CAMERON PARK — Has an area of your hardwood floor been damaged by moisture or scratching? You’ll be glad to know this damage can likely be repaired with refinishing. However, the challenge will be getting the refinished area to match the rest of the floor.

What makes spot refinishing a hardwood floor so challenging is the compositional differences between new and old finish. As finish ages, its complexion changes, usually by yellowing a bit. While this change may not be particularly noticeable, once you refinish an isolated section of the floor, the difference will be quite apparent. Since the new finish hasn’t aged like the floor’s existing finish, the refinished area will look lighter than the rest of the floor.

Rather than only refinishing the damaged section of flooring, you should consider refinishing the rest of the floor in the room, and possibly in the adjoining rooms as well. This will ensure your hardwood floor has a consistent look and sheen throughout.