Barbara Schallau

“My husband and I want everything done right the first time with quality products and services, and that’s why my go-to place is Diamond Certified. I know each company has gone through the rating process and proven they’re the quality I want. Plus, if something goes wrong I have a backup with the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee.”

Jagdish Hegde

“As homeowners, my wife and I don’t want to invest in shoddy work. We go for quality work because that’s what we think is important, and we expect a great quality of work from Diamond Certified companies. We feel more confident going to Diamond Certified because we’re sure that we are in good hands. Even though we may pay a premium, we know we’re getting quality work.”

Hany Louis, The Tile & Grout King Inc.

“Being Diamond Certified means our customers understand that we have to meet a certain approval rating from all our customers. That’s a big advantage because people are always looking for contractors with good approval ratings.”

Cecile Monfort

“I like Diamond Certified because I know I’m going to get somebody who will do the job right. I won’t have to worry. I know I’m going to get the best, and they’re going to do professional work. They’re not the least expensive, but you’re paying for quality when you’re using a Diamond Certified company.”

Jack Rolston

“I like the iron-clad guarantee if you use a Diamond Certified company. I get that you might have to pay a little more, but with that comes security that you don’t necessarily get as a private consumer just picking companies off the Internet, or even by word of mouth.”

Leigh Bakhtiari, City Carpets

“Customers who find us through Diamond Certified appreciate the third-party verification because it shows that another company has already done their homework on us.”

Jim Baylor

“When I work with a Diamond Certified company, I know I’m getting quality of work, materials, attitude and treatment. They’re not going to rush me into making decisions and try to quickly get my money. If something doesn’t need to be done, they won’t do it.”

Mark Corrallo, All Seasons Construction

“Companies have to earn their way into the Diamond Certified program, so if a customer sees somebody on that list, they can be confident that company is going to provide excellent customer service.”

Bev Olivier

“I think some review sites are biased and solicit reviews, so I’m not sure if I’m getting the total picture in terms of how a company performs. Diamond Certified is much more analytical about determining what is a good business.”

Ralph Foglein, European Auto Works

“My favorite part about being Diamond Certified is we can’t buy the rating. We have a 96 percent satisfaction rating from the surveys, and when our customers see that, they know we’re a trustworthy company that stands by its word.”
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