Earlier this month, we published the 2021 Diamond Certified Directory. Issued in nine regional editions, it features full-page profiles of Diamond Certified companies throughout the Greater Bay Area. In addition, each directory includes a section that features helpful consumer tips provided by owners and managers of local Diamond Certified companies. To give you a sample, we’ve assembled the following compilation of expert tips gathered from the different directory editions in print.


Faren Reyes

Owner, Discover Plumbing & Rooter

Updating Your Plumbing System

If you live in an older home or building, consider investing in upgrades to your plumbing system. Replacing outdated sewer and drain pipes, water pipes, water heaters, and toilets with updated components will greatly improve your plumbing system’s performance and reliability.


Tommy Ngai

Owner, Exclusive Auto Care and Auto Body

Auto Insurance Policy

Before you have to deal with an accident, learn what your insurance policy covers and requires in terms of repairs. Some insurance policies mandate that shops use less expensive aftermarket parts, which can devalue your vehicle. You should also look at deductibles and other insurance-related factors.


Maor Greenberg

Owner, Greenberg Construction 

Hiring a Design/Build Firm

Not all contractors that advertise design/build services can provide the level of services you might expect, especially if you’re planning a large-scale project. Asking about a company’s experience, training and previous jobs will help weed out the less qualified contractors.


John Alden

Managing Member, Mountain House Estate

Choosing a Wedding Venue

When choosing a wedding venue, look for one that does weddings exclusively rather than as a side venture. Additionally, verify it has the necessary operating permits and insurance for holding weddings. If your venue suddenly gets shut down by the county for permit violations, you could be left high and dry.


Liliana Reyes-Avalos

Owner, The Magic Mop, Inc.

Avoiding Stone Countertop Damage

While frequent cleaning can help maintain stone countertops, it can cause damage if done improperly. Natural cleaning products are great, but they often contain vinegar and similarly acidic natural substances that can harm natural stone products, so always check the ingredients before using one on your countertops.


Eric Zugnoni

Owner, Antioch Napa Auto Care 

Extended Oil Change Intervals

Thanks to advancements in synthetic oil technology, owners of late-model cars don’t need to change their oil as often. However, a lot can happen during the longer intervals between oil changes, including undetected vehicle issues. That’s why it’s important to maintain regular checkup appointments with your mechanic.


Miquan Johnson

Owner, Johnson’s Insulation

Solving In-Home Comfort Issues

Do you have trouble maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home? Before taking the costly step of replacing your HVAC system, have your home’s insulation assessed by a professional. Comfort-related issues can often be solved by improving insulation and sealing drafty penetrations throughout the home.


Matt Iribarne

Senior Project Manager, B & L Glass

Choosing New Window Glass

Part of choosing new window glass is finding a balance between light transmittance and energy efficiency. Low-E coatings and other glass treatments can help achieve this. An experienced glass contractor can recommend products that will fulfill your personal preferences as well as Title 24 energy requirements.


Merlyn DeLeon

Office Manager, AMS Construction

Ordering Remodeling Materials

When it comes to home remodeling, choosing materials and products early can help you avoid project delays. For example, cabinets take approximately six to eight weeks from the time of ordering to delivery, so you don’t want to wait until a week before the work begins to order.


Savi Singh

General Manager, Auto Collision Experts

Auto Insurance Coverage Add-Ons

When it comes to auto insurance, a lot of people just go with the most basic coverage, but there are several additional options that can benefit policy holders. For example, rental and towing coverage are two affordable add-ons that can save you a lot of hassle in the event of a collision.


James Cairnes

Owner, World Tree Service, Inc.

Caring for an Oak Tree

If you have a mature oak tree on your property, make sure you don’t overwater it. Oaks go into decline if they get too much water in the summer months. The best thing to do for them is apply wood chips or mulch to the base, which will keep out other plants and retain soil moisture.


Marco Vargas

Co-Owner, D A Reed Plumbing Company

How to Flush a Water Heater

Attach one end of a garden hose to the bib near the bottom of the tank and place the other end in a safe outdoor area. Open the bib with a flathead screwdriver and allow five minutes for the water to drain from the tank. This annual step will preserve your water heater by removing internal sediment buildup.


Dr. William Hummer

Owner, William R. Hummer, DDS

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking for a way to improve both the look and health of your teeth, consider having them whitened. Teeth whitening isn’t just cosmetic—it also has health benefits such as killing oral bacteria and making teeth harder and more resistant to cavities. For the best results, use a whitening system prescribed by your dentist.


Darcy Quinn

Owner, A and P Moving, Inc.

Planning Ahead for a Move

When planning for a relocation, the biggest mistake people make is waiting until the last minute to call a moving company. Movers’ schedules fill up quickly, especially during the peak season (April through September), so be sure to contact a company at least two to three months before your moving date.


Richard Hiteshew

President, A-1 Guaranteed Heating & Air, Inc.

Home Energy Audit

Wondering how your home measures up to modern energy efficiency standards? Consider having a home energy audit performed. A home energy audit employs a series of tests and inspections to assess home energy efficiency, identify problem areas, and recommend improvement measures.


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