SAN ANSELMO — There are several factors to take into account when selecting colors for a painting project, including finding a balance between light and dark hues. When it comes to deeper, more saturated colors, you have to be careful not to overdo it. For example, if you want to incorporate a deep red (a very intense, passionate color) into your color scheme, you should offset it by choosing lighter hues for accompaniment.

Another factor to consider when choosing colors is the amount of light the room you’re planning to paint receives. For rooms that don’t get much light, using darker colors can be problematic. Even an intense color like red can work if there’s enough light to offset it, but putting dark colors in a poorly lit space can result in a somewhat oppressive ambiance.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing colors is the type of feel you want to create in your space. The colors you choose can make the difference between a room that feels spacious and relaxed and one that feels confining and uncomfortable. If you’re unsure whether the colors you’ve chosen are right for your space, your painting contractor or a professional color consultant can guide you in the right direction.