frequently refers to a container that can be rolled on or off a truck and left at a customer’s site. A dumpster is often a roll-off container that is dropped off at the site for loading. A roll off can also refer to the truck that delivers the container.

source sorting
Source sorting refers to evaluating discarded material at the site, or source, and placing the sorted material into different containers for disposal. Source sorting can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, since mixed loads are often dumped without making an effort to sort out recyclable materials.

spa removal
Hot tub removal is sometimes considered very difficult because of the size and awkward nature of the hot tub shape. Ideally, the hot tub can be removed in such a way that the piping and container remain intact so that the tub can be donated for future use.

Also known as: hot tub removal

Refers the vehicles weight with no added options, no fuel, water, supplies, or cargo.

Also known as: unloaded vehicle weight

Yaw occurs when the trailer starts to fishtail because external forces have caused the trailer to start to move from side to side.

Also known as: sway

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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ for Junk Removal and Hauling Companies

Q: Why choose a Diamond Certified Hauling Company?
A: Diamond Certified helps you choose a hauling company with confidence by offering a list of top-rated local companies who have passed the country’s most in-depth rating process. Only hauling companies rated Highest in Quality earn the prestigious Diamond Certified award. Most companies can’t pass the ratings. American Ratings Corporation also monitors every Diamond Certified company with ongoing research and ratings. And your purchase is backed by the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee. So you’ll feel confident choosing a Diamond Certified hauling companies.

Q: My hauling company says it will move my stuff. Should I take them up on it?
A: You should check to see if the company has a moving company license issued by the state of California. Licensed companies undergo tests to get their license, and they follow a proscribed process, including an estimate that includes an amount that cannot be exceeded and a complete inventory of goods and their condition. A reputable, licensed company offers you the best protection.

Q: My hauling company says it will take hazardous waste no problem. Should I go for it?
A: You should ask your hauling company if they have the permits and licenses to handle hazardous waste. You should ask where and how the waste is being disposed of. For some materials, including asbestos, California has a cradle-to-grave approach meaning that the creators, users, and disposers of the product are all responsible for proper handling.

Q: How can I get rid of electronic waste?
A: Ask your hauling company how they handle electronic waste. They should dispose of it so that it does not go into landfill or get sent off to be processed in other countries. Look for California State Certified Electronic Waste Collectors. These companies are certified by the state to dispose of electronic waste correctly.

Q: Why won’t the hauling company take my household cleaning supplies?
A: Many of the commonly used household supplies, like floor or furniture cleaners, are actually classified as hazardous materials. Hazardous materials may harm people or the environment. They cannot be dumped in the ground, and they should never be released into the water supply. They require special care for disposal, and a good hauling company should be able to direct you to agencies that help you dispose of hazardous materials.

Q: How much does hauling cost?
A: Your job cost will depend on what the job is. You should ask for a written estimate before hiring any company. Be sure to ask about all costs and hidden costs. It’s a good idea to ask about costs for labor, for time on the job, for dumping fees. Some itemize these costs, and some include them in the fee. You should be sure to ask about them so that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. Many hauling companies charge by volume, or the amount of space that your stuff takes up in their truck. Just make sure you verify that the volume charge covers everything. Look for companies who are forthcoming about costs and willing to provide a written estimate.

Q: Can I donate my old furniture or mattresses through a hauling company?
A: Many charitable organizations will sometimes fail to pick up furniture if you call them. Ask your hauling company about their policies. Many do donate usable items to charities. Of course, the charity must still consider the item in acceptable condition.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just get dumpster?
A: If you have a garage to clear, a property to clean out, or other big disposal job, you may think about hiring a dumpster to load the junk into. You will have to check with your community to see if the dumpster is allowed to sit there, and for how long. Sometimes laws prohibit the presence of dumpsters, or parking laws constrain the amount of time they can stay in place. Also, with a dumpster, you will want to be sure you are charged only for the space you use. Finally, for a dumpster, either you or someone you hire is filling it. You can take the burden off yourself and reduce the number of firms you work with by hiring a hauling firm that will perform the loading service for you.

Q: Should I choose one of the big guys or go smaller?
A: There are several well known larger hauling firms, like Junk King or 1-800-Got-Junk. These larger firms typically send a couple of people to the location, and whatever those people can load on a truck will be taken away. Smaller firms tend to offer more services, such as clearing the garage, or tearing up concrete, or clearing land, before hauling the debris away. Your choice will depend on the service you need performed and the customer service the firms supply. Go with the company who will offer a written estimate, has any required licensing, and provides customer service that suits you.

Q: Why do hauling companies talk so much about recycling?
A: Of course, we all want to reduce our impact on the environment and reuse where possible. Hauling companies are especially sensitive to recycling because California has several laws in place that affect them. First, there are rule about the amount of material that must be reused from construction and demolition sites. In addition, the state has a mandate that efforts must be made to reduce the waste in landfills by 50%. Because of both consumer interest in preserving the environment and because of regulations, hauling companies are keen to meet customer needs for improved recycling.

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