4 Ways the 2012 Diamond Certified Directory Helps Your Company

by Russ Catanach

The full-color Diamond Certified Directory is the most distributed and used directory of local top-rated companies in Northern California. We’re creating the 2012 edition right now, and it’s shaping up to be the best ever! In April 2012, more than 800,000 of these popular directories will be mailed to homeowners with $75,000+ in household income, select local business owners, property and apartment managers, and insurance and real estate agents throughout Northern California. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, your company’s full-page Diamond Certified Profile will be presented in your county’s edition. Here are the top four ways the 2012 Diamond Certified Directory will help your company:

1. Best Presentation of Your Company in Print
With the modern prominence of the Internet, one might think print publications have all but disappeared. Not so fast! The beautiful, full-color Diamond Certified Directory has remained popular year after year because each top-rated Diamond Certified company is profiled on a highly formatted, easy-to-read page. If you qualify, you’ll be interviewed and our editorial team will create an accurate and compelling profile of your company that includes your unique customer philosophy, areas you serve and descriptions of your team’s expertise. This high trust environment is a perfect place to pick up a flow of new customers who care about quality and are willing to pay you for it, since each company profile features the comprehensive Diamond Certified Ratings Dashboard and every company is backed by the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee.

Cathy Admire, Consumer (via email)
 “I must give you kudos for your research, as I now look first in the Diamond Certified Directory when I need to choose a company that does good work and stands behind its services. You really have done your research! Thanks.”

2. Performance Proof: 5,000+ Tracked Phone Calls Per Month

Each Diamond Certified company is given a free local phone number that’s only presented in the Diamond Certified Directory and other Diamond Certified Media. When consumers read your profile in the Diamond Certified Directory and call you, the phone call is seamlessly transferred to your regular phone line so you can make the sale. The best part is you have access to an ongoing, web-based tracking system that keeps a record of every call you get from Diamond Certified Media. This includes caller ID, so you can see who called you and when. The typical Diamond Certified Company receives 141 tracked calls from Diamond Certified Media each year!

Nick Courcoumelis, Positive Electric
“The main way Diamond Certified has helped our company is not so much in the quantity of calls we’ve received, but in the quality of calls. A person calling from a Diamond Certified Directory is a more discriminating customer with higher standards for excellence. They care about the company they’re going to work with.” 

3. Affluent Families Rely on the Diamond Certified Directory

The Diamond Certified Directory has become the go-to book for many families that have household incomes of $100,000+. A recent usage study of local families shows that 89% of Diamond Certified Directory recipients were homeowners, eight of 10 were married, and more than one-third had children at home. By calling companies listed in the Diamond Certified Directory, this affluent group not only proves it has the money to spend on local services, but based on their behavior, also has the desire to use high-quality local companies again and again.

4. Increase Your Company’s Margins

The Diamond Certified Directory delivers an ongoing flow of new customers who care about quality and are willing to pay you for it. We conduct customer research on the awareness and influence of the Diamond Certified Program every business day, and thus far during 2011, 77% of consumers stated a company’s Diamond Certified status influenced them in their buying decision. So, even during a choppy economy, Diamond Certified companies have been able to sell more than some of their low-priced competitors that cut corners on quality.

We’re currently working on the 2012 edition of the Diamond Certified Directory. Call us today at (800) 738-1138 to see if your company can qualify for Diamond Certified and be included in the most distributed and used directory of local top-rated companies in Northern California!

Jim Stein, Founder/CEO of American Ratings Corporation

By: Jim Stein, Founder/CEO of American Ratings Corporation, creators of the Diamond Certified Program. 

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