Intense stressors require bold responses. Today we mailed 820,000 Diamond Certified Directories to quality-seeking families throughout the Greater Bay Area. Plus, to deliver a BIGGER BOOST for your company, we’ve started running a record number of TV, radio and digital announcements to amplify the distribution of your full-page profile in our popular directory. “Bold” may be too subtle a word to characterize the more than DOUBLE the number of the previous record of announcements, stations, reach and frequency running during the next 30 days. BIG BOOST indeed!

Diamond Certified companies will always do well. Now more than ever, consumers seek the higher quality, safer choice.

Risk-Averse Customers Trust Diamond Certified Companies
Do your part. Give your customers greater confidence in your team by increasing your usage of your Diamond Certified Tools: custom printed Diamond Certified brochures, your Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Reprints, small proposal and invoice labels, vehicle and building labels, signs and posters. When sending an email proposal, attach your Diamond Certified brochure in PDF form and include a link to your Diamond Certified Company Report page so consumers see your Ratings Dashboard charts and verbatim survey responses before they even choose you. Who you are, what you believe and how you lead your team are distilled in Diamond Certified. It defines how your team earned the symbol of Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise®.

Team Training Boosts Each Member of Your Team
While we are giving a Big Boost to your profile in the Diamond Certified Directory, you can help launch your team by booking a Team Training with your Diamond Certified Resource service director. Call yours. Dan at (408) 887-1844, Peter at (510) 851-1569 and David at (415) 858-5187 are now conducting wonderful 15- to 30-minute Team Trainings at your location. They’ll help your people optimize what you’ve earned: your prestigious Diamond Certified award. Bring in some extra up-tempo energy to your team!

Quickly Get Certified for Health Safety PPE & Procedures
Times have changed. Now consumers are very concerned about your company’s health safety practices. It’s why we’ve created HealthSafety QualifiedTM, our new certification for local companies that follow best practices for health safety equipment and procedures. Earn it and consumers will have more confidence in you and your team.

All Diamond Certified companies in good standing get priority sign-up, receive top-level support and never pay any additional fees for HealthSafety Qualified. Call David Pak, Director of Ratings, at (415) 710-6333 to learn more.

Now Delivering the 2020 Diamond Certified Directory!
More than 820,000 of these popular directories were recently mailed to homeowners with $100,000+ in household income, select local business owners, property and apartment managers, and insurance and real estate agents throughout the Greater Bay Area. All Diamond Certified companies in good standing are included in their county’s Directory. You can order extra directories to give to your favorite customers by going to

Consumers are Picking WINNERS and Avoiding LOSERS
Revenues in some local industries may be hit by dropping consumer demand. When industry revenues decline, don’t panic. You’re now in for a supply side battle. The pie may shrink for a bit, so it’s critical that you win the competitive battle for quality positioning and increase your market share with the best customers while competitors “bury their marketing in the sand,” disappearing from public view. We’ll do our part by presenting your company every day to quality-seeking customers through Diamond Certified Media. Make sure you work closely with your team to maximize your use of your custom Diamond Certified brochures and Diamond Certified logo in all communications.