WINDSOR — Like most people, you probably take a preventative approach to checking up on your car, your teeth, and other crucial aspects of your daily life and health. However, even if you’re proactive about these things, there’s another crucial check-up you might be neglecting: professional termite inspections.

Termites are a constant threat to homeowners in the North Bay Area. Whether drywood or subterranean varieties, when termites infest the wood elements of a home, they can end up causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and undermining its structural stability. What’s more, the abundance of rain we received this past winter (2018-19) has increased the threat of subterranean termites. When water collects underneath a home (a common result of untreated drainage problems), it creates an attractive target for hungry subterranean termites and powderpost beetles—not to mention ideal conditions for fungus, mold and mildew to develop.

The only way to know whether your home has these conditions is to have recurrent inspections performed by a licensed termite professional. Besides identifying problematic conditions, a termite inspector will look for evidence of wood-destroying pests and fungi, as well as issues like leaks and foundation or structural problems. By identifying these issues preventatively, a termite inspection can not only help you save money—it can help save your home.