Pools provide families with hours of fun. Whether you have a backyard pool, are planning to build one or just enjoy the dream, we have the answers to your swimming pool questions. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Building Pools

A new swimming pool is the largest investment you’re likely to make as a homeowner, so you’ll need to plan carefully Step one: Find a good contractor. As the eyes overseeing each phase of the process, a contractor can make or break a pool project, so be sure to hire one who is both capable and trustworthy. Next, consider your pool’s purpose (Exercise? Family fun? Aesthetics?) and any special features you want, as these will influence the design. Expect delays as you learn more about the peculiarities of your property, such as soil composition or public utility easements. The permitting process can also be lengthy and push back your timeline.

Maintaining Pools

Pool maintenance is an ongoing responsibility. To sanitize your pool, you’ll probably use chlorine, which is the most cost-effective way of keeping your pool germ-free.  A pool maintenance store can determine the appropriate level of chlorine if you bring in a sample of water. You’ll also need to clean your pool and replace its filters on a regular basis.

Heating Pools

A heated pool may be more comfortable than an unheated one, but that comfort comes at a price. In fact, raising the temperature just one degree (say, from 79 F to 80 F) can translate to a cost increase of 10 to 30 percent. Solar heating is a big investment (typically around $4000), but it will reduce your heating costs in the long run.