PINOLE — One of the most important steps of hiring a contractor is verifying their credentials, including proper licensing and insurance. If you’re hiring for a paver project, one important credential to look for is certification with the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). This certification provides added assurance that the contractor is well-versed in the processes and standards of quality paver installation.

An ICPI Certified paver contractor’s detailed knowledge of paver installation can go a long way toward ensuring a quality product. For example, they’ll know the correct excavation depth for the particular kind of paver feature they’re installing. Whereas seven inches is a typical excavation depth for a paver walkway, a paver driveway requires an excavation depth of nine to 10 inches to ensure a solid foundation.

Additionally, an ICPI Certified paver contractor will know about the latest industry innovations and incorporate them with your project. For example, they’ll know to put down a geotextile fabric following excavation. By providing a barrier between the soil and base rock, this permeable material adds to a paver feature’s stability and helps prevent weed growth. Geotextile fabric is one of many innovative materials that help maximize paver feature performance and lifespan.