“Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify.”

                                 –Henry David Thoreau

Longing for the organized life? We’ve collected decluttering tips, organizing guidelines and more. Start by reading what the Diamond Certified Experts have to say about staying tidy and organized:

A simple way to improve your closet

If your closet is so full that you’re putting hangers on hangers, it might be time to add some accessories to improve its functionality. One popular accessory is known as a valet rod. This retractable post provides a convenient place to hang clothes when you’re in a hurry, deciding what to wear or packing for a trip.… Read More

The importance of deep cleaning your home

Whether you do your own house cleaning or contract the services of a professional, there are certain aspects of cleaning that can be easily overlooked. While visible surfaces tend to get cleaned on a regular basis, when it comes to hidden or hard-to-reach areas, it’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” However, many people don’t realize that neglecting these areas can lead to sanitation issues… Read More

Proactive steps to maintain bathroom cleanliness

In addition to routine cleanings, however, there are ongoing steps you can take to proactively maintain bathroom cleanliness. One area of the bathroom where ongoing cleaning is particularly important is the shower. Due to the continual presence of moisture, a shower provides an optimal environment for mold to grow. Fortunately, there are a couple of easy ways to minimize latent moisture.… Read More