Customer quality has a huge impact on your company’s long-term success. If you just compete on price, you’ll spin your wheels with low margins and no profits. A steady diet of bad financials is tough enough to swallow, but it gets worse. Low-quality customers cause disputes and stress.

But you know that. It’s why you’ve managed your company to attract and satisfy Quality Customers—those with integrity who want fair dealings and are willing to pay for quality work. And when your work is done, it’s the Quality Customers who stay loyal and refer their friends. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, you’ll earn and own your status of Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise®, the magnet for Quality Customers.

Use it and don’t lose it!

I say this because during this past COVID year, 92% of Diamond Certified companies were able to keep their Diamond Certified. Unfortunately, we had to kick out 5% of these companies due to unresolved problems with license, insurance, customer complaints or satisfaction levels. We’ll be certifying more companies for sure, but I hate to see companies fall off the Diamond Certified Quality Customer pedestal and into a life of decreased profits and increased stress.

Out With the Bad – In With the Good
Now comes the “use it” part. Like an exercise habit that strengthens your body for the long term, using your Diamond Certified Tools every day in all areas of your company (if you qualify) flushes out bad prospective customers and injects Quality Customers. These Quality Customers give you much more than good profits—they also build team pride and create an extended community that spreads positive energy and messages to build your company.

Daily deployment of “analog” Diamond Certified Tools boosts customer confidence. Pictured below from left to right: your Diamond Certified custom brochure, your printed Company Report in our directory, your expert tip in our Service Calendar, and your widget for your Expert Contribution and Profile Reprint.

Flowing “digital” Diamond Certified Tools through emails, website, and social media elevates your quality position and powers your messages. Pictured below from left to right: your Diamond Certified symbol, your deep Company Report (Best Page Ever!), an emailable PDF version of your custom brochure and your widget to upgrade your website.

Customer Confidence – Your 5 Useful Answers
People buy from people they trust and like. At no extra cost, we’re going to create your new 5 Useful Answers feature (if you qualify for Diamond Certified). It’s a 3- to 5-minute Zoom-style video interview that shows your company’s Helpful Expertise. Watch a sample at We do everything to create it for you and post only your best answers on your Diamond Certified Company Report page. We give you the video to use on your website, in social media and even as a link in your email signature. Your potential customers will know you and trust you before they even meet you or your team member!

The Most Popular Quality Directory in History
How popular? Only counting the Greater Bay Area, we’ve mailed 17 million of these to quality-seeking homeowners! So, here we go again. This month we’re mailing 840,000 of our popular directories to homeowners with $100,000+ in household income, select local business owners, property and apartment managers, and insurance and real estate agents. All Diamond Certified companies in good standing are included in their county’s Directory.

Big Boost! Media Campaign Breaks a Few Records
Our new BIG BOOST! is breaking all records. So far, we’ve run 31,346 unique TV and radio spots, reaching 71% of adults an average of 14 times using a total of 43,600,000 impressions! Add this to our boosting of newspaper and web ads that have elevated all Diamond Certified companies on the pedestal of Quality and Helpful Expertise.