Problems with pests? You’re not alone. Insects and rodents are a year-round problem for Bay Area residents. Whether it’s mice, ants, termites, fleas or something more unusual, find the right solution to your pest problem.

4 Ways to Start Pest Prevention

  1. Keep things clean. By sealing containers and meticulously cleaning after meals, you’ll remove any elements that could lead to a pest infestation.
  2. Be diligent about de-webbing. By clearing away spiders’ webs, you’ll thwart their ability to get food and encourage them to “set up shop” elsewhere.
  3. Mind the gap. When a home’s siding extends down into soil, it gives termites an opportunity to crawl beneath it undetected and infiltrate the home. For this reason, it’s important to maintain a gap of at least two to three inches between your home’s stucco and the soil.
  4. Guard the garage. When thoroughly cleaning their homes, many people overlook the garage, which can serve as a means for rats and other pests to gain access to living areas.