Since the beginning of April, the 2019 Diamond Certified Directory has been arriving at the homes and businesses of consumers throughout the Greater Bay Area. We mailed more than 800,000 directories and we’ve been thrilled with the response! (If you didn’t get your FREE copy, click here.)

We wanted to take a moment to remind you of all the great features the Diamond Certified Directory contains.

To earn Diamond Certified, each company must successfully pass a 12-step rating process. Photo: American Ratings Corporation ©2019

Every company listed in each county-specific directory has earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award, which means they’ve been independently rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise®. Our ratings team works year-round vetting local companies. They phone past customers, verify licenses, and ensure that things like certifications and insurance are up-to-date. That’s why you won’t find every company that operates in a certain region in the Diamond Certified Directory. We only list top rated companies and most companies can’t qualify. To learn more about the Diamond Certified rating process, flip to the front of the directory or click here.

Each company listed in the Diamond Certified Directory has a profile page containing the information you need to make smart decisions. The ratings statistics on the page demonstrate why the company deserves to be Diamond Certified, with a customer satisfaction score, customer loyalty and Helpful Expertise® ratings, the number of surveys completed, and excerpts of actual surveys (to read all completed surveys, visit each company’s online profile).

The Diamond Certified Profile contains all the information you need to make smart decisions. Photo: American Ratings Corporation ©2019

The page also includes essentials like hours of operation and contact information. The written profile will give you insight into the company’s character. It tells you if a company is family-owned, details the services it offers and explains its business philosophy.

Find Helpful Expertise® at the back of every Diamond Certified Directory. Photo: American Ratings Corporation ©2019

Don’t overlook the final pages of the directory! Here we feature helpful advice from Diamond Certified Experts in your area. From unclogging a drain to steam cleaning a refrigerator, these Expert Tips offer the practical advice you need as a Bay Area consumer. For more Helpful Expertise® from owners of top rated companies, click here.

We hope you find the 2019 Diamond Certified Directory helpful. Look for quarterly updates in the mail throughout the year, and remember, you can always access the Diamond Certified Resource online.

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