With gas prices so high, it’s more important than ever to do everything you can to improve your fuel economy. I asked Ralph Fogleine, owner of European Auto Works, a Diamond Certified company, for his best tips. First, you have to clean out your trunk. “Driving around the Bay area with too much stuff in your trunk and all the stop and go driving, that’s where you’re going to notice a change in gas mileage the most. When that mass has to be accelerated and decelerated, it’s going to require more fuel.”
Aggressive driving wastes gas too, so no more racing from stoplight to stoplight.  Your brakes will also last longer. Finally, Mr. Fogleine suggests an unusual strategy when driving above 45 miles an hour. Given the aerodynamics of today’s vehicles, your car will be more efficient if you drive with the windows up and the air-conditioning on at higher speeds.

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