SONOMA — Host, Sarah Rutan: When it comes to preparing your home for market, a professional’s guidance can help you make a strong impression. To learn more, we’re in Sonoma with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Sheila Deignan, Realtor with Better Homes and Garden Real Estate | Wine Country Group.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Sheila Deignan: Hi. I wanted to share a tip for you when preparing your home for sale. Sellers usually get overwhelmed about what to do. And so I’ve broken it down. One of my steps into the five Ps. And the first one, you want to pare down, which is always the hardest, because we always have more stuff than we ever want. The second one is paint. So, if you need to touch up, if there’s little things, you know, that your eye will catch, a buyer will see that too. So, paint. Plant. If you have like a pot of color by the front door, that will make a big difference, or even just curb appeal. Because sometimes you’ll lose buyers that’ll drive by and say, it doesn’t have any, you know, sizzle and spark. So, that really helps.

Another one is pest and property inspections. If you can do your homework and know what the issues are, disclose those to a buyer, that will give them peace of mind that they know what they’re getting into. And the last one if problems. If you know there’s a problem like a plumbing leak, take care of it up front, because it will save you money and time, and buyers don’t usually want to inherit anybody else’s problems. So, that’s the five Ps of preparing your home for sale. Hope that helps.

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