Happy Spring and Happy Scrubbing

by Chris Bjorklund

When was the last time you vacuumed under and behind your refrigerator? It’s amazing how much crud builds up back there, as I discovered while getting a start on my spring cleaning. As I scrubbed away, I began thinking about the origin of this annual ritual.

To find out more, I called Ernie Andrade, owner of Allbright Maintenance Services, a Diamond Certified company. He told me that the idea originated in China. The Chinese clean homes in anticipation of the New Year. A thorough cleaning eliminates bad luck and misfortune from the previous year. In Jewish custom, Passover, which comes around April, is a time of house cleaning as well. And when homes were heated with coal, wood and oils in the winter, families waited until spring to remove soot, ash, and the smell of smoke from walls, ceilings, fabric and furniture.

Nowadays we spring clean to celebrate bright days, fresh air, and blooming flowers and trees. Cleaning protects our investment and saves us money by preserving floors, carpets, and furniture. Removing dust and allergens is better for our health. Living in a clean and organized home eliminates stress, and we can feel proud when we welcome others into our homes.

Happy scrubbing!