Be a Magnet for the Best Local Kitchen and Bath Contractors

Homeowners are often particular when choosing contractors to work on their homes, but did you know that kitchen and bathroom contractors can also be selective about which clients and jobs they accept? The good news is you can increase your chances of finding a good contractor for your project by being the kind of customer that contractors enjoy working with.

There are some easy ways you can give confidence to local kitchen and bathroom remodelers that you want to hire. First, be conscientious when you’re considering your options. If you call contractors for bids, call a limited number that have the service records and quality construction methods that you’re looking for. Assure the contractors that you’re accepting a few honest bids, not shopping around for the cheapest prices.

You may want to limit your search to the local area, as many of the better kitchen and bathroom contractors prefer to work within a limited area. This allows them to provide quality service in a timely fashion and reduces your chances of signing a contract with a fly-by-night company that’s only out to make a quick profit.

Most of all, show the kitchen and bathroom contractors that you’re looking for a good value, not the lowest prices you can find on remodeling services. Many homeowners seem to be only concerned with price, so contractors will take notice if you show that you’re invested in finding a skilled contractor who uses quality products and good building techniques.


Signing a Contract with a Kitchen and Bathroom Contractor

After you’ve found the right contractor for your project, you’ll want to sign a contract that provides written proof of the job details and price. Read the entire contract and make sure you understand all the terms before you sign. Never sign a blank estimate or one that doesn’t include all the work details.

It’s also wise to confirm any warranties or guarantees at this time. Ask the contractor to put in writing any warranties they offer, including any exclusions and manufacturers’ warranties.

A contract should protect you, your property and your contractor, so feel free to write in requests and verbal agreements you’ve reached with your kitchen and bathroom remodeler. These may include start and end dates, projected completion dates for major project milestones, no-later-than clauses that guarantee a specific finish date, early completion bonuses offered for work finished ahead of schedule, and other issues that may not be covered by a standard contract.