PALO ALTO — An overlooked problem found in many homes is rodent infestation in the attic. Most attics contain gaps, cracks and spaces that are big enough for rodents to pass through, and since attics are typically uninhabited, this makes them attractive to rodents looking for a quiet, dry place to nest. However, when rodents make themselves at home in an attic, it can negatively impact the home in several ways. For example:

•  They can chew through electrical wiring, which can cause outages that require repairs.

•  Their feces can impact the home’s indoor air quality.

•  They can carry mites into the home.

•  They can damage attic insulation, which can reduce the home’s energy efficiency.

The only way to know if your attic has been inhabited by rodents is to look for signs of activity—a profusion of droppings is the most obvious indicator. If you suspect that rodents are present in your attic, your best bet is to call an attic cleaning professional. After cleaning and sanitizing your entire attic, a professional will locate all potential rodent entry points and seal them to ensure the infestation doesn’t reoccur.