removing water from flooded house with a shop vacProtect Your Home Against Flooding and Water Damage

Whether flooding in your home is the result of a Sacramento-wide disaster or simply broken pipes, the consequences of water intrusion can be devastating. Rather than worry, take action! Some homes may be due for a large-scale water system renovation. Make an investment in your home by regrading your lot to allow water to drain away from walls. You may even consider raising up your house on stilts. But protection against floods doesn’t always have to be a big project. Here are six things you can do now to safeguard your Sacramento home against future flooding.

1. Gutter control

Cleaned and well-maintained gutters direct rainwater to where you want it to go—the sewer, your garden for irrigation or a rain barrel (see below).

2. Catch runoff

Place rain barrels under your downspouts. Your garden will be grateful in the dry months.

3. Protect appliances

Ask a professional to elevate your furnace and other major appliances. If possible, install washers and dryers on upper floors.

4. Keep sewage out

Ask a licensed plumber to install backflow valves for all pipes that enter your house. This will prevent water from coming back into the house during times of heavy rainfall.

5. Raise it up

Don’t store valuables in the basement. Keep all other items off the floor by installing shelving.

6. Save it for a rainy day

Purchase flood insurance and make sure you have enough to cover the possibility of a catastrophic flood in Sacramento. According to FEMA, flood damage isn’t covered by standard homeowners insurance policies, and just 1 inch of floodwater can cause more than $25,000 in damage.

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  • AAA Plus Constr & Restoration - (916) 388-8338
  • Banconn Enterprise Inc - (916) 648-2040
  • Onsite Fire Damage Solutions - (916) 859-0344
  • Protek Restoration - (707) 260-5000
  • Zebra Restoration Svc - (916) 635-8571
  • On The Spot Restoration - (916) 939-9900
  • Pinnacle Emergency Mgmt Inc - (916) 371-7431

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