RICHMOND — If your paver patio or driveway is showing signs of age, you probably assume you need to have it replaced. However, did you know there’s an alternative option that can restore the beauty of your paver feature for a fraction of the cost? With a paver restoration service, your existing pavers can be refurbished and made to look new again.

A paver restoration typically includes the following measures:

  • Power washing with hot water
  • Application of a chemical cleaner to remove stains
  • Replacement of joint sand and removal of weeds
  • Application of a high-end sealant to enhance paver coloration

If your paver feature contains any cracked or damaged sections, additional measures will be needed to restore its integrity. Your contractor will attempt to find replacement pavers on the market; if suitable replacements can’t be found, the contractor will have to work with the existing ones. To ensure you have pavers on hand for these types of future repairs, it’s good to keep an additional 15 to 20 pavers from your feature’s original installation.