Hany Louis, The Tile & Grout King Inc.

“Being Diamond Certified means our customers understand that we have to meet a certain approval rating from all our customers. That’s a big advantage because people are always looking for contractors with good approval ratings.”

Leigh Bakhtiari, City Carpets

“Customers who find us through Diamond Certified appreciate the third-party verification because it shows that another company has already done their homework on us.”

Mark Corrallo, All Seasons Construction

“Companies have to earn their way into the Diamond Certified program, so if a customer sees somebody on that list, they can be confident that company is going to provide excellent customer service.”

Ralph Foglein, European Auto Works

“My favorite part about being Diamond Certified is we can’t buy the rating. We have a 96 percent satisfaction rating from the surveys, and when our customers see that, they know we’re a trustworthy company that stands by its word.”

Gifford Teeple, A Reliable Handyman

“The biggest benefit of Diamond Certified is the exclusivity. In my industry, it’s really important for people to find businesses they can trust, so being Diamond Certified gives me a big advantage.”

Tommy Herren, The Lighting Geek

“As a business owner, I get so busy that I don’t always pay attention to the little things I need to do to improve my business. That’s what Diamond Certified brings to the table—it helps us fill in those gaps and make sure we’re putting forth our best efforts.”

Ric Plummer, Ric’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom

“When a company is Diamond Certified, it’s not just a one-time deal—they’re constantly rated to make sure they’re upholding Diamond Certified’s reputation for quality craftsmanship and service.”

Dan Yorke, Danville Hardwood Company

“Diamond Certified is like a final approval for our company. We know we’re a quality company, but it’s really nice to have a third party confirm that for potential customers.”

Andrew Headington, System Pavers

“Our customers are always looking for the best of the best, and we’ve found that a lot of them use Diamond Certified to ensure they’re making the right decision before contacting us.”