Barbara Schallau

“My husband and I want everything done right the first time with quality products and services, and that’s why my go-to place is Diamond Certified. I know each company has gone through the rating process and proven they’re the quality I want. Plus, if something goes wrong I have a backup with the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee.”

Jagdish Hegde

“As homeowners, my wife and I don’t want to invest in shoddy work. We go for quality work because that’s what we think is important, and we expect a great quality of work from Diamond Certified companies. We feel more confident going to Diamond Certified because we’re sure that we are in good hands. Even though we may pay a premium, we know we’re getting quality work.”

Cecile Monfort

“I like Diamond Certified because I know I’m going to get somebody who will do the job right. I won’t have to worry. I know I’m going to get the best, and they’re going to do professional work. They’re not the least expensive, but you’re paying for quality when you’re using a Diamond Certified company.”

Jack Rolston

“I like the iron-clad guarantee if you use a Diamond Certified company. I get that you might have to pay a little more, but with that comes security that you don’t necessarily get as a private consumer just picking companies off the Internet, or even by word of mouth.”

Jim Baylor

“When I work with a Diamond Certified company, I know I’m getting quality of work, materials, attitude and treatment. They’re not going to rush me into making decisions and try to quickly get my money. If something doesn’t need to be done, they won’t do it.”

Bev Olivier

“I think some review sites are biased and solicit reviews, so I’m not sure if I’m getting the total picture in terms of how a company performs. Diamond Certified is much more analytical about determining what is a good business.”

Chris Pattinson

“One thing I like about Diamond Certified is its printed materials, which are organized in sections that are very easy to navigate.”

Janis Chan

“I love that the Diamond Certified Resource provides tips, not just promos. Instead of someone trying to sell me windows, I’m getting useful information about windows that will make me more prepared and knowledgeable if I have a meeting with a Diamond Certified company.”

Clarke Gentry

“I use the Diamond Certified Resource to save me a lot of time when I need to find companies that will provide the level of quality I want. I’ve used other public resources and found them to be totally inadequate—they don’t provide in-depth information with specific detail. If I had found Diamond Certified earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted my time with all the others.”

Lloyd Bass

“If I had a Diamond Certified company and a non-Diamond Certified company and their prices were within the same range, the Diamond Certified rating would tip the scale. It tells me that company doesn’t have anything to hide.”

Denise Christensen

“The Diamond Certified Resource is great when you’re new to an area. I didn’t know anybody when I first moved to my town, and I had just bought a house that needed work, so it was nice having companies that offered more than word of mouth.”

Janet Engelbrecht

“When a company is in the Diamond Certified Directory, that means they have a great reputation and I don’t have to second-guess if they’re good. I don’t have the background to determine what makes a good electrician or window cleaner, so that’s why I like using the Diamond Certified Resource.”

Tami Aviles

“When I first learned about Diamond Certified, I didn’t have a need at the time so I kept it in my back pocket. When I had some construction-related matters, I started using Diamond Certified. I liked it because there was no cost to get on the website and research companies. I’ve actually used three or four Diamond Certified vendors since then. It’s a very useful resource.”

Pedro Gomez

“Diamond Certified has always been there for me. Over time, it has proven it can save me time and provide me with better quality. Even if a Diamond Certified company costs more, it’s worth it in the long run because I’ll never have to do that work again.”