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What Will the New Tax Laws Mean for You or Your Business?

Posted on February 08, 2018 by Suzanne Carroll

In December 2017, Congress passed a comprehensive tax overhaul. With several hundred pages of new tax regulations on the books and tax season just around the corner, Bay Area residents and business owners are eager to learn what the revised code will mean for them. We spoke with Russell Barnett, EA, CTC, a Diamond Certified tax consultant, to help make sense of these new rules.

Businesses Will Be Most Affected by the Tax Overhaul

“The biggest changes to the tax code affect how business income is taxed,” says Mr. Barnett. Read more

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Happy Returns: 5 Tips for Filing Your Taxes

Posted on February 21, 2017 by James Florence

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to get ready for the next seasonal milestone: tax season. While few would consider it “the most wonderful time of the year” (save for those expecting a substantial return), it doesn’t change the fact that tax season is something we all have to partake in. Anyone who has gone through the process knows that filing taxes can be difficult and frustrating, which is why it helps to know a few basics out of the gate. Whether you’re filing your taxes independently or having a professional handle it for you, check out these tips from industry experts on maximizing your return:


1. Get organized. Read more

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