Char Leary

Director of Production

As Director of Production, Char Leary oversees the quality of images and design in American Ratings Corporation’s print and online media. It’s a challenging job, but then again, that’s part of what drew her here. “Before coming to ARC, I was doing graphic design and illustration for a retail company,” she recounts. “After several years, it had become a little too easy and wasn’t really playing to my interests. When this production position at ARC came along, I was intrigued. Production is all about accuracy, so I knew it would be a challenge, which was just what I’d been missing at my current job. Ten years after being hired here, my job continues to be challenging but also rewarding.”

Char says her favorite part about her job is working with a like-minded team. “I like that everyone here shares a high standard of quality and integrity, as well as the same respect for the Diamond Certified brand. Plus, everyone is fun and laid-back, so it’s easy to become friends.”

A resident of Marin County, Char spends the bulk of her free time with her husband, Ian, and their two children, Liam and Rowan. “We like to go to the movies and do a lot of creative activities, like Origami, cardboard and duct tape crafts, and Legos. We also like to visit fun places like the Exploratorium in San Francisco.”

In regard to her career, Char espouses the value of customized communication. “Everybody works and learns a little differently,” she explains. “Some are visual learners, some are verbal learners and some are neither. That’s why, when you’re working in a team setting, the ability to communicate information in different ways can be a great advantage. By getting to know my team members’ learning styles and communicating accordingly, I’ve found that we’re able to work together more efficiently.”