Using a DMV Services Company

What You Can (and Can’t) Do Through a DMV Services Company

A DMV services company can handle many, but not all, transactions related to automobile documentation. Many drivers prefer to use DMV services companies because they offer a higher level of customer service and simplify the often complicated requirements of the DMV. Drivers can use a DMV services company for the following tasks:

Registration renewal: This can be done quickly online, which helps drivers avoid late fees from the DMV.

Replace lost or stolen documents: If you’ve lost your vehicle’s registration card or stickers, title, or license plates, you can quickly order replacements through a DMV services company.

Transfer a vehicle title: A DMV services company can handle the transfer of a vehicle’s title when you sell your car or when you need to update the ownership (adding a spouse or child to the title, for instance).

Obtain moving permits: Drivers need this one-day permit when taking a car for repairs related to a failed smog test. The permit can be easily obtained through a DMV services company.

Update your address: If you’ve recently moved, you can use a DMV services company to update the address on your vehicle’s registration card.

Obtain a junk or salvage certificate for your car: If your car has been stolen or severely damaged, a DMV services company can handle the filing for the junk or salvage vehicle certificate, enabling you to sell your car to a junkyard or move forward with your auto insurance settlement.

Take care of a suspended registration: Use a DMV services company to quickly address the paperwork and payments necessary to clear your suspended vehicle registration.

While DMV services companies help drivers perform a number of bureaucratic tasks from home, you’ll still need to venture into the DMV to obtain or renew your driver’s license, learner’s permit and other identification cards; obtain a disabled parking permit; register a new vehicle; or do a lien sale.

Be sure to only use a DMV services company that’s licensed with the DMV, as the transactions require the submission of personal information. DMV services companies will vary on what services they offer depending on their technical capabilities, so remember to inquire beforehand.

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