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Better Hearing CenterMark Sanford, OwnerHealthSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=gnvph5ACvus

We’ve been using Diamond Certified for ten years. And we’ve enjoyed our relationship with Diamond Certified because it sets us apart from our competition. You know, because of how they actually go and interview and ask questions of our existing patients. And we have to qualify at a very high level to become a member of Diamond Certified. That sets apart, that sets a bar that’s very, very high. We pride ourselves on great customer service and providing excellent patient care. And if we weren’t doing that, then we wouldn’t qualify to be part of Diamond Certified. So, the fact that we are and our competition is not, we are, you know, rather proud of that and that we know that we are doing the right things for our patients.

Diamond Certified’s presence, you know, obviously, in the marketing of a newspaper and the web also fits in tune and is a symbiotic relationship with the things that we’re already doing in our marketing with newspaper and on the website, and in digital, and the digital marketing of today’s world. So, we like the fact that it helps us with what we’re already doing in our own marketing campaign as a business. So, Diamond Certified continues, you know, to improve what they’re doing. And we enjoy, you know, working with them to find the right things that can help our business grow by using tools such as, you know, video and being able to put Diamond Certified logos on everything from, you know, letterhead to website, to you know, newsletters that we send out. So, we’re enjoying that and it’s, again, it just works very, very well with what we’re already doing.

Green Living Builders LLCRolf Bell, PrincipalHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=cahqoZ0htjw

I would say that I get a lot of my clients through mouth-to-mouth referrals and a lot of my clients through Diamond Certified. But I wouldn’t say that the quality is different. I think it’s pretty much the same. But I get a wide variety of clients from both sources. But they’re my two primary sources. I’ve pretty much abandoned other sources because I get plenty of clients through just word of mouth and Diamond Certified.

Clearly, I think the brochures that you send out to all the households in a certain income bracket provides the most value in terms of the calls that I get for services. It’s people often saying, “Hi, Mr. Bell. I found you in the Diamond Certified booklet.” So, that’s clearly valuable. But that’s obviously supported by all your marketing, that you’ve created a really good brand name through all the different sources of advertising, whether it’s radio, or bus signs, or whatever. People now know the Diamond Certified name and trust the Diamond Certified contractor.

I pretty much abandoned, for the most part, handing out business cards. And I almost exclusively just hand out the Diamond Certified brochures. It just allows me to be present differently than some of the other clients. And I think people appreciate having that summary statement. When they’re making a decision between A, B, or C contractor, it gives us an edge.

Yeah, I mean, I’m really kind of unaware, other than the fact that, you know, there’s the internet web pages. I have not kept up with all the different bells and whistles in Diamond Certified. But, obviously, I’m taking advantage of this digital interview right now. So, that’s clearly of some value.

Yeah, the Diamond Certified brand, and known for quality, makes clients less suspect of:  “This guy, can I trust him?  Is he as good as he says he is?”  They believe in the quality of contractors that Diamond Certified has recruited. And so, there’s a lot less – you’re not starting at zero with these clients. You’re starting at, like, 75. And it’s up to then myself and my team to get us to 100% rating. But we don’t start from scratch because of the Diamond Certified reputation.

The Lighting GeekTommy Herren, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=oe-lCa0gRXA

I can’t quantify the fact that I’m getting customers from Diamond Certified. I can tell you that when I talk to people about our services and they know or notice somewhere within all of our paraphernalia and/or uniform, the logo for the Diamond Certified, I think it raises our credibility a bit, and I get to explain to them how tough it is to be certified. But I haven’t had anyone call and say, “Hey, I heard you were Diamond Certified, therefore I’m going to hire you.”

I think what Diamond Certified brings to our party is it helps us fill in the gaps where we may not have been paying attention to, and Peter is awesome at that by the way. And just making sure that we’re putting, you know, all of our best efforts forth. And they do a good job at helping us understand the importance of that.

I give a brochure to every customer that I meet, and I don’t really have some feedback as far as what they think of it. I do explain to them briefly what it’s about and how difficult it is, but I think there’s a certain level of pre-qualification by just giving it to them and realizing you’re certified. I think that in itself makes a statement. And it is one of the biggest handouts we do at the 20 home shows I do yearly.

I’m just starting to take advantage of that better. I think it’s, this is one of those things where we get so busy as business owners that we don’t always pay attention to the things we should. And I think that that’s the avenue or the thing that Diamond Certified brings to us that they make us look at the things we need to look at in order to improve our business.

Well, I think that any time that you have anyone calling all your customers and getting real world input back, it’s beneficial to us that we learn if we do fall down how we can make that better because a lot of times you don’t know. The other thing is that you’re getting all the positive feedback that we are doing it right. But, you know, I don’t—I think that it—the advantage it gives us is I think it causes us to be a better, well—more well-defined, more well-oiled machine. And so we just operate smoother with less hiccups in the customer’s eyes.

Goodman Building SupplyCindy Smith, ManagerProfessionalMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=HSSBbcJpCno

I see a lot more of the businesses coming here, a lot more contractors. So far, that’s what I’ve seen. Just a lot more business people.

Yes. A lot of people look it up. I – yeah. And, they check into it and see what’s the best for them. Yeah.

Seeing it – they can actually go onto your guys’ website and look at it and see what’s really going on in every different business. I think that’s a great part of the Diamond Certified. It gives them the advantage of – to be able to look into different companies.

We hand out the books and stuff to all of the customers, especially the house accounts we carry. And, not so much the homeowners. We get a lot of homeowners. And, I don’t hear that a lot from them. But, more from the professionals.

We have them at each register up front. And, we hand them out. And, we hand them out mostly to the contractors, of course, because, like I said, they’re more likely to accept it than your homeowners, looking at it like, what? I came in for a screwdriver. Yeah. But, they’ve helped us a lot, I think. Yeah. Sure.

I think it’s great. I do. It’s an awesome thing, awesome tool. Even for me to want to look for somewhere, and I can go into you guys’ website, and I can find a place that will fit me. And, you could see a lot. It gives you a lot more information right there.

Being Diamond Certified already gives you that – the upper-hand over the competition, I feel, right? And, I think that it’s – it has helped a little bit there.

And most of the contractors know us. We do a lot of good things for the community, a lot of good things for our contractors. We sell it to, like, half and half, though, I think. Yeah.

J & M Windows & Glass, Inc.Chris Young, General ManagerHome Contractor, Home ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=9QE6yF7A198

My name’s Chris. I’m part of the third generation of this company. And I do sales, installations, and I kind of wear a lot of hats, do everything around here.

Mostly we get a lot of homeowners that come in that hear about us through Diamond Certified. They come in and say that, you know, those are the only companies they buy from. So, that really helps us get a different kind of market.

I would say the reviews would be the biggest part for us. People go on there, and they read the reviews of other customers that we’ve had, and they see how well we’ve done. So, they want to work with us, as well.

They’re put on our counters, and it’s nice because they can see other things that – other companies that we work with that are also in there that we can recommend. So, we hand those out whenever someone comes in.

I think it’s one more channel for them to see your reviews and get an idea of what we do and how we perform as a company.

Like I said before, it’s just one more avenue, one more thing that’ll show people that, you know, not only are reviews good on Yelp and other social media apps, but they’re good with Diamond Certified. And that’s something that not a lot of people are a part of. So, to have that in our book as well is nice.

PremierGarageNick GranatoHome Contractor, Home ServicesSan Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=WfczreVXmrA

My name is Nick Granato, and I am one of the owners for Premier Garage.

What part of the Diamond Certified Program… I think all the brochures and the printed materials that we can hand out and give to the customers and that we can use during our consultation really helps out. And we’ve found those to be the most effective for us.

We provide them to every single customer that we meet with, and we generally get a very favorable response from the customer. So they understand, you know, why we’re Diamond Certified, the whole process, how long we’ve been in business, our contractors’ license number and all those items are important.

Quite honestly, I don’t know that I’ve ever really had the customers mention the digital part very much. Every time we’ve mentioned it, or generally when we do mention Diamond Certified, customers do seem to be aware of Diamond Certified. But you know, honestly I can’t really… It’s very difficult for me to determine the actual impact of the digital part of it.

Bayside Mechanical, Inc.Vincent Casale, Residential MktgHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=XxRVkFXNOhg

The type of customers we get from Diamond Certified are typically excellent. Get a lot of customers – we get a large portion of our call-in customers led through Diamond Certified. And I got to say, the Diamond Certified customers are – they’re looking for not just price, but they’re also looking for a quality install. So, you’re definitely not getting the bottom of the barrel; the bottom dwellers that are just looking for a quick, cheap price. They’re looking for a brick-and-mortar established business that’s not going anywhere. That’s gonna be in it for the long run, if there’s any service issues down the road that are going to be there. So, you definitely get a high-quality customer coming through Diamond Certified.

Definitely the biggest benefit of being Diamond Certified is the fact that it gives us credibility as a business. A customer feels that Diamond Certified, they’ve already done the legwork, and they’ve done a lot of the research on the business, and they’ve got independent reviews. So, you know that they’re truthful. It’s not anybody, any mom and dad of a business owner on Yelp can put in a review. They’re independent. So, it takes a lot of the guesswork away from the customer. So, I feel like a lot of the work’s been done for them, and they’re ready to buy. So, the business that we get through Diamond Certified is actually a customer ready to do a project.

Well, the digital advantage Diamond Certified provides us is, it’s all-encompassing. So, Diamond Certified will actually link the customer to our website. Another thing it does is, being you get all these independent reviews, it actually helps our SEO, our search engine optimization. Because we have all those reviews, and the more reviews that they build for us, the more it’s gonna increase our SEO – and hopefully get higher on the Google search, and get to page one there. But it’s definitely a big part of our visibility online is actually through Diamond Certified.

So the advantage Diamond Certified gives us over our competition that isn’t Diamond Certified. Well, the main advantage is Diamond Certified’s done the legwork. So by the time they get to Bayside, they feel comfortable. If it’s a customer that likes to go through Diamond Certified to find their contractors to work on their home, they definitely have buy-in, and they trust that we’ve kind of gone through all the critiquing and running through our financials, our independent reviews. So, you really dug deep into the business. So, by the time we get our certification, the client and the home owners that are using Diamond Certified feel comfortable with us, versus other contractors that haven’t been Diamond Certified. So, it takes a lot to get the certification, the Diamond Certification. We’re proud of that, and it’s something that we definitely talk about on each of our calls.

Ric’s Kitchen & Bath ShowroomRic Plummer, OwnerHome ContractorAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=k5zAk9GgRKc

They attract people, number one, that are serious about doing the job. Number two, I feel comfortable with Diamond Certified when the customer walks in here knowing that they trust Diamond Certified. They know that Diamond Certified does all their, basically, their homework for them, check out the license board, and insurance, and all of that. That saves them a lot of time and puts them at ease when they come in here to a Diamond Certified company, knowing that it’s a good-quality company and they can trust them.

I think the biggest benefit is them advertising for us. They know what markets to hit. They know what type of people to market it, I guess you would say. And it makes our job a lot easier, basically, to keep tire-kickers from coming in here and wasting time. They’re serious people when they’re Diamond Certified.

The brochures and stuff, we hand out to a customer when they come in here. And it gives them some literature, if they’re looking for literature to take with them to read. And if they don’t know about Diamond Certified, it lets them know what Diamond Certified is all about.

Trust. People trust Diamond Certified. And they know if you’re Diamond Certified that you’re a trusting company over somebody that is not. I mean, Diamond Certified has a reputation of having quality craftsmanship and people that they deal with. And knowing that they have to rate them all the time. It’s not just a one-time deal. They’re constantly coming in and checking to make sure you’re out there – what do I want to say? You’re at their level of contractors or whatever they want to represent

Schrader & SonDon Schrader, OwnerProfessionalContra Costa, Solanowww.youtube.com/watch?v=HbsrxyEeDHs

I’m getting more and more Diamond Certified referrals more now. And it used to be when the book came out once a year, I’d get a flurry of calls. I’ve had good reviews from these folks. When I talk to them about it, they have used other Diamond Certified contracts. I myself have used other Diamond Certified people. I use [electrician]. It was fabulous. Came in, got the job done, no muss, no fuss, no BS, got it done, very happy. People that I’ve talked to use other Diamond Certified out of the book have all been very, very happy.

Well, probably the books that go out and the newspaper, you know the one-page article that comes out, although, people don’t take newspapers so much anymore. But, that’s probably the biggest benefit. And they’ll call me because I’m Diamond Certified. They got my name out of the book.

Well, I am attracted, I mean, I haven’t really used as much as I could have. And I’m going to start maybe working on that a little bit. But, the problem is I’m getting close to retirement. So, I’m not, I haven’t been looking to expand my business, I’m looking to contract the business. So, I’m not sure what we’re going to do. So —

They’re in the book. The ratings are there. That pretty much speaks for itself. If they know how the Diamond Certified program works, then they’re getting, you guys are getting better about doing that now, then they’re more inclined to call and not call the competition. You know, standard business practices, answer the phone. Don’t let them leave a message, because they’re going to call the next guy, especially if they got a problem. And that’s been the biggest thing. It’s for business. It’s not just Diamond Certified is anybody, right?

The exposure is there. My competitors seem to forget that this is a service business and not a business to sell hardware.

Reyff Electric, Inc.Will Finny, Operations ManagerHome Contractor, Home ServicesMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ6BzrbjVz4

My name is Will Finny. I’m the operations manager here at Reyff Electric. I think the Diamond Certified certification brings the customer that is a little bit more timid or the first time customer who hasn’t called for an electrical contractor before as well as the older community. I think you’re seeing a customer that wants to be safe and make a good decision, so they’re looking to Diamond Certified — through Diamond Certified to make sure that they get somebody who’s going to take care of their problem, not take advantage of them, and be able to deal with any problems that the job creates as they move forward. They want a good experience, and they don’t want to have to experience the bad experience to get to that good experience. So, I think if they’re going through Diamond Certified, they’re expecting to be satisfied.

I think the biggest benefit in being Diamond Certified is that you add a level of assurance to the customer that they’re hiring somebody, and they don’t have to worry about what the outcome of paying an electrical contractor to fix or make changes to their home. They don’t have to be worried about what the outcome is going to be when they hire a Diamond Certified electrical contractor.

At all of our home shows we use the Diamond Certified brochures. We also, with our new customers, when we’re going out to visit a new customer for the first time, we kind of give them a little welcome bag that has some flyers of our services in it and the Diamond Certified brochure. And that’s a good closing point when we’re handing the customer the estimate, a little welcome bag, a free shopping bag, and it’s an area where, if there are any concerns about that estimate, we can reach in the bag, grab the Diamond Certified brochure, and take care of any worries the customer may have when we leave the home, and they’re thinking about who they’re going to hire.

Well, we have you here today doing the videos for the first time for us, so we’re hoping that this will be something that’s added to the Diamond Certified site as well as the Reyff Electric site, and through that we’re hoping that we will have a more personal touch through the Internet with potential customers that will be calling us.

Well, probably one — it doesn’t — it’s not inexpensive to become Diamond Certified in the first place, so for a company to take the time and the money to invest in becoming Diamond Certified means a lot. It takes away any fears, so Reyff Electric’s not afraid to let our customers speak for ourselves. So, our customers have the opportunity to rate us and, through those ratings, we become Diamond Certified, and that should alleviate any concern that a customer would have. Other customers have said it for us.



Russell Barnett, EA, CTCRussell Barnett, EAProfessionalSanta Clara, Santa Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=TcTf-ddZISM

I don’t do any active marketing in my firm other than the Diamond Certified program, so 100 percent of my new clients come either from referrals or from places like Diamond Certified or web searches that bring in Diamond Certified, etc. Like that. I’ve been very happy with the program. I think the customers that come, they tend to be a nice demographic for me. Families that have a decent amount of income. Most of them are homeowners. I know that’s who Diamond Certified targets in their marketing of the program. It’s the people that expect a high level of service and already come in confident that I’m going to provide that to them.

I think that the brand is marketed well to consumers. The web presence is very strong. I think that it’s – but to me the best part about it is it’s completely passive. I just set it and forget it. I set it nine years ago. A couple times a year, I talk to my rep, Dan, or we do things like this or I have to review my – what do you call it – my publishing thing every year. Other than that, it’s pretty much hands off. You guys do all the hard work. Figure out where to put those ads. How to reach the people that need to be reached. All I have to do is pay every year.

In my practice, the use is a little bit limited. Most people already know Diamond Certified, if they’re interested in it, before they come to see me. I do have them out in my waiting room and some people do take them but I don’t go through very many.

It’s hard sometimes to know how, exactly, people are coming to me when they say, “Oh, I googled you.” My presumption has been – I have a website that I haven’t updated in probably about eight years because I don’t use it to attract business. I don’t need to, so I don’t worry about it. I don’t do any SEO on my website at all, so when people say they googled me, I generally assume that they’re coming from Diamond Certified. By overwhelming majority of my new customers that are coming to me, reaching out to me, calling me or emailing me or asking to come in, are coming either from what they say – Google, which, again, I assume is mostly Diamond Certified or Diamond Certified directory, directly. I do believe that, in terms of the Google searches, that Diamond Certified is enhancing the visibility of my firm.

I’m the only one in Santa Clara County that’s Diamond Certified. I think that allows a certain perception of prestige. I believe there are plenty of other firms out there that are excellent but none of the other ones, for whatever reason, have chosen to take the step to become Diamond Certified like I have. Especially customers that have used Diamond Certified companies in the past and are using the directory to try to find someone. If they’re looking for a tax preparer or not even looking for tax preparer but they see that there’s a tax preparer listed in the index, and they go to look.

Well, guess what? I’m the only one. I believe that that does help me close, especially the people referred from the Diamond Certified directory, because there’s no other numbers to call. If they know the program, either because they’ve experienced it or they’ve seen the marketing for Diamond Certified or they understand what steps – what the Diamond Certification really means, then they’re going to want to go with a Diamond Certified company, guess what? I’m the only one. So, that’s been good for me.

Savior Plumbing, Inc.Tammy Cortez, PresidentHome ServicesAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=RZnGQ2sHKP8

I first heard about Diamond Certified years ago when they started, and I was very excited about it because Chris Bjorklund was their spokesperson. I knew her from the radio, and I felt she was very trustworthy. It was the first review type organization that I remember for businesses, and I remember thinking someday I want to own a business that would be Diamond Certified. A few years ago we were looking at the possibility of being Diamond Certified. We had looked at the other companies that were in our market that were Diamond Certified, and we knew them to be the best of the best. We wanted to know how we got on that list.

So, we contacted them. We had their people come out and discuss with us the way that they do their reviews, and honestly I was very nervous about it. The review process was something that we had never gone through before. They wanted our entire mailing list, and they were going to independently contact a number of customers to find out what they felt about us. So, we had no input at all, and no input into who they contacted. A little scary. When we heard back that we had passed and that we were offered to be Diamond Certified, I was extremely excited. A little concerned because it’s not the cheapest thing out there, but we decided to go for it, and it immediately changed our business.

We are in an industry that is extremely competitive. We have everybody from friends of friends that do plumbing to people who do plumbing out of the back of their trucks and side jobs to other plumbing firms that are fully licensed and insured as we are, and all of us basically do the same thing. So, using your advertising dollars well is very important.

Difference between our company and other companies is generally the quality of the service that we offer, and Diamond Certified has reached out to people to let them know that the companies that are Diamond Certified are the top of the line. So, the individuals who are contacting us are looking for the best that can be given to them service wise at a fair price, and so they work very well within our company and the type of people we’re looking for. We find that they’re very loyal, provided that we continue to offer them the best service at the best price that we can.

The biggest benefit to us being part of Diamond Certified is the customers – the type of customers that they send to us and also the quantity of customers that we get from Diamond Certified. I have noticed in the past couple years an expansion of the Diamond Certified name. I see them advertising in more places about the program, and we’re getting more calls from people who want the type of service that we offer at the price that we offer.


Most customers are looking for plumbers initially online. They’re doing some research into who is local, what other people say about them, pricing, and so forth. Being Diamond Certified and being able to be seen easily online has been very important to us. We come up very quickly in search engines. Our reviews are right there, and because of the other ways that Diamond Certified advertises – television and newspaper – people understand what it means to use a company that is Diamond Certified.

So, what’s the advantage to me in a very competitive industry to be Diamond Certified? It brings me the best customers who want the best service, easy to deal with, but most importantly I think it’s because it keeps us accountable. Every year we have to go through the process again of giving them our mailing list. Who have we worked with that year? And they’re going to start all over in calling people and making sure that we’re upholding the Diamond Certified name basically. So, every year I wait, and I wait, and I bug the office. Did you get my reviews back? Did we pass? Did we make it again? It keeps everybody on their toes, and that’s what keeps us the best.

Smart Window CleaningEric Kennedy, CFOHome ServicesMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag0GMDaNLN0

Eric Kennedy, Smart Window Cleaning. Diamond Certified has helped us get a lot of new customers. It seems to be the customers that are spending a little bit more money, do a little bit more research before they hire somebody, so we see the customers that hire us – you know, it could be a $1000 jobs or more, and they will make sure they’re Diamond Certified and they have a good track record.

Also, if people are on the fence about hiring us, when we’re on the phone with them, it’s a good selling point that more than 95% of our customers are completely satisfied. And so, we have been very happy with Diamond Certified and hope to continue the relationship.

Mainly, getting that recognition that we are a company that really cares about quality and a company that cares about customer satisfaction, and Diamond Certified just puts that out there right away. People can see that we care and that they’re getting a very good, solid company that’s been around a long time and cares about quality and service.

Well, recently we did a campaign where we went out to real estate offices and we were handing out our cards to realtors and so we will give out our Diamond Certified brochure, along with the letter and a bunch of cards, and it’s really worked. We’ve had a lot of response from realtors hiring us for their clients’ homes to get them ready to sell.

I mean, I know Diamond-Certified pushes a lot of advertising, TV and newspaper and radio. I’m not as familiar with that.

Yes, having Diamond Certified is a big advantage over many competitors. It’s a little bit expensive, but we think it’s well worth it to show that we care about customer service and quality and customer satisfaction and that’s a big advantage to be able to share that.

Moore Mechanical, Inc.Steve Moore, OwnerHome ServicesAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=nOaToTzXoys

My company, Moore Mechanical, has seen consistent results from Diamond Certified, both in regards to the quality of the customer that comes to us looking for new systems. We continually track our marketing. Diamond Certified has, pretty consistently, proven to be a great return on our investment, and that’s why we have continued to be part of the Diamond Certified program.

I think the biggest benefit — Diamond Certified has, again, been the consistent customers that come to us via either the website or through Diamond Certified. They know that we’re a Diamond Certified contractor. They become repeat customers. They’ve been good for both referrals and, like I said, repeat work. Our goal in our company is to keep our customers for a lifetime, so, again, the return on the investment with Diamond Certified has always been consistent and good.

So, we use Diamond Certified, both, of course, on the trucks, in our advertising. The brochures — we haven’t been too consistent on handing out the brochures, as we should be. But the new ones are nice, and we’re dedicated to getting those out with our service techs — mostly with our service techs that are going into homes two, three, four times a day — different homes. And we hand that out; each service tech has them in their truck.

You immediately have that differentiation that when customers come to us, first of all, I know that they’ve got a lot of trust in Diamond Certified. So, we’ve got an advantage over them shopping around to a lot of different random companies. They will shop the other competitors within Diamond Certified. But I feel like we already have an advantage there because of being 32 years in business coupled with Diamond Certified certification. So, it automatically gives us an advantage.

Hi Tech Termite Control of the Bay Area, Inc.Jim Mortensen, InspectorHome ServicesAlameda, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=4NX6KhqzguI

Hi. I’m Jim Mortensen, with Hi Tech Termite. I’m one of the termite inspectors for our company. I think with us being Diamond Certified, we’ve been getting a lot more informed homeowners, and definitely more proactive customers. The biggest benefit of our company being Diamond Certified has been homeowners know what to expect with a quality company over our competition.

The Diamond Certified brochures are used in all of our informational packets that we leave behind with the homeowner after all of our inspections. I definitely think that the brochures have impacted our company by letting the homeowner know that we’re a highly recommended company. The digital advantage that Diamond Certified has given us is that we’ve got an online reputation that we’re a highly recommended company. Also, it generates a lot of leads through our office. I think being Diamond Certified has given our company an edge over our competition, as people can go online, see that we’re a highly recommended company and that we give good services.

Bridewell Hilltop KennelsDana Garduno, ManagerProfessionalMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=uFux3_D0DfY

My name is Dana Garduno, and I work for Bridewell Hilltop Kennels.

I would say the biggest benefit is people who are looking up, you know, a good rating for a kennel will look on the Diamond Certified website and come in here already knowing that we’re certified and saying, well, I know you’re already taking good care of dogs. And I just want to take a look at your facility. So, it is getting the word out there more or putting us a step above another kennel around here that wouldn’t be Diamond Certified since, you know, want to trust where they’re going.

For the brochures, we really just hand them out to people who are bringing in their dogs for the first time. Or, let’s say they’re looking for a little more general information. And, that’s just a good little pamphlet to give out. Other than that, sometimes if someone comes in for a tour or the first time, we’ll just, you know, give it to them as a reminder saying, hey, if you want to look through this, you can. But, that’s the main use we get out of it.

Digital advantage? I would say, again, really just people like to look on the internet a lot for ratings. They like to do a lot of research before they visit a facility. So, it just puts another edge, or a step ahead, really, for people looking for a good place to bring their dogs because dogs are like their children. They want to trust where they’re going.

I would say the same general information, where people really want to trust where they’re going. And they want to know, you know, before they even visit a place, that they want to try going there, really. If you come in here, there’s a Diamond Certified note here. There’s brochures up front. We’re on a website. I think we’ve been on the website for a while now. So, really, any time you, you know, Google Bridewell Hilltop, it’ll say Diamond Certified on there. Or, you can go to the website first.

LW Construction & Handyman ServicesLamine Elabed, PresidentHome Contractor, Home ServicesMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=o9VU3BpdRqQ

They are very quality-conscious customers. And they do a lot of research. So, they know that they’re looking for, which is a lot easier than someone just window-shopping. And a lot of my repeat customers are Diamond Certified, which is a good thing.

It’s for the Directory and the advertisement on the TV and the radio, on the boxes that I see around. So, people have a sense of what Diamond Certified is. And when you go and talk to them, they’re actually, “Oh, yeah.” So, “Why do you choose us?” “A Diamond Certified company. That’s why.”

The brochures, it’s really like icing on a cake because people already want Diamond Certified. They already know. They already did their research. So, when you have a brochure, it’s just like to reinforce that, leave it with them, leave it with somebody else. But they have to have that knowledge of what Diamond Certified is. The brochure doesn’t do it by itself. Just to reinforce that feeling.

I think it’s very important because everything is done digitally these days. And it’s a lot faster. You know, the social network of things like, you know, the Twitter, and [00:01:47 unintelligible], and all these things, these are actually great. Because, again, people these days are doing most of their shopping there. So, that’s very important.

It’s that third-party assessment. And it’s the third party who just does the [00:02:11 unintelligible] to our own customer. So, it’s like, it’s an impartial entity, if you will. So, not me talking to a customer. Some third party’s talking to a customer, asking the right questions. And so, when we get feedback from a customer or get a rating, it’s actually a lot better than if we do it ourselves.

All Seasons ConstructionMark Corralo, PresidentHome ContractorAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=2jgnos1JlC8

Generally speaking, the quality of the leads we get from Diamond Certified are some of the best leads that we get. The business has developed to the point where that phone rings a lot during the day and we have to screen calls. The Diamond Certified calls usually get through the screen because they are better qualified leads and do tend to lead to more contracts.

I think that Diamond Certified’s marketing gets the idea out to the public that there are certain contractors who have met a certain level of – I think that the Diamond Certified marketing has conveyed to the public that there’s a certain list of contractors that can be relied upon and that makes the phone ring.  Those people would not perhaps have found us without the Diamond Certified marketing directs them to All Seasons Construction.

We have started giving out a new brochure. The new brochure is an attractive tri-fold piece and we start to – we have now started to leave it with customers after providing a proposal just so that they can sort of make themselves familiar with both the Diamond Certified Program and All Seasons Construction, and we think it’s going to lead to a higher close rate.

I make it clear to my customers that you don’t just pay money and get on the Diamond Certified list. You’ve got to earn your way onto that list, and whether it’s me or a plumber or an electrician, if you see somebody on that list you can be pretty confident that they’re committed to customer service because if you’re not, you’re not going to get on that list.

Automotive ExcellenceMike PogojeffAutoSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=PTlALW-_7cU

I’m seeing the return on investment the way that I would like to see it. So, do we do get customers in here? I would actually pull the numbers to see for sure what it is, but we don’t get a lot of people coming in here saying they came because of Diamond Certified. When we do get a Diamond Certified customer, they’re usually less reluctant, and they’re easier to sell and deal with. But I’m not seeing as many customers as I’d like.

It’s good branding. I mean it’s definitely — while I’d like to see more customers, the Diamond Certified name is known. When people do go to it, we have a very good rating as far as our customer satisfaction. I think we’re up in the high 90s; I think we’re like 98 percent. That instills confidence. Diamond Certified does a great job of marketing and promoting themselves — getting the word out there.

Every customer that comes in that’s new, that’s never been here before, no matter how they came here — any new customer gets a brochure. And, basically, what we do is we hand them the brochure and say, “We’re Diamond Certified — that’s independently rated, highest in quality and customer satisfaction (a little bit of info about the rating process).” And then, we turn over a little bit of information about us. “You can go ahead and hang on to that, or when you’re done with it, pass it along to a friend.”

Well, I do like the fact that you’re locked in — I mean I shouldn’t say locked in. I do like the fact that only so many of a certain industry can be in the program. So, in Rohnert Park (in the Rohnert Park area), there’s three shops — ourselves and two other shops. One of the things that makes me stay in is that those two other shops have been in for eight and 11 years. So, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop — that I’m going to start seeing business from it. They’ve stayed in for eight years, 11, 12 years. We’re only in year four or five, so I like that exclusivity.

A Reliable HandymanGifford Teeple, OwnerHome ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=rzpKJ_eqHw0

My name is Gifford Teeple. I’m the owner of A Reliable Handyman.

Diamond Certified has given me a lot of upscale customers that may not have hired me otherwise. It’s really the whole gamut of customers, from, I’d say, middle income to upper income. Good-quality people, I’d say, the majority, the vast majority of the time.

The biggest benefit, I think, is visibility because Diamond Certified advertises so widely and the fact that it’s very well-respected. So, when people are looking for somebody that they can trust but they don’t know anybody, they look to Diamond Certified, I found, which is a big advantage.

I hand them out to my customers either before or after the job. Sometimes they want more of them for friends and neighbors. So, it’s a good advertising tool in addition to my business card. And it spreads the Diamond Certified stamp of approval, you might say.

I’m happy for it. I mean, they’re very well-located online, all over the place. So, besides all the print media that you see, whether it’s on buses, or on the radio, or in the newspaper, if people just go online, they can find it there very easily. So, that just exponentially adds to the coverage.

I’d say exclusivity. Because especially in my business as a handyman, I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from clients, where people either didn’t come back to finish the job, or they did a lousy job. So, especially finding somebody they can trust in my business is really important. So, that’s a big advantage for me with Diamond Certified.

Altera Design & Remodeling, Inc.Jim Vivrette, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZtaZgzhE-Q

For me, Diamond Certified brings in people who are more examiners. They’re trying to find out – they’re looking for trust. That’s to me the biggest feature about Diamond is it’s about trust. And we have people that will come and say we only use Diamond Certified companies. I won’t even consider working with anybody else, whether it’s car repair or remodeling or whatever it is.

So, trust is the big factor. They tend to be people who go out and they try to do a lot of verification. So, they’re examiners. They’re trying to find out something in-depth and make a good decision.

The listings. And I can’t tell you more if they’re seeing them through the brochures or the – I’m sorry – the booklets that get mailed out or that they’re going online. I have no way of knowing that. But the benefit has been there are people who are predisposed towards really trying to learn and investigate.

I’ve only used them a little bit. People have not tended to pay attention to them sometimes because we’re getting referred – people are calling us who are talking to others. Occasionally they’ll see somebody else’s brochure. They kind of have them on the table. They don’t really see the difference between them.

And on the other side of the tunnel in the Alameda County area I don’t think it’s an advantage because most people don’t pay any attention to it over there. Over here on this side, for those who are looking for somebody that they can trust, and if this is how they determine trust, then it’s an advantage because at least there’s only calling 5 or 8 of us, however many there are, that are listed between the two counties.

Sierra Roofing & SolarSean O’Brien, General ManagerHome ContractorAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=NPEacy6OLQI

Okay. Yeah, so I totally agree with that statement. We are definitely not the cheapest company out there, but we think we’re the best quality company out there and the most focused on satisfying customers. And I think when people come from Diamond Certified we know that’s what they’re looking for, so we know that there are customers.

So, we, interestingly enough, Peter Bartels, our client services manager, has been kind of helping coach us through this because in the annual surveys we find out that our customers don’t know that we are Diamond Certified or there’s not a high percentage of them that know we’re Diamond Certified. And we are giving our brochures out to people, and we’re talking about Diamond Certified when we go into the homes and when we’re selling our services, so I think there’s more things we can do via our email confirmation for the appointments as well as sending out information before we actually get there about our Diamond Certified qualification and allowing them to do a little bit of research that we’re directing them towards before we actually meet with them.

So, when we do go into the homeowner’s home, which is most of our calls, we’re actually going into the home and discussing it with the homeowners. And we provide them with a brochure and we say are you familiar with Diamond Certified and then take them through our qualifications through Diamond Certified and then our ratings through Diamond Certified. And the impact has been pretty strong for people that know Diamond Certified, and there’s a lot more people out there that know Diamond Certified these days.

We haven’t really participated in that very strongly in the past, but we are, through Peter’s coaching, we are getting much more involved in that. Recently, we actually got the link hooked up to our website, so we’ve got that set up, and we’ve got some widgets we want to install as well. So, we haven’t done that really fully yet, but this time next year we should have it all implemented.

I think it’s an independently rated rating or an independently, you know, rated setup. People, as you know, people go online and they look at Angie’s List, they look at Yelp, they look at BBB, and all these other different review sites, and anybody can really review you on those sites, and, with Diamond Certified, it’s actually Diamond Certified calling our past customers to get feedback from them on how we did. And it’s a random survey, so if we get high marks from the random sampling, you can I think assume that we get high marks from virtually most of our customers.

Wine Country Painters, Inc.Lee Dido, OwnerHome ContractorSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Gom5_fyg5Ck

Hello. My name is Lee Dido, owner of Wine Country Painters.

Well, one of the customers that commonly use Wine Country Painters is people who are in search of quality. We are a high quality painting company. We promote ourselves that way, and people trust in Diamond Certified companies to provide high quality services and that is our goal and what we strive to do.

I would say the mail out or the Diamond Certified directory has been very beneficial along with the website as well. I’m noticing the website is creating more calls these days, but initially it seems like the directory is consistently people go to that directory looking for quality services and all the companies in the directory are high quality companies that I would recommend.

So, the brochures are very effective in my company. I use them when I come out to provide an estimate to people’s homes or businesses. I will always accompany the brochure along with my card with all the information, and it provides a list of comments of prior customers that have been very satisfied with our work and it gives an idea of the way we go about the services we provide.

That’s been very beneficial. It’s been very beneficial in providing high ranking for organic searches on our website. So, I find a lot of the Diamond Certified companies including mine gets a higher placement on organic searches due to the linkage of my website and Diamond Certified’s.

Well, everyone knows that Diamond Certified companies have high integrity, have a lot of integrity and high quality services so a lot of the people who are looking for low price estimates don’t even bother calling a Diamond Certified company.

System PaversAndrew Headington, Sales Manager & Landscape ArchitectHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=UuNRVAnpfdw

My name is Andrew Headington. I’m a sales manager and landscape architect here at System Pavers.

Well, our customers are always looking for the best of the best. And we find a lot of them use Diamond Certified to make sure that they’re making the right decision before contacting us.

The online reviews and overall rating is huge. Customers really rely on that.

So, in all of my sales, every customer will get a folder with all of their documentation in it. And the top piece of paperwork in there is always the Diamond Certified pamphlet. And that really helps to reinforce that they made the right decision with a quality company.

Well, everybody these days is going online to look at reviews and find out information before even making that first phone call. So, having Diamond Certified be a dedicated and reliable online source has been huge for us.

Again, going back to those reviews, that’s really, really important and the overall company rating. Someone’s been on Diamond Certified as long as we have with the amount of reviews we have is a huge benefit.

Gingrich Horticulture ServiceJohn Gingrich, OwnerProfessionalContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=W8zwBZJPgHU

Well, the kind of customers that we aim for are typically more affluent because of the kind of quality and type of service that we offer, and so Diamond Certified is a perfect fit because they tend to attract the people that are seeking that high quality in the vendors they hire.

I believe the biggest benefit that Diamond Certified has provided is the independent surveying of our customers. When I talk to a potential customer I can point to that independent survey and explain to them that over 94.7% of our clients have answered positive to quality questions that they’ve asked of our current clients.

We hand out the Diamond Certified brochures to every potential new customer that we talk to, and we also use those on new customers just to hopefully show them that we are a quality company, that we’ve been independently rated, and if they want to refer us to their friends, they can feel confident that not just the experience that they’ve had but all of our other customers have had the same quality experience with our company.

Diamond Certified has really helped with our web presence. We had a website that was lacking, and Diamond Certified has really improved our web presence. When somebody Googles us now, I’ve heard from a few clients that, “Wow, I really like your website.” And I don’t think it’s our website. I think it’s what Diamond Certified has done for us.

I believe that Diamond Certified provides an advantage over our competition because it sets us apart by knowing that our clients have been independently surveyed rather than relying on Yelp or other type of rating services that anybody can put anything on the web and you just can’t trust what people are saying unless it’s independent.

General Roofing CompanyShane Wakerling, General ManagerHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=-iU6aAQJBw4

We’ve seen them influence and attract quite a few, actually. And at first, they’re skeptical about the rating systems and if it really is a, you know, rated system. And once we educate them a little more, they feel a lot more relaxed. Especially both the low-end income and the very high-end income seem to be most impressed with that.

Actually, the whole marketing campaign that you guys do. Everything from the newspaper to the brochures to the booklets, it’s probably one of our highest referral sources out there.

We use them on every single appointment we go out to. It’s part of our packet that we provide. The impact just sets us apart from the other people, and usually, if they’ve had another Diamond Certified contractor out there, we’re all within the same realm. And it just gives us that little bit of extra step and give us a reason to discuss ourselves and the whole process behind Diamond Certified.

I think it’s excellent. You know, as a younger person, you know, I both like to have the paper stuff, but it’s nice to be able to jump on my phone, look at it real quick, everything pops up really nicely, and able to call that contractor company right away. It helps a lot.

It just sets us apart. You know, we’re almost a 93-year-old company, and it just gives us even that little bit of extra oomph, because it’s a third party-rated system and people trust that. It’s not that they don’t trust us, but having that behind us just gives us that little extra boost up amongst everybody else.

Classic PoolsVal Toland, OwnerHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=I_cvnSJDvfc

Most of the customers I get come from referral business. I’ve been in business a long time. However, when the new customer finds out that I’m Diamond Certified, it adds another layer of trust and comfort with me until we have a good working relationship. They feel better about dealing with me. So, Diamond Certified is a great bridge between initial impression and what I bring to the table.

Two parts. I like the fact when I go out to meet with somebody and I take them brochures about the company and about the business and equipment, the first thing that we talk about is being Diamond Certified. And every time that comes up, they know who Diamond Certified is and that it’s an asset for them. So, I like the brochures, and then I do like the fact that sometimes I get leads. And the whole purpose I get leads, or the whole reason I get a lead is they say, “I saw you were Diamond Certified and that’s why I called.”

I just kind of answered that. I use the brochures when I go out to meet with people. I also use them – the only outside advertising I do is I do two home shows a year. And having those brochures on the table and having the signs, that means a lot to people. They step in and know that they’re dealing with somebody that’s been around and has a good reputation.

It’s impressive. I like the visual advantage. I like their presence. They really do have a nice presence. It’s made me upgrade my web page, which I never spent a lot of time on before. But to kind of match with the quality that Diamond puts out, I had to spend more time on my web page.

Probably the fact that Diamond Certified has established a name. They’ve established their trade. You know, they’re known as a high standard. And so, when you get a Diamond Certified rating, people look at it and know that that’s just another level. If the other guy doesn’t have a Diamond Certified and it’s between the two of us, I automatically get an extra point.

ClickAwayJeremy Buschine, Director of Service & RepairProfessionalSan Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=MvyB_y9_Yv4

I’ve seen, you know, the customers that we attract from the Diamond Certified Program is, you know, people that are expecting a level of service, and they are used to getting that level of service, and they’ve done their research, and they’re coming to us because we’re Diamond Certified.

I think probably the publishing of the list that goes out, and I know we’re one of the very few computer repair shops in We use the brochures at our front check-in desks, we have them as just a handout. If anything, it’s a conversation piece. We’ve had people comment. We will hand them out at times. It strikes up a conversation for sure.

I think it’s neat. I like the idea of the expert tips online. I like that repository. I’d like to see more of the computer repair on there. I don’t think there’s a section on there but I think it behooves everyone for exposure.

The advantage we get from Diamond Certified is we are identified as a reputable repair center. We pay close attention to customer satisfaction, and we wouldn’t be diamond certified if we didn’t meet those requirements. So being Diamond Certified sends that message right away.

All About ParkingRoy Nickolai, PresidentProfessionalSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=aOI8ybL4BcI

I would say the quality customers – ones who have a keen interest in whether or not the service they’re hiring is professional, and we take pride in our professionalism. We’re looking for like-minded customers.

I would say the reputation of Diamond Certified has been good for us. We use it in marketing materials. We use it when we talk to our friends and family in terms of being proud that we’re one of the only valet companies in the Diamond Certified family.

I would say we have not used the brochures at all, and we should. That’s something we’re going to be focusing on in 2017. So, 2016 we are automating our company and spending our time and energies in that arena. 2017 we are going to be growing our business, and at that time we’re going to start using all the marketing materials available to us.

I like the access to the public through the commercial medium. I see the ads on television. I see them in the newspapers, the full-page ads. I like being associated with that kind of marketing.

Well, I feel that the fact that their third party independent company comes in and rates my customers, legitimizes the reviews that we have, and I think that separates me from my competition.

Window-ologyAlan Robinette, PresidentHome ContractorAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=ILnp3m9F8Os

Our company does its best to provide the best service, the best selection, and the — in the industry. And Diamond Certified brings customers that actually are very — match that very well that are also interested in those things.

I think the Diamond Certified program adds an extra level of credibility for those who didn’t find us through that, but they discover we are this, then one more reason to go ahead and order from us. And then, again, we also get some jobs that come to us. Some customers come to us because they found us through the Diamond Certified program.

So, it’s always wonderful to give a Diamond Certified brochure in with our presentation with our quote, so that they have this brochure along with the information that we are providing them for their project.

Well, I think it’s great that Diamond Certified sort of stays ahead of us in the digital format. We don’t lead in that regard, so the fact that Diamond Certified is there — just, I find that to be a positive as well.

Well, clearly, other companies aren’t Diamond Certified. Most can’t qualify to be such and that has a distinct appeal to our best customers.

Alternative Heating & Air Conditioning Solutions, Inc.Mike Rebholtz, General ManagerSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=or4qIWADVaY

Well, most of my Diamond Certified customers have used Diamond Certified contractors for other things. And they’re willing to pay a little bit extra. They definitely read your reviews. And from there, they’ll probably even go to Yelp. But between the combination of the two, Diamond Certified’s helped me with a little bit better margin probably and a better-quality customer.

You know, I really like these video shoots that we do because we’re able to put them on our websites. I do have the Diamond Certified stickers on my cars and on my trucks, and we do get leads that way. It’s helped increase my leads probably by at least 15%.

The brochures haven’t really done a whole lot for our company. Maybe we don’t use them enough. Once they know I’m Diamond Certified and come to their front door, they don’t need to look at that. They just look at it for a second and set it down. I mean I think if I did more direct marketing, you know, mailers, and used that, it might work better. But I haven’t done that process yet.

I’m thinking the digital advantage is what you’re talking about as far as the videos that they provide. And I think that’s been outstanding.

Well, the companies that aren’t Diamond Certified I mean obviously aren’t going to get the same leads that I’m getting. And that’s the real advantage, is you’ve got a quality customer. You’ve got a customer looking for a much better system than an ordinary contractor would put in. And that’s all good. It’s good for my reputation as well.

Sigura Pro PaintingIlan Sigura, CEOHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=ydw5-yqJK3k

Diamond Certified attracts people who are look for quality work. Most of the people in Diamond Certified are attracting to us, not necessarily looking for the price. However, looking for the quality. Definitely, everybody wants a decent price on the job, or to be charged decent price, and too expensive or too cheap. However, the emphasis is always on quality.

Most of the biggest benefit from the whole program is actually receiving a lot of clients, having our main majority of clients coming through Diamond Certified. We have a lot of referrals as well. However, when you check our statistics, most of our clients coming through Diamond Certified. And it generates us much more business than it would if we were not members of Diamond Certified.

We do use the Diamond Certified brochures. However, I do believe that there is a lot of impact from the internet more than actually the brochure. A lot of people that already calling us because of Diamond Certified. They’re aware that we are Diamond Certified, and most of the time, when they’re really not care so much for the brochure, but they care really to get interacted with us and give them the bid.

I do believe it’s an added value. People get to know you even before they see you. And they, you know, have a feeling if they really want to interact with that particular contractor because they feel, oh. This guy looks reliable and looks honest and or not. And it makes the choices much easier for them. And they know what to expect, or whom to expect a lot of times.

Diamond Certified give us advantage over competition by really giving us more clients in. And making sure that we’re dealing with people that are professional and let’s call it easier to work with, as they’re aware of changes, they know what they want, and they’re looking for certain qualities, and it’s easier to deal with them as a client versus somebody who doesn’t really come through the Diamond Certified. In majority, we see that people that coming through Diamond Certified really know what they want.


Bower & Cole Group – Alain Pinel RealtorsBerta Bower, BrokerProfessionalSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=MxU7L7AE070

The biggest benefit for using Diamond Certified – we’ve been members for ten years now and every time we go on a listing appointment and we also have a buyer consultation we always have the brochure with us, so, there’s a great Diamond brochure. They provide it for us and they print them out and we can have as many as we want and every time we go out, it gives us more credibility and it lets the client know that they are going to get tested later on to see what kind of quality they give and that’s a great source of giving us just another excellent provider for them, with providing excellent service.

With using the digital advantage that we have with Diamond Certified, we’ve been able to capture the testimonies from clients and put them on our website and we use them on our presentations and we take clips of those and we put them into our package for both buyers and sellers. So that’s been a real advantage. And clients have always been willing to give us testimonies, but we haven’t always had a place to put them. So, now this gives us a source of where they come from and we can go get them from Diamond Certified, and then we can actually put them on our website. So, it’s worked out great.

Diamond Certified gives us an advantage because it gives us more credibility with coming to the table for clients. They know that we’re going to work to give them the highest source of excellence and that we can provide that for them because we are Diamond Certified. Because you can’t get Diamond Certified unless you’re actually getting good referrals and getting above 90 percent on your referral base.

So, I think that right off the bat some people know about Diamond Certified. I’d say maybe 50 percent know about Diamond Certified, and that gives us credibility right up front. And with the rest of them, we explain it to them and they go “oh that’s interesting,” except, you’re actually going to find out how we like you afterwards. So, they know that we want to give a great job and do the best job we can, giving them the highest possible price for the seller and getting them a great price if we’re helping them with buy, so that they know that we’re going to provide excellent service for them.

So, the type of customer that we get from Diamond Certified is more of a higher-end client, probably more of a mid-range to a higher-range of clientele. They may already be using Diamond Certified, so, then they’re calling us because they know the value of their own biz in Diamond Certified and so they use us. We also reach out to a lot of Diamond Certified people and use their services cause we know they’re going to provide really good services for us, and then we ask them for referrals back from the Diamond Certified program and that works out really well.

City CarpetsLeigh Bakhtiari, PresidentMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=4rb4olS7Yts

I think Diamond Certified customers know that we’ve been put through, you know, an extensive background check. And so, they’re looking for a quality company, and not necessarily the lowest price.

I feel like being a Diamond Certified company is a tie-breaker in many cases because there’s a lot of other good flooring businesses in San Rafael. And I can say I’m a Diamond Certified company and explain what that means. And sometimes that’s just what a customer needs to hear.

I think being a third party company that actually does its own advertising and promotes different companies gives us a little more leverage.

We try to put a Diamond Certified brochure into the hands of all of our customers that come through the door, just so that they know we are a Diamond Certified company. And they can read a little bit more if they’re not already familiar with the benefits of that.

I thought you said five.


I love the video, obviously. So, customers can go online and tour your showroom, and see, you know, what you have to offer. I think that’s a huge benefit.

Again, I think the third party verification that you have, all your licensing, that you’re in good standing, and that another company’s already done their homework on you is super helpful.

Northern California Roofing Co.John Galiotto, Senior EstimatorHome ContractorNapawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux3L6P-CWAY

Yeah, I like Diamond Certified customers because they’re interested in quality. That’s why they picked us from that list of Diamond Certified. I always tell them if you’re not familiar with it listen to the Giants game and you’ll see that it’s a very specified type of roofing company – and only those that can do the good job.

It gives trust and confidence in us to be certified by Diamond. So, when we go in there we already have a leg up on other potential roofers.

I helped – basically, so, many of the people in this area in [Brackenville] do not know about Diamond Certified. I know in the Bay Area they do. But I always explain to them that it’s based on customer satisfaction. It’s an unbiased report. I show them the report. They can read it. And it’s another certificate of our capabilities.

Brochure -I do. I use it to – basically to build up confidence and explain to them and let them see that we have other customer satisfaction.

Bay Valley Contractors, Inc.Ryan Diaz, AccountingHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=VWtbvw-1j1I

When we get a phone call or any communication that somebody is interested in a product, we always ask where they’re coming from. And when they do say Diamond Certified, we already know that that’s what they’re looking for, is that quality. And that seems to be the kind of turnaround that we get from them as well is that they’re not really shopping for just [unintelligible 00:00:19]. They want somebody who is going to stand behind their work, and that’s really what we find behind the clients that actually call us from Diamond Certified.

I think the brand and being able to use that brand in conjunction with our brand and kind of just utilizing them together really ties in nicely when we do our presentations or, you know, even when we answer the phone call. “Yeah, we’re Diamond Certified company. How can we help you?”

We typically leave them with the customer after our presentation. Have them, you know, do their research and check other Diamond Certified companies or just other contractors that may have the qualifications to do their project.

I would honestly like to see more digital outreach from Diamond Certified. It’s really hard transition to go from the paper brochures the, you know, things like that, but I would definitely like to see more leads come in digitally from Diamond Certified. I mean we get the phone calls, obviously. But if there’s a way we could get them, you know, even emailed to us or people that are – you know, because when we were talking – you were talking to us earlier.

They had 4000 views for these videos. I mean, for me, some people don’t want to pick up the phone. Maybe they’re at work and they’d seen the video and they want to just shoot a quick email or, you know, text message or message to us and say, “Hey, I’m looking for that service that you provide.”

It’s in the name. I hear the commercials everywhere. I hear them. You know, I see them on buses. I see them all over, so – and maybe it’s preprogrammed in my head. I like quality and when I look for something, I look for, you know, specific qualifications. And I think the name Diamond Certified and being able to really show people that it’s a third party, it’s not somebody that we, you know, are in cahoots with. We pay these people to give us their honest feedback about our company.

Royal Pools of Santa Clara, Inc.Marc Hannigan, Vice PresidentProfessionalSan Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=2JrqZ5G-NDM

I think just generally a higher quality of customer. There’s a double edge to that in that we have customers whose expectations are very high, but we pride ourselves on being able to meet those expectations.

I don’t know if there’s one aspect we know is to be better than another other than the fact that we have diamond certification, and that’s the biggest plus as we see it.

Our salesmen use them in their presentation. They bring them out in front of the customers and explain the benefits of diamond certification and how difficult it is to come by and how it sets us apart from the competition.

Well, truthfully, we don’t track a specific advantage from a digital standpoint other than that we just — we have diamond certification, and we use it in our website and every chance we get we bring it up.

Well, simply because no other pool builders in our area have it, and it sets us apart.

Gentec Services, Inc.Joe Scerbo, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=ohgcv_SEKhQ

Okay. Yeah, there’s definitely a cult following for the people who use Diamond Certified. The brand that Diamond Certified has established creates an awareness among consumers, and they know when they use a company that’s Diamond Certified, they’re going to get the very best customer service possible.

So, we put a Diamond Certified brochure in every leave behind folder we provide a client, and we actually go through it and show them where we rate and what makes us Diamond Certified. And we also let them know that every year that we have to re-qualify, so it’s not you pay, and then that’s all there is. There’s actually something behind being Diamond Certified year after year.

Diamond Certified has been on the forefront of getting in front of video, and they’ve done a good job of taking all these digital resources and making them available to people like myself who might not have the resources or the money available to do that. So, it’s nice that Diamond Certified has taken the lead on that, and we can rely on them doing that for us. And that’s a nice benefit to us.

Well, one of the things we do, as far as what differentiates us from our competition, is a lot of times clients say that they’ve gotten a lower price, and we understand there’s lower prices out there in our marketplace. But we ask our clients to compare us with another Diamond Certified company because then you really can compare apples to apples because when you compare us to another company who might not be Diamond Certified, sure, price might be less, but there’s usually a reason why price is less in the marketplace.

Diablo Valley Cabinetry Frank Canova Jr., PresidentHome Contractor, Home ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=SRRNjwxVFcU

Hi, I’m Frank from Diablo Valley Cabinetry. We’ve been working with Diamond Certified for the past six years and we’ve been very happy with the results that we’ve seen from them. From the client testimonials to the advertising campaigns that they do, the brochures and the literature that we’re able to present on our behalf, setting us apart from all of our competition. It’s been a very valuable investment for us.

Ben’s Roofing, Inc.Gustavo Guerroro, PresidentHome ContractorAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=g1BSnBVC3ms

I expect to get additional exposure than what my website already provides from Diamond Certified. It’s a company that’s been around for a while and it’s trusted within the community. Usually, represents honest contractors or people providing great service and we wanted to be a part of that community. And I’m hoping that this partnership will enhance and increase our sales because of it.

Delta Pacific Builders IncDan Phippen, OwnerHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=NIpBmBGeOUc

I became a Diamond Certified contractor because I wanted our customers to know about the quality and expertise of my business and I figured it was the best way to get the word out there.

Martin & Harris AppliancesPaul Berry, OwnerProfessionalMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw5gXtBE8Sw

What Diamond Certified has done for us is reassured our customers that it’s not just us talking, it’s also somebody else looking into our business. And I’ll even get people asking about items that we don’t have in our store and I’ll tell them one of the best things you can do is go to your Diamond Certified booklet. If you don’t have one, we can arrange for you to get one and look through that booklet, find somebody in your market area that does what it is you’re looking to have done.

Innovative Mechanical, Inc.Al Morando, Marketing ManagerHome Contractor, Home ServicesSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=YTlE2-bw5L8

Diamond Certified has helped us out. It’s given us an edge against our competitors with their marketing, advertising, and branding that they’ve been doing. It sort of separates us from other heating and air conditioning contractors. Also, our sales representative has been very helpful, showing us different aspects that can help our business.

Elite Bay Area Termite ControlJeremy Schreckeng, OwnerHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=qk5E2dbTrY8

We made it a goal to become Diamond Certified within our first year of business because from my research, Diamond Certified has become an authority on quality. And that was my whole focus when starting this business is to establish a different standard for our field. So, Diamond Certification was like a minimum of confirmation of quality. So, that’s why I wanted to become Diamond Certified.

What do I expect or want from Diamond Certified? I would just like relentless exposure of our company. I want to hear you guys on the radio. I’d like to even hear our company mentioned or somehow highlighted, which I hear the Diamond Certified like while I’m watching ball games and stuff like that more and more. But the more you can expose, tell people about us, then you know, the more interaction we can have with the community and accomplish our goals as well.

McDecor Inc.Paul Nazarian, OwnerProfessionalSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=dd7Mgey8vM8

I feel that Diamond Certified is a company that hand picks the dealers. As a result, I’m sure being Diamond Certified is beneficial for us. We are hoping to increase our sales and assure customers that they are getting a good company to do their work.

Gingrich Horticulture ServiceJohn Gingrich, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=F1O9V60744g

We’re new with Diamond Certification or Diamond Certified but I am noticing with my customers when they found out that we’re Diamond Certified, I get a congratulations often. And also, they’re kind of excited for us to know that we’ve passed that certification process. New customers, we’re noticing we are getting new customers that are commenting on the Diamond Certification. I went to a landscape walk through at a condominium last week and that’s the reason we were called is because we were Diamond Certified.

Darryl Scotti Events, Inc.Darryl Scotti, OwnerProfessionalSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ0o1UwLKRw

I think the biggest value that Diamond Certified is able to bring to the table is the ability to let customers know that they’ve been screened, they’ve been scrutinized by a third party. You can get a hundred people to go onto Yelp and give you great Yelp results, but it’s going to be difficult to find a hundred people that you’ve been able to give a quality service to that would have you back and answers those questions candidly so that your certification can be verified. And I think Diamond Certified is able to do that.

Not only that, but the algorithms that they’re able to do through their brand marketing and their internet marketing I think in today’s marketplace is extremely important. And that’s one of the reasons why we’re very excited about our affiliation and our certification.

The Tile & Grout King Inc.Hany Louis, CEOHome Contractor, Home ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=q4fY3iVbkl8

Being Diamond Certified has been great. We get a lot of quality customers who are looking for good quality work and not just the cheapest contractor. Very dependable when it comes to the leads that I get from Diamond Certified. And when it comes to our competition, we notice that when customers want to see references and they notice that we’re Diamond Certified, that just takes care of that because it says a lot about a company who’s Diamond Certified.

Advanced Instruments Hearing Aid CenterEric Stratton, OwnerHealthSolanowww.youtube.com/watch?v=rrzBfxmf2lM

I like Diamond Certified. I actually knew the fellow that started it when he had Value Star. I always like being as good as I can or being the best. Obviously, there are people that are better than me and I do better than some other folks, but the thing is, am I doing as well as I can? Can I get better? And Diamond Certified kind of urges me to keep my standards up.
I really, really like reading the surveys that come out when they review my new patients and find out where I can improve as well as what my staff does well. It gives me a good kind of like feedback on how we’re doing. I’ve always been proud of the work that I do and I want to maintain a good standard. So, it kind of creates an atmosphere where we know how we’ve down and we know what – I’m at a loss for words, but it sets a high standard that I agree with.

I like to do the best I can possibly do and I want to be considered a really good place. And so, because I participate in the program, they also have business development ideas, ideas on how I can improve things like that. That helps me out. I care about people but I don’t have a degree in business. And so, sometimes I wish somebody else would run my business to tell you the truth and just let me work with the patients. But the Diamond Certified program kind of helps me out on the business marketing side.

Danville Hardwood Company IncorporatedDan Yorke, OwnerProfessionalContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=hY0RRwQbQpo

When Diamond Certified became available in our area, Danville Hardwood and myself thought it was an extremely easy fit. It’s something that we have been working on for years to improve our service, keep our service level up, and it was really a no brainer.

CM Property Management Inc.Sam LaPlaca, PartnerProfessionalSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=1DaijvPbPg0

We became Diamond Certified because we wanted to set ourselves apart from the other management companies. There’s a lot of property management companies in the area and we all basically do the same things. You know, we’re moving people in, we’re moving people out. We’re taking care of properties or sending owners statements and meeting their needs. And we all have the same requirements or things that are done.

So, in order to set ourselves apart, we wanted to get the Diamond Certified to really show that we give great customer service. And this is a service orientated business and it’s vital that we give great service. And one thing I really want to make a point of even with Diamond Certified is the fact that we have ongoing relationships with our clients. So, if it’s a Diamond Certified plumber, he’s a good plumber. He has one opportunity to go in there and fix their plumbing, repair, and get out.

That’s at one event. Our relationships with our clients go on for years. So, it’s difficult to give consistent, great customer service and we’re really proud of ourselves on that and that’s why we’re very proud to be Diamond Certified.

Sun MetricsJohn Bergh, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesSanta Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=oKMPb-g_zbg

I think initially we sought Diamond Certification as a validation of what we were bringing to customers and also we wanted to get the real feedback and the third party feedback. But now that we’ve had a chance to go through the process of being Diamond Certified, I think our hopes have changed a little bit. We definitely feel like it was a way for us to look at what we were doing and what we could do better.

But after getting to know Greg and Stephanie and Dan and everybody, we really feel like it’s a partnership that’s going to kind of grow with us and actually serve many different facets of really many different needs that are out there for us that we really didn’t know we had. So, definitely I recommend it. Again, everybody’s been very professional and you know, I don’t really know exactly what it’s going to do for us right now, but based on my experience with the people at Diamond Certified, I see nothing but really great things.

The Painting ProsCleve Dayton, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=xb_yjGSN6F8

Diamond Certified absolutely has helped my business. I signed on with them thirteen years – fourteen years ago and noticed an increase in business almost immediately. So, we’ve earned the certification every year. I wouldn’t do business without it. It’s been really good growth for the business and it’s really good for my reputation being able to get the certification every year.

Los Gatos RoofingCameron Radonich, OwnerHome ContractorSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=J-RBKZuga1I

Diamond Certified has been helpful to Los Gatos Roofing in the sense that it has brought us more leads. It does give us a little bit of credibility and many home owners do ask for the reassurance of a Diamond Certified company.

First Choice Abbey CarpetPaul Byer, OwnerProfessionalContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=uvIfZqzMfQs

One of the things that Diamond Certified has done for us, its added legitimacy to our claim of being quality and service. Its not just us saying it, its Diamond Certified saying it and Diamond Certified is saying it because our customers say it and then lends the credibility we want to send to our clients.

Greenwood Electric, Inc.Joseph Greenwood, OwnerHome ContractorMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=QvdLxzZ-gKM

Diamond Certified generates a lot of customer interest because people trust the name and they know that the ratings are real. So, that the feedback that they’re getting is genuine feedback, that I can’t just buy into Diamond Certified, that I actually have to provide a level of service over a period of time that has a history to it. And that people are getting quality people, quality service at a fair price.

J & M Termite ControlJim Darling, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=sNk8272a5C0

J&M Termite Control has been a Diamond Certified customer for over ten years. We’ve really been satisfied with them and we found that it has built our customer base up. They do their own tracking, but so do we and we have on record that our customers base has increased because of Diamond Certified.

General Plumbing and RooterDanny Jimenez, TechnicianHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=a7AqZ1G-AHg

We became Diamond Certified because we wanted to continue our commitment to excellence with a corporation that also shows every day their commitment to excellence.

Duncan Plumbing Ent., Inc.Scott Duncan, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=99FysIi2IcA

We appreciate being Diamond Certified because it sets us apart from our competition.

AMS BekinsGreg Wolfe, OwnerHome Services, ProfessionalSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=aPZeUrClwAw

We have liked Diamond Certified primarily for the reason that it does set us apart. And in this environment and this industry, it’s important to have that. I think that the unbiased third party evaluation with all the Yelp and all the garbage that’s out there, this is critical. We use this system to – the performance guarantee is huge for our industry being a service. And like I said, it sets us apart. It sets us apart.

Bay Area Health Insurance Marketing, Inc.Bob Viñal, OwnerProfessionalSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=_CNRxLHyI84

Being the only Diamond Certified health insurance agency in San Mateo County gives us a big edge on our competition. When we go into a client, we not only talk about what we do, the service that separates us, but people can go to the Diamond Certified website, look us up, see testimonials on how well we do for our clients and how much Diamond Certified does for us.

Abbey Carpet & FloorN. Miles Stanton , PresidentProfessionalSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=36cFEfsG7b0

For the most part, Diamond Certified has been a fabulous thing for both the customer and for us. It helps for the client who’s out there doing a good job before they even walk into the store. On the other hand, sometimes i feel that Diamond Certified can make us seem so fabulous that if there’s any type of a glitch, whether a manufacturer didn’t deliver a product on time or whatever, that it could reflect on us as not being the perfect retailer that you’re expecting.
I think sometimes it escalates a client’s perception of what to receive. However, most of the time, it’s perfect.

Bayhill Heat & AirRicardo Valderrama, OwnerHome ContractorSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl17UAMkVnU

If I said being a Diamond Certified or Diamond certification has helped the brand name of my business. We’re different than other companies. It shows quality, performance, and satisfaction for our clients.

Good & Clean Co. Inc.Milton Gooden, OwnerHome Services, ProfessionalMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=9dVBKOhgveE

My thoughts with Diamond Certified, because we are already I think a very good cleaning service and a lot of people don’t know that yet. And I think the recognition with Diamond Certified will solidify our company as one of the top companies in Marin County. I also hope they expect that we can get more high end clients and be able to show that our company is one of the best in Marin County.

Valley Heating, Cooling and ElectricalCindy Faulkner, PresidentHome Contractor, Home ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=kU29Zi-NuAo

Hi. This is Cindy Faulkner. I’m the president of Valley Heating, Cooling, and Electrical. We’ve been certified for over ten years now. Client confidence is very high due to Diamond Certification. We also get an abundance of leads from the certification. I think it overall there’s a loyalty to Diamond Certified that’s grown and grown and we really love it.

Peninsula Doors, Inc.John Sjoberg, PresidentHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=f4p0yt0psDc

We became Diamond Certified because I liked the idea of having a resource for customers where they can get unsolicited opinions of our clientele. The rule of thumb out there is you get three referrals before you have a project. Whatever you do with your house, get three referrals. The problem is any company can come up with three referrals that they can give you to, their three best customers. And that’s not really representative of all your work. Whereas in Diamond Certified, they talk to so many of our customers and get such a huge cross section of clients of ours that that is a better view for customers to look at.

Orinda Motors, Inc.John Vanek, ManagerAutoContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=iSCMzpxO1I8

Diamond Certified is a service that provides an outlet for consumers to find quality businesses. Not only the quality, but the highest in quality and the highest in trust. Most customers of mine that used Diamond Certified for my services, they use Diamond Certified for everything and they have very good success. They absolute represent the highest in quality and the highest in trust, so much that they provide a money back performance guarantee for the customers if there can be no resolve. Diamond Certified will stand behind its services. Can’t really get much better than that.

Orinda Motors, Inc.John Vanek, ManagerAutoContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=iSCMzpxO1I8

For the most part, it’s nice having the recognition of the Diamond certification, which you know, allows us to express to our clients and show them, you know, our customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. I think that, you know, obviously we’re going to hope that it’s going to generate us more leads, you know, that produce projects that we’re able to complete for the owners.

Michal Gerard ConstructionMichal Gerard, OwnerHome ContractorSanta Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=X00TcYfq7M0

The thing I appreciate about the calls that I receive as a result of the Diamond Certified directory are that they’re from people who are looking for quality, which is what I try to provide.

General Roofing CompanyMichael Wakerling, OwnerHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=QmETsYUJQ0w

Being a Diamond Certified company has helped out company grow tremendously. It adds a layer of legitimacy to General Roofing Company because we are certified by Diamond Certified. That’s a very hard thing to have done. It’s very strict and we’re very proud to have been able to been in Diamond Certified since its inception.

Empire Auto Repair & SmogDave Proffer, OwnerAutoSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=kvidxN1gAIQ

Obviously, I hope to grow my business from being Diamond Certified and I’m looking for customers who care about their car and want a quality repair. You know, someone who is not just looking for the cheap oil change, but someone who has a problem with a vehicle and they want it really repaired by a professional.

Diablo Valley Optometric GroupDr. Michael Ottati, PresidentHealthContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=dkdg-_p2sE0

Diamond Certified has been really good for our company. For several years, we have surveyed our patients. So, every patient who comes to our office will get an email a day after their appointment asking them how things were and what could we do better. And we do use that to help improve our performance for our patients. And we have a weekly meeting with the staff to discuss that feedback.

Diamond Certified has been a nice outside source that’s asked other specific questions that our survey hadn’t asked and has really helped provide feedback to know what patients like and what areas the patients might feel we need improvement for. So, it’s been very helpful because that’s what we strive to do. We want patients to be happy, we want patients to come back, and by making sure we’re doing a good job, that’s where Diamond Certified is helping us.

Case Design/RemodelingJim Kabel, PresidentHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=k5KbZbnw_YE

As a business owner, Diamond Certified has been extremely helpful for us. We look for quality oriented home owners who want to pay a fair price for their project, but feel that quality is probably the most important criteria. And Diamond Certified helps us by screening out the people who are strictly shopping on price and less concerned about quality and delivering to us a number of qualified potential prospects that fit that criteria. We found that year after year, Diamond Certified has been one of our top lead suppliers for our business and we’ve been very, very happy with the quality of customers that we’ve been able to do projects with that have come through Diamond Certified.

Roberts Electric Company, Inc.Dan Pitcock, PresidentHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=59uBtOEI6v0

You know, at Roberts, we’re a family owned business. This is our 80th year in business. And we like to differentiate ourselves by aligning ourselves with people who care about quality and service. The Diamond Certified brand matches perfectly with our history and the culture of our company. And as one of the first Diamond Certified companies, we are proud to be part of that network.

Madden Door & Sons, Inc.Scott O’Neill, Sales DirectorHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=C4uUHlrEKoM

Diamond Certified definitely cements our branding message. We’re about quality. A garage door is a long-term thing. So, it’s wise for people to be able validate if the contractor is a good enough contractor to work in their home. And for seven years now, Diamond Certified has done that for us at Madden Door.

Olsen’s Automotive RepairLyde Waitley, OwnerAutoAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=XdRnbpFzEZI

Olsen’s Automotive has been Diamond Certified for more than 12 years. I wouldn’t think of using any other program to attract new consumers to my business. It’s been part of the program that has helped us to achieve the success that we have wanted in our business.

Gardens of the Wine CountryAlan Kostelnik, OwnerHome ContractorSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=12h9d0ygk4U

In my case, Diamond Certified has been good in that it separates the wheat from the chafe in terms of customers. The customers that do call you that you end up doing work for are customers that are serious lookers to have the work done, they’re willing to pay somewhat of a premium price to have it done properly and to avoid problems, and they’ve already been through the low-bid wars in years past and know the futility of that.

Faxon GarageRicky NaguyoAutoSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=0YI_ydNyge0

Being Diamond Certified has increased our business. And also, it increased the business in the direction that we want to go towards where people who want to make sure that their car is serviced properly, and people who want the best service and quality service. These are the kinds of people that come from the – that come from Diamond Certified, you know, recommendations. So, if you’re thinking about becoming Diamond Certified, you know, it’s – I highly advise that you do. You are going to have great customers who want to do work, want the quality of your work, and also want it done correctly. And, so, that’s the kind of customers that we’ve been getting from Diamond Certified. And I’m sure that you’ll get the same.

Ortiz Heating and Air ConditioningAlex Ortiz, OwnerHome ContractorSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=1DwiPid9ubA

Being Diamond Certified has meant success. Based on the reviews that Diamond Certified has done for our company and telling people we are one of the elite in the industry has made our business very successful. We are very thankful to be part of the Diamond Certified family.

Blossom Valley CollisionTyson Jasso, OwnerAutoSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=YHRnoLzjt7o

Diamond Certified is a reputable company that we’ve been partnered with over 10 years. For anyone looking to be protected for their consumers, it is a great company to choose because they give their customers the sense of security they need with the service they choose if anything was to go wrong. Diamond Certified will back that company or back that customer with any special needs necessary.

Aren Electric Co., Inc.Gerry Reyes, OwnerHome ContractorSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=d7cj_i412Sg

Yeah, this my second year with being a Diamond Certified Company. And I like Diamond Certified because it gives people your trust. Because as soon as you show them your brochure that you’ve been checked out by an independent company, not by the Diamond Certified, that they check your company about your how you handle customers, how you handle, how your skills, your insurance, your liability insurance, your worker’s comp. And that puts – that gives everybody a piece of mind that you can do a good job. They can trust you. And then also, another thing that they always like is they could always call somebody to make a complaint. If there’s any complaint about you or if there’s any problem that might exist, and someone is always there for the customer and always there for you.

Roger’s Pool & Spa Service Inc.John Pittman, OwnerHome ContractorSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=hKg-DICiwHU

Diamond Certified, there’s no doubt it’s been a success for us. I mean, each year we’ve had growth, steady growth. The only advertising I do is Diamond Certified, and there’s no question in my mind that it’s contributed to our growth.

Roy’s Woodcraft Flooring, Inc.Roy Nelson, OwnerProfessionalSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=uPGfliVNUPI

Diamond Certified has helped us to reach out to a lot more prospective clients. With the flyers that are produced, we’re able to show people how we have gone through the Diamond Certified process of being rated number one in quality and customer satisfaction. We look forward to future years in partnership with Diamond Certified.

Square Foot SFJeffrey Marples, OwnerProfessionalSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=JKXZrCjfI34

Diamond Certified has given my company a third-party verification that we are honest, ethical; that we treat our clients right. And it’s given us the support to be able to promote our company and have confidence that when people come to us, that they know through a third party that we are who we are, that we have a reputation, and that we want to exceed that reputation for our clients.

Mister SparkyPaul Parker, OwnerHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=-brX8WbFlq8

We like being Diamond Certified as Mister Sparky because it raises awareness. People know that when we come out there, we are going to take care of them. We’ve had customers in the past that have told them and rated us and said that we are good. This tells them for sure so that they can know that they can trust these other folks in the past and they don’t have to experience something brand new. They know already that we are going to take care of them and because of that, people are more interested in calling us and getting things done the first time. They are not as much into kicking tires as much as they are into getting things fixed and done once and for all.

Method Paving, Inc.Rick Pestana, OwnerProfessionalSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=iNNQlGdEgAM

So, for us, being Diamond Certified is very important. Its become a measuring stick against all our competitors out there and there are a lot of people out there who will try to achieve Diamond Certification and fail time and again. It’s very hard to achieve Diamond Certification and my goal is to make every one of my customers happy and we are having very good success at that and I think that’s because we are so in tune with the customers, so involved with the customers, so involved with our installation and down to the finished product as far as choosing the stones and just making sure that it is a special project. Another thing in regards to Diamond Certification being an important tool for us is we are primarily a referral based company, we do hardly any advertising and we completely rely on word of mouth and referrals from our customers and I think the only way that we continue to be successful year after year after year is by doing great jobs for customers so that when they think of who they are going to use for paving, its not who its that that is my paving company and method paving is the paving company I would choose time and time again and I have no reservations about referring them to every one of my friends and I think that is very important to us.

Gaelic ConstructionJerry Deasy, OwnerHome ContractorSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=uWMak5B1SzM

As a business man, I felt joining Diamond Certified would benefit me greatly because I know some other guys in the business who are Diamond Certified and have benefited from it extremely, their business has grown 60-70 percent since they have joined this company and I find it a great way to get my name out there, get people to get to know me through this video and through the documentation that Diamond Certified provides. I feel my customers benefit from me being Diamond Certified because it gives them an inside look at who I am and some recommendations from prior customers which they may not easily access otherwise. I tend to tell my customers I am Diamond Certified because I am very proud of the fact that I qualify to become Diamond Certified because again, it goes back to word of mouth from people and hearing a lot about Diamond Certified and what they are all about, they don’t just accept anyone. So I feel pretty proud of being accepted by this company and my company being accepted by them.

All In One Home ServicesLamar Spalding, PresidentHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=ApR6k9vY2ww

Well, I think that it’s very important to have some independent source of credibility. Now of course we can give our customers lots and lots of references, we’ve done 45,000 jobs for 22,000 plus customers, so it’s not hard for us to do that but its very important to have an outside source as well. Diamond Certified is a company you don’t just pay to get advertising with, you have to actually qualify and that’s not that easy sometimes. It doesn’t take but a couple of disgruntled customers to disqualify you. I don’t know how many hundreds of my customers have been interviewed but we’ve been able to maintain our rating and I think customers can count on Diamond Certified as a mechanism for feeling confident in the company they choose.

Anderson Window & Door InstallationJohn Scalmanini, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=2HEs3gqPR7Y

Being Diamond Certified has meant a lot for this company. The philosophies are the same, customer service, customer satisfaction, its real important to us. We are a word of mouth company and we are really striving for repeat and referral business and the Diamond Certified philosophy really fits in with that. Customers get to go on Diamond Certified and look at a third parties view of our company, they’ve actually spoke to our existing customers. So the confidence and satisfaction that a potential customer might get by reviewing our company through Diamond Certified’s diligence would really help them and get confident that they are choosing a company that is here for the long run, that cares about their day to day operations to their products that they are choosing, that cares that they know their is a company that is going to back them and truly stand up to their warranty. You can’t hide when you’re a Diamond Certified company, you’re showing that you are here for the long run.

AcuStructDan Yust, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=h3P_WePVzAs

I think Diamond Certified helps with respect to the background check and amount of intensity they go into verifying whether it be insurance, references, quality of work, everything that goes into their side of making sure we are who we say we are.

Sky Power SystemsBob Winn, President/OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=3kPNeKIwz44

Early on, Diamond Certified gave us the credentials with customers that didn’t know us to tell them that we can do what they want us to do. Now we’ve been Diamond Certified for several years, it’s grown into more of a lead generation provider for us so that customers who are seeking out Diamond Certified providers ending up finding us that route. So, not only is it an attestation to our quality, but it is also a source of business for us.

Blodgett’s Abbey Carpet & FlooringLarry Blodgett, PresidentHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=HRaVLoVL2Ok

Well, in the short time that we’ve had it — which has probably been about six weeks now, eight weeks I’m guessing — somewhere right around there — I’ve had two clients that in the, the greeting process in their home and reminded them that we are Diamond Certified and that not many companies in the flooring industry have this certification and explained how we got it and it has helped me close the sale on these clients because in my opinion, it sets us above the rest. Meaning that we know what we’re talking about, it’s been proven by a customer survey and also too — I mean, clients that have been interviewed from Diamond, Diamond survey have really been honest. A couple of them, we thought — you know, they would’ve been kind of — you know, not quite sure what they said but they actually said some very nice things about us so I’m very satisfied with Diamond Certified. It carries a lot of weight.

Complete Solar SolutionWill Anderson, CEOHome ContractorMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=QBp0AVC3naI

We became Diamond Certified because we wanted to be recognized for the hard work that we do to make sure that we deliver the highest quality, best systems for our customers. Diamond Certified means that we have the highest level of customer delight in the market.

Rayne Plumbing and Sewer Service, Inc.Yussef Nesme, Marketing DirectorHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=GMxiIg4afoc

Yeah, Diamond Certified is great, they help us a lot in so many different ways. They help us with our marketing, they put our name out there and that’s really important to us and they’ve also built a brand where a lot of the prospective clients that we visit know about Diamond Certified and how prestigious it is. Once we tell them we are Diamond Certified, they actually give us more of a chance to be one of their vendors or one of their contractors so that helps us quite a bit. They also give us a fair amount of leads.

We Love Small Jobs Handyman Services-Remodelers & BuildersMoorice Tarik-El, OwnerHome ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=vxYMycHnVko

Well, I think Diamond Certified will help our company reach a higher echelon of customers, or clientele I should say. Having the Diamond Certified as a, I would say to me its like someone’s watching over us as well as watching over me and helping me maintain the same kind of customer satisfaction.

Pipe Spy Inc.Paul Cooper, PresidentHome ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=TS4X7D7Ta_s

We look forward to working with Diamond Certified in promoting Pipe Spy’s services for our customers. There are millions of people here in the Bay Area. There are dozens of contractors that are in the world repairing sewer lines, we cannot possibly get to repairing all of them though I wish we could. For our customers to have that experience of a quality replaced pipeline that’s trouble free in their lifetimes and mine as well and can look forward to flushing with confidence.

Moore Solar / Heating / CoolingJon Diamond, OwnerHome ServicesSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=wWuuKswwtLA

So, Diamond Certified for us, we went back and forth with Diamond Certification and finally we really wanted to find a third-party that could come in and take a look at our business and really rate us with a non-biased perspective and I feel that that is what we are getting. So, Diamond Certified asked us for 400 of our most current customers and they got a hold of 100 of them and it makes me feel really good to know that, to be able to get the feedback from those 100 people as well as to know that such a high percentage of them say that they would use us again.

When we ask our customers for feedback, I don’t know that we get 100% truth. When a third-party asks them for feedback and they know that its anonymous, we get the truth every time. So, if there are things that we need to work on, they are going to come up and we are going to work on them and better ourselves. And then we also get the positive reinforcement that we are doing some of these things right and part of that is our customer service, the way that we answer the phone, that way that we treat each and every homeowner, each and every person that calls us. Now we have a third-party such as Diamond Certified to be able to do ongoing ratings of our company and to really put their hand in a position so we have to continue to do better and better each year.

Community Tree Service, Inc.Ronald Spotts, ManagerHome ServicesSanta Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=xhSVqvJfI_E

We became Diamond Certified because we base our company off of the customer satisfaction. We are not done  the job until the customer is happy. If you have an issue we anything we have done, just give us a call, we promise we will work with you.

Majestic PaintersNick Capurro, OwnerHome ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=rjZ3GIN4NCQ

Earning Diamond Certification is very important for our company because it gives us the way to validate and to prove to our future clients what kind of work we can do or them. Diamond Certification opens a whole new way for us to evaluate how we are doing. We can see it on a computer screen on a portal and get client feedback. Its very important as we move forward, we ensure our success by making sure every client is extremely happy with how we do their work.

Alternative Heating & Air Conditioning Solutions, Inc.Michael Rebholtz, General ManagerHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=CcIDK_zyd14

We became Diamond Certified, they gave us quite a few different things. They interviewed 200 of my customers and for me to get that out publicly, I couldn’t do that, I didn’t have the resources to do it, didn’t have the time and so they are able to go out and interview my customers and put that on paper and put that out to the public. It’s helped me incredibly, the exposures been wonderful.

All About ParkingRoy Nickolai, PresidentProfessionalSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=u5QEU-0O4BY

Well, we became Diamond Certified because we think it is important to let the public know that there is a difference between the different valet companies in the area. Some companies talk the talk but only few companies walk the walk. We are one of the valet companies that has put a lot of time and effort into our training programs and we want the public out there to understand the results from that hard work and training of our employees has delivered to us a client base that thinks we are the best valet parking company out there.

E.G. Electrical ServicesEdward Gorginian, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=az-QkBIdFcY

What Diamond Certified has meant to me is, people trust me. Not that they didn’t trust me before, now they have something that they can back up their trust if you will. The customers always tell me, “once we use a Diamond Certified company, we can’t take a chance of not using Diamond Certified. We don’t just use the Yellow Pages, we don’t just go off of Yelp reviews. We trust Diamond Certified companies because they have always shown up on time, have done a good job, they have cleaned up after themselves.” Basically, customers just say they are happy with it, period.

The Legacy Paver GroupHayley Johnson, OwnerProfessionalMarin, San Francisco, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=eUg5XnDD32s

Being Diamond Certified is validation to us. It is confirmation that everything we have been doing for the past ten years has actually worked. All of our emphasis on customer service, customer satisfaction has really been validated by achieving the Diamond Certification.

Bongiorno Termite Control, Inc.Andrew Bongiorno, OwnerHome ServicesContra Costa, Solanowww.youtube.com/watch?v=HmbJKg0rnQg

You can go back and see all of the customers we have worked with and that they are all satisfied and we have a high level of return customers and references by our customers to other clients and you know when you are hiring us that everyone else that we have worked for is happy with our service.

Pacific Tree CareJake Schneider, Operations ManagerProfessionalNapawww.youtube.com/watch?v=lSbrhPkb8gU

We are hoping that being Diamond Certified will help expose us to more people whose trees need our help. There’s a lot of plants in the area that have not necessarily had the best health care and alot of clients in the area that have not necessarily had the best experience with tree services. Hopefully, being Diamond Certified will help us access those people and those plants that need our help. Also, when we became Diamond Certified it helped reinforce the fact that we were doing the right thing by our clients and their plants. We received a wonderful amount of feedback that we would not necessarily have gotten otherwise and we were able to pass it on to our employees and coworkers and allow them the satisfaction of knowing that the people they have been working for for so long are extremely happy.

Fulton Body ShopGreg Minnick, OwnerAutoNapawww.youtube.com/watch?v=eicIkEjq2mY

Well, what I have seen Diamond Certified has done for us already even though we have just earned this award is the fact that its told me that, what I thought I already knew, which basically is our customers trust us, they know we do an excellent job by the word of mouth that we’ve built up over the years but Diamond Certified has really assisted in verifying that by what our customers say about us. It’s an awesome thing. It’s good to have that understanding that our customers really do trust and know that we provide an excellent product and do an excellent job in repairing their cars.

Puronics Service, Inc.Jeffrey R. Atkinson, Director of SalesProfessionalAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=-5F8bAo0ZI8

We hope that the Diamond Certified certification will add to our certifications and giveus more credibility in the eyes of the consumer. We believe you should have a lot of credibility as a company and having Diamond Certified in our court would really help us with the consumer, letting the consumer know we take care of our customers and our customers are number one.

Russell Barnett, EA, CTCRussell Barnett, EA, CTC., EAProfessionalSanta Clara, Santa Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=fMj2VnufdjM

Being Diamond Certified was important to me and to my company because of what the Diamond Certified mark entails. When a potential customers sees the Diamond Certified mark, they know that we are a quality company, that we are going to provide a high level of service and at least 9 out of 10 of our customers have said that they would use us again and recommend us. So, in this field where there is so many preparers out there and a lot of them don’t provide very good service then at least when someone comes to me, they have that sense of comfort that they know that I’ll do a good job for them and that I will communicate with them promptly and that I do what I say I am going to do.

House Doctor Painting, Inc.Kelly McKinley, OwnerHome ServicesSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=9Bv9jL7DmOY

Well, we became Diamond Certified because over the years its proven to be a tool that sets people like me that care about what they do apart. There’s a lot of contractors out there that do ok but its not regulated or third-party checked and then there is a lot of people who are really bad at what they do and they get away with it and make us look bad on the overall whole. So, in order to make me look better for all the hard work we put into this, a buddy of mine who is a gutter contractor told me, “you gotta do it, you gotta do it,” and I finally made the call and went through the process and I’m very glad to have this badge on my chest now showing that I am a cut above the average contractor. We are, you know, definitely a fixture, we aren’t going anywhere so that’s one of the main reasons and in this market and industry you have to have every edge you can for your customers.

Roman’s Plumbing, Inc.Roman Scanagatta, OwnerHome ServicesMarin, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=3jIQXMGLTAs

I became Diamond Certified because I have worked for a Diamond Certified company before, I saw the draw that it had, I know if I am Diamond Certified people will know that my quality of work – people will feel comfortable with the quality of work that they are going to receive from Roman’s Plumbing because we are Diamond Certified and we take pride in our work. I’ve worked with many Diamond Certified companies through the years, automotive repair, painters and they always have that extra bit of quality that you are looking for. Very easy to work with.

Square Foot SFJeffery Marples, OwnerProfessionalSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=A7VKeNbFdio

Well, our biggest award or certification right now is to become Diamond Certified. We are extremely proud of our successes. Going through the process, especially as a younger company, and getting such a remarkable rating with Diamond Certified I think that is really the foremost of our awards right there, bar none.

Bell Products, Inc.Paul Irwin, PresidentHome ServicesNapawww.youtube.com/watch?v=hHADUWgiHJg

Diamond Certification hopefully will open the door to new customers and those new customers can then take advantage of the level of service we provide all of our customers.

John Casalegno Concrete ConstructionJohn Casalegno, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=uHU_aX9E5N4

We became Diamond Certified because we felt that our quality has been at that elevation, at that level probably for the last ten years or so. We have been performing quality work and just taking care of business real well and I thought that Diamond Certified kind of fits my mold, our mold for potential customers that want quality work and quality service and to feel good when the job is done, feel like they got a fair price and a great job.

Westshore Roofing, Inc.Paul Fowler, PresidentHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=9DBdK7VK-Kk

We became Diamond Certified because we wanted to set our company apart from the competition. We feel that in order for our customers to recognize… well we feel that our customers recognize Diamond Certified as good quality companies that are going to step up to the plate and perform top quality craftsmanship all at a affordable price and that is what we feel we are all about.

Century CabinetsMichael Conner, OwnerHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=UgtOAkm6XZc

Well being Diamond Certified has been a great vehicle for Century Cabinets because once you are Diamond Certified, I think the public is very familiar with the fact that only the best companies are Diamond Certified because of the stringent requirements that are involved. So, we do get quite a bit of referrals from Diamond Certified. The vast majority of our business are referrals. Diamond Certified definitely certainly falls within that.

Proline Auto Body Services, Inc.Spencer Tse, OwnerAutoSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=8m_i1FHG4Hw

I want to give more confidence to the customer and I want to create more customers in the local Bays, in the local area, that’s why I decide to become Diamond Certified.

R & P Garage DoorsRick Gibbs, PresidentHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=WafUW45jOTI

Well, it’s helped us because a lot of people like quality work and they don’t mind spend a little extra, if need be, to get what  they are paying for, the value, they want value in what services they get. Me, as a contractor, it just validates everything I am supposed to be doing as a contractor. There’s a lot of contractors out there that have contracting licenses, they are licensed by the state and they have their insurance but it doesn’t mean that they are going to do the quality job that most people are expecting them to do. I’ve been back on a lot of peoples work because they haven’t done the quality job and I just look at what some of my competitors are doing as far as their workmanship and I could not live with myself if some of the workmanship and how some of these other companies are taking advantage of people and they are pricing different repair work, it just doesn’t sit right with me. Obviously we make our living at it and we want to get paid for what we do but its got to reasonable, there is no gauging, you pay for what we do and its a reasonable amount of money that we take to do the repair.

Michael B. Mayock Inc. dba A Complete Drywall CompanyMichael B. Mayock, OwnerHome ContractorMarin, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=YUIx6xNn0KU

I love being Diamond Certified first of all it recognizes you above your peers. I love the fact that they call up and they don’t just ask one question to the customers, they ask several questions and I like the fact that you get criticism back because that’s what makes you better. If you can’t listen to your customers then you shouldn’t be in the trade. I like the fact that Diamond Certified gives us this portfolio report back and tells us what we are good at but it also tells us what we need to improve at. You need to listen to those improvements because that’s your customers talking directly back to you. Sometimes what happens is you finish a job and you think everything is fine and you get paid and get your check but then Diamond Certified calls them back six months later and you find out then maybe there was some area you could have done better at and the customer didn’t tell you about it but they thought about it or they were too shy to tell you about it and Diamond Certified went back and asked those questions. You know when you get three or four of the same type of answers back, that you need to look at that issue. In order to get better, you need to look at where you are lacking. Your strengths are your strengths and your weakness you need to improve on.

Alexander CompanyJeff Alexander, Vice PresidentHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=4VPIpNRBVFE

Alexander Company, we chose to become Diamond Certified because we feel there is a lot of customers and homeowners out there that are looking for a safe and good way of choosing a contractor to do windows or roofs or whatever it might be. I’ve noticed over the years that through the directory of Diamond Certified advertisements that all of the companies I seem to recognize had good names and were well-thought of and I just thought it would be a good company to associate with.

Moore Mechanical, Inc.Stephen Moore, OwnerHome ServicesAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=e2P8QY_vJ80

One of the things we love about being a Diamond Certified company is that we are able to talk with customers that are ready to make a decision that are looking for a high quality contractor and we are dealing with a customer that knows they are going to get that level of service when they choose Moore Mechanical. Diamond Certified has been able to bring those customers to us and we’ve been able to fulfill those needs to those customers. It’s been a good relationship for Moore Mechanical.

Mark’s Transmission ServiceMark Garcia, OwnerAutoAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=QYbH-JWoMpo

Now that we are Diamond Certified, we’re looking forward to serving our clients with a more prestigious feeling which benefit everyone here at Mark’s Transmission staff, myself as well as the client. We are proud of that certification and being a part of it. We plan to continue to grow and improve our facility with your input and comments and anything we can build on, we are going to work with that.

Prime Time Athletic ClubRay Jungwirth, General ManagerHealthSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=oGIkXgmIQWs

We feel that Diamond Certified has elevated our level of credibility, it sets us apart from many, if not all, of our competitors in the immediate area.

Bayside Locksmith Inc.Issic Ayesh, OwnerHome ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=OKy1ousGmJo

Well, we are very happy that we are Diamond Certified. Obviously, Diamond Certified is a company that is based on referrals by customers and I know it will prove us a lot better down the line. We are seeing a difference and customers are very happy and we are letting customers know and our customers as well, customers that we’ve been doing business with for the past five to six years that we are now Diamond Certified that puts a big smile on their faces also customers that we are seeing today and letting them know that hey we have made an accomplishment, you made the right choice.

Pipe Spy Marin, Inc.Myles O'Dwyer, PresidentHome ServicesMarin, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=HYdL67WAsHc

Diamond Certification and the reason we sought it was to provide an independent, objective analysis of our work. So, they are completely independent of the Pipe Spy organization and they do their own investigation of  customers that we have actually served and get the information from those customers about the quality of our work. So, that is outside of our control and it is obviously important to us that we do that and we are very pleased to have the recognition from our customers that allows us to be Diamond Certified. Well, the Diamond Certification because it is objective and independent means that we are providing services to the customer at a quality level that others can’t provide and because the customer can’t really judge the work themselves, certainly we are inspected by the sanitary district and we perform all of the legal codes and requirements, but there are other things about the services that we put back about the quality of the concrete work when we have to do that, the quality of when we have to take care of their plants when we have to excavate them, those are things that are not judged by anyone but the customers that we have already served. So, when a customer refers us and the Diamond Certification is essentially a referral from all of the customers we have done in the past, you know that we will provide the same good quality service to you. That’s the benefit of the Diamond Certification.

Aren Electric Co., Inc.Gerry Reyes, PresidentHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=pFd0UqntWrE

We became Diamond Certified because we reached a level of customer satisfaction and our job quality and training that we have, our skills that our Diamond Certification requires to be a really quality, 100% excellent electrician.

Letcher Brothers Auto RepairMichael Letcher, OwnerAutoContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=sRyTme92FS0

Being Diamond Certified has allowed our company to reach our to not only our potential customers but out existing customers giving them the confidence of when they bring the vehicle in that we have the highest quality and that we are rated by our customers and they have rated us high in that regard.

BB & B Builders Inc.George Buckle, PartnerHome ContractorMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=tVRLHyC33mM

We have been working with Diamond Certified for about six months and I’m convinced its a good organization, they do what they say, they set up times, they go through the whole process and when its all done, you know you are going to get additional quality customers because they have a reputation that has developed over the years that gives the respective client for Diamond Certified the confidence that their will be an improvement in their business.

Tim McCloskey Electric Inc.Tim McCloskey, PresidentHome ServicesSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=wqnHpu8ddu4

Well, being Diamond Certified sets us apart because there is lots of electrical contractors that they can choose from and you have Better Business Bureau and verisign and all that other companies but I think that the fact that you have only added on one electrician over the past five years and it proudly being us means that you are in it for the quality not the quantity. So, Diamond Certified, yeah my customer really appreciate that. So, Diamond Certified is providing us with feedback from our customers so we can see how well we are doing and see if there are areas we can improve in. Customers aren’t always going to tell us what they think but it is good to know to see the things we are doing right and the things we need to improve on.

California Power and LightHenry Acosta, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=jGcwa2bTOIU

I became Diamond Certified because I saw the logos on other companies and I looked into it and I wanted to see what it was going to take to become Diamond Certified and I realized that they do a thorough investigation of your company and I felt that if I can get that certification than I feel that I was a quality company.

G. D. EnterpriseGregory Danz, OwnerHome ContractorSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=8HDnkZfU3YA

I became Diamond Certified because one, it definitely puts you above the rest as far as competition and your competitors. I was aware of Diamond Certified for years and just thought it would be great for business to make me stand above the rest. Being Diamond Certified makes me know that I am doing something right when you can come back and get a high rating from your previous customers. You know you are doing something right when everyone gives you that satisfaction or pat on the back so to speak.

Valley Comfort Heating and AirBryan Simning, OwnerHome ServicesSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=dXxdce2Mu1U

The reason I use Diamond Certified and I would recommend it is because it is something that you can use as a sales point. When you are going over to close a business transaction, in my case an estimate, it’s an extra little point where I can point out we are Diamond Certified, they do a background check and all that and also when people ask for referrals, you don’t have to give them just one or two, you can give throw them to the website and they have every one of your clients that you have, the good and the bad that way you aren’t cherry picking every individual one.

Window Innovations Inc.Steve Clark, CEOHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=WyQEQkuRuIQ

Being Diamond Certified helps our customers feel ensured that they are going to have the best quality installation and the best quality company show up to their house to do the work.

Trademark RoofingTina Ariza, Co-OwnerHome ContractorSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=BvU4I5NLWbo

Diamond Certified has helped our company. It expands our clientele, it shows our potential customers that we offer quality services. You can actually see the testimonials on our website and get customer personal feedback on the services that we offer.

John R. Licking, DDSDr. John Licking, OwnerHealthSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=PNpabuhOXec

For new patients, you don’t know where you are going, where should you go, where should you pick, what should you choose, you want somebody that’s going to do a good job for you and you don’t know what that is. Diamond Certified is a way of sifting through all your choices and narrowing it down to some dentists that will treat you right and validated or based on experiences of a lot of patient claims, testimonials, studies. Diamond Certified doesn’t just say “this is good,” or this person pays this money so we are going to put them on our approved list. They validated that these dentists, painters, auto mechanics, whatever, are credible, do a nice job, keep their customers happy and so when you are looking for a dentist or other people too, Diamond Certified is the way that you can build some trust because you have access to a lot of other people’s experiences there that you don’t have without that.

Mr. Electric of San MateoJeff Balich, OwnerHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=y59Pa958KTA

Diamond Certified gives us a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating to where the customer feels comfortable with us from the beginning to the end and we have lots of repeat customers over the years, our seven year going on eight years with Diamond Certified. It’s been a wonderful experience.

Advanced Roofing Services, Inc.April Hartness, Office ManagerHome ContractorAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=pt5lwUyM0bE

Diamond Certified has been really good for our company. We’ve brought forth a lot of business through your company and we’ve strived to provide service to all of our customers as a result of being Diamond Certified.

Kitchens by Ken Ryan, Inc.Ken Ryan, OwnerHome ContractorMarin, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=DcwZQXAciOk

Nice thing about being a Diamond Certified as I said is I like to surround myself with professionals, people that have been at it for a long time and business owners and that’s the kind of company I keep.

Sigura Construction, Inc.Ilan Sigura, CEOHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=LmMD6907uRc

Well, Diamond Certified meant for my company Sigura Pro Painting and Sigura Construction a lot actually. We feel we are very prestigious, we feel we are way and above than other contractors, we do feel that people value us as a Diamond Certified company and as a company that they would rather work with versus a contractor that has not been awarded this award. I know that Diamond Certified pretty much does its job every year checking our records and making sure we are in good standing and we are keeping our high quality service with our clients. We are doing high customer service as a natural thing but somewhere it always keeps us on our tip toes to maintain this type of service so we don’t lose the status we were awarded. So, Diamond Certified, in a sense, keep us in line as well because its very important to us because any other marketing tool or any other company that offers you certain marketing tools do not have the ability and the impact that Diamond Certified has on our company.

Quilici GardeningRandy Quilici, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=mVWhz8rr8sM

One of the reasons we wanted to become Diamond Certified is due to the rigorous qualification standards that they put your company through and its a pretty high standard I think to meet and that was a goal we wanted to set for ourselves. By meeting that goal, it proves to us we are doing the job right for the customer.

Pacific Plumbing SystemsRon Beesley, OwnerHome ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=gtUQnOBcCCg

I think we were the third one to sign up with Diamond Certified. So, we’ve been with Diamond Certified since the very beginning. They’ve been a great asset for us because we get a lot of new customers and that is the only advertising that we go through is Diamond Certified and then probably 70% of our business is referrals from the neighbor next door to the family member and a lot of new clients from Diamond Certified. So we are proud to be a part of Diamond Certified, they have been a great asset for our company.

Northern California Roofing Co.Ray Ragsdale, Project ManagerHome ContractorNapawww.youtube.com/watch?v=0qUhDdo7LY4

Being Diamond Certified allows our customers the satisfaction of knowing they are dealing with a good company. Our customers are able to provide honest feedback about their experience with Northern California Roofing and allows our customers to give comments and their feedback of their experience with us.

Northern California Roofing Co.Gregory Lynn, PresidentHome ContractorNapawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc19PEzeckM

Diamond Certified has helped Northern California Roofing because it give a lot more information and detail that the customers are looking for to make a decision on buying a roof or getting a good contractor.

Superior Plumbing & Drain Cleaning ServicesVincent Esquivel, Field SupervisorHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=KzZtaAfep2o

We are an honest company and I think by being Diamond Certified, its just let other customers know we are a good company.

Superior Plumbing & Drain Cleaning ServicesNoe Pineda, General ManagerHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=GszYysvYnX8

Superior Plumbing decided to become Diamond Certified for one main reason, to get our name out there basically and to let the people out there know we have been independently rated. We had a third part company come out and say listen, we checked with all of your customers and over 90 percent of them are saying that they are happy with you and that they will use you again and that’s what we want. We want people to come in, get to know us, give us the opportunity to come into their house, take care of their problem and continue to use us for all of their plumbing needs.

Superior Plumbing & Drain Cleaning ServicesRicardo Lopez, PresidentHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=0NO78-DZVzY

Becoming Diamond Certified, for me, is important. Its gives us a status, it gives us more – it separates us from those other companies that do try to be certified but their customer service or their quality does not allow. I feel that becoming Diamond Certified will ease more our customers and give them more confidence when calling us because they will be expecting the best service.

Strong Builders Construction, Inc.Radu Binzari, OwnerHome ContractorSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=opR1w2LGjXQ

Diamond Certified is a very good program because customers who don’t have anyone to refer them or can help them to build something then Diamond Certified it’s like big referral for our customers. When we go to the customers and they already know the company who referred them to a contractor, who took the responsibility – let’s put it this way, I go to one time to the customers and I try to explain to him and I try to tell him how do you know about us and I say Diamond Certified and I say do you want to know more about us and they say no – Diamond Certified is enough.

Valley Heating, Cooling and ElectricalCindy Faulkner, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=a_DC-m3DSog

Diamond Certified to Valley Heating and Cooling has been very important. Our clients really trust in Diamond Certification and their guarantees and we love that because that’s what we’re about anyway. We want to provide the best service possible. We hear people say to us all the time, “we picked you because you are Diamond Certified and we got what we wanted,” and so it’s just a really great partnership to have the opportunity to have the certification and to know that our clients are being heard. It’s great.

Diamond Certified to our company has meant a lot. We really do get clients that come to us because of the trust in Diamond Certified and we really appreciate that because that’s what we are all about is old fashioned service, great quality and great work and we get that through Diamond Certified. We get people who are coming to us because they want to get what they expect.

West Valley Arborists, Inc.Simon Tunnicliffe, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=yiiSkRJ7UvM

Being Diamond Certified has increased our volume. Customers feel more comfortable when they are hiring a Diamond Certified company. Well, Diamond Certified is a big branding for our company. It makes our customers feel a lot more comfortable hiring us knowing that we’ve been screened and we constantly provide proof of of documentation, licenses, insurance and bonds.

Merritt-Nelson Custom BuildersDonna Merritt, OwnerHome ContractorMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=xI4x9xYOkoo

I would say Diamond Certified is basically part of your reputation and the fact that you have to earn the qualification to call yourself Diamond Certified means that you have done things right with your clients from start to finish and follow up and issues that may come up up to ten years later. So, I think as a business owner it’s a real plus to your reputation. Our customers have mentioned to us that they are very impressed with Diamond Certified. They know that we have been researched, our clients have been contacted to get their feedback as to our performance and they know the rigorous qualifications to receive a Diamond Certified award, so they are impressed and we appreciate that.

Site for Sore Eyes – FremontNick Saab, OwnerHealthAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=hpOeXRnO7aE

Well, being Diamond Certified is an acknowledgment to us because our objective is to take really good care of our customers, make sure our customers are happy with our services and Diamond Certified is an acknowledgment, it tells tells everyone we have done our work right, we’ve done our job right and its a prestige to have the Diamond Certified emblem next to our name.

Watson’s FlooringJohn Larson, OwnerHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=5nROiHK4eMg

I became Diamond Certified because I would like our customers to know that we are really a quality controlled store, that we control all the quality that comes out of this store and that I want customers to feel satisfied that they are getting the best quality that we can provide for them.

Roy’s Woodcraft Flooring, Inc.Roy Nelson, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=1j03-5x12V4

There are a lot of companies out there that will provide a multimedia advertisement sort of function, but Diamond Certified stood out above all of the rest due to their certification process. When they say Diamond Certified, they mean Diamond Certified. We provide them with many companies and clients to ask questions for and to do their due diligence in making sure they are picking the right company. Looking through the Diamond Certified portfolios, I was sold on the fact that every single one of the companies in there were certified. I think Diamond Certified asked the tough questions that needed to be asked in order to provide the rest of our customers the information that they need to pick the right contractor. The services that we provide we know are quality but to have Diamond Certified go through and ask our clients to provide them with that same assurance means a lot to us.

Steve Roberts PaintingSteve Roberts, OwnerHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=BQqEjOYs7uw

By becoming Diamond Certified, it has allowed us to go out and meet new clients and give them the confidence when choosing a painting company, that we come highly recommended, that we provide the kind of quality and workmanship that they can have confidence in, and that we’re the company that puts good service at the forefront.

Stone & Tile Impressions, Inc.Oscar Soltero, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg3oKy4Vg7c

Diamond Certified stands for quality and service and that is something we strive to achieve with all the jobs that we take on. So, when I was presented with the Diamond Certified program, it just made so much sense for us to be a part of this because its something I think really helps customers pull us apart from all of the other outfits that are not into the quality or into assuring people of a good job.

Hawkins Enterprises, Inc.John Rose, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=JZBzK745bMA

I believe Diamond Certified is a good partnership for our company. One of the reasons is we are coming through a market cycle where a lot of the pool builders are coming and going. The cast of players that are around this month is going to be different next month and I think what’s important for people to remember that these projects are going to last for a long time and you certainly don’t want to end up in a situation where your project outlives the company that built it because ultimately once that company is no longer around, there is no one there to take care of you.

Sierra Roofing & SolarJeff Basch, PresidentHome ContractorAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kax21nh8Cw

Diamond Certified to us means the best of the best. It’s really – there are a lot of online review sites out there and sometimes you read them and you don’t necessarily believe them but I think what Diamond Certified brought to the table for us was actually reaching out and calling 100 customers of ours and getting feedback from 100 customers of ours and then giving us the review that they did I think, going through the process ourselves and we do understand that if you’ve been approved Diamond Certified, you are the best in that field and that’s a really great feeling that we are joining that club.

Cal Auto BodyNana Sarkisian, OwnerAutoSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=9iPWYe_RfEo

It is very important for us to be Diamond Certified because our customers, about 20% right now because we just got Diamond Certified, for this short period of time 20% of just last month’s customers came in from Diamond Certified and it is very, very important for us to keep our rates up so we stay Diamond Certified. The customers come in from Diamond Certified side, they already come in like they know us. They come as a friend, they come as a referral from the best company which is Diamond Certified. Customers that come into our shop from Diamond Certified, they already read our customer reviews and the most important thing for them when they come in and choose Cal Auto Body, they know they are going to be in good hands, that Cal Auto Body is going to take care of their problems and Cal Auto Body is not going to refuse any sort of services from them and most importantly, we are going to give them lifetime warranty on any repairs we do.

Old Town GlassJohn Pope, CFOHome ServicesMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=LUMrNLvSxPo

We’ve been Diamond Certified I believe we are going on seven years of being Diamond Certified. Its actually worked out really well, I think it helps our customers differentiate us from our competitors out there and gives them the confidence that when they choose us that they are going to be choosing someone to help them out.

The Tile & Grout King Inc.Ramy Louis, General ManagerHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=bH5ek4v7nqI

We became Diamond Certified because we knew we held our standard of quality and business practice to a higher standard and we won awards prior to Diamond Certified but we felt like the independent rating and contacting our customers was a way to completely prove to potential customers who we are and what we have to offer.

M&M BuildersMark von Dohren, OwnerHome ContractorSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=veinHfO2W_M

Being Diamond Certified to me is everything. My company basically is founded on quality, craftsmanship, all the best of life. I want to provide a value to the client and that’s what Diamond Certified is all about. So, I love being Diamond Certified.

Schmitt Heating Company, Inc.Greg Schmitt, OwnerHome ServicesSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=xMqRDIpTgOE

Diamond Certified has been a great tool for our company. We’ve been very pleased with what we’ve found there. They’re able to go in and research the company and give us a tool we can use to show our customers that we really do what we say we do. We prove it over and over again that we are reliable, we are fair, that we will do what we say we are going to do and they also back it up with a guarantee so it gives the customer some more peace of mind that they have a guarantee from a third party and we are getting a third party to tell them that this company does what they say and they are highly rated in San Francisco and the Bay Area. So we have been very pleased with Diamond Certified and plan to continue with them.

Bay 101 Roofing, Inc.Dave Imhof, ManagerHome ContractorSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9QsaMWdhBY

Being Diamond Certified has really meant a lot to our company. First of all, we are not the cheapest guy on the block to get a job done but we do offer extremely high quality at an extremely competitive price so we actually geared our company towards the quality minded, value minded customer, somebody who doesn’t mind paying a fair price to get an excellent job and Diamond Certified has helped attract those types of customers. People go to their directories and they’ll call up four or five different kinds of Diamond Certified companies and you know I actually like that cause there is really nothing better for a marketplace than to have good quality competition. We know we are not going to win every single bid, we know that, but we are going to be the right roofers for a certain group of people out there and the ones that choose us have all been glad that they did.

SureShredDavid Rhoads, Vice PresidentProfessionalContra Costa, Santa Clara, Solanowww.youtube.com/watch?v=FJGpmNscZ08

Many companies will say that they provide the highest quality in service or that their customers are very satisfied. Because SureShred provides secure services and we don’t like to disclose the names of all of our clients, we chose to become Diamond Certified as your guarantee that the quality of service that you expect is quality service you are going to receive.

Carreras Auto BodyDan Vassallo, OwnerAutoSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx9KAci3WD8

Diamond Certified has been a good closing tool for us. It gives us an edge over our competitors and helps us maintain consistent quality and high service.

Los Gatos RoofingCameron Radonich, OwnerSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Lqn899-VK_E

Being Diamond Certified just shows another level of customer appreciation and customer acknowledgment that we are doing a good job. We do like the constant follow up of Diamond Certified that they do take all of the customers we have had in the past year, they do a random sampling and call those customers and find out if we still do what we say we do and we really think that that gives future customers some confidence in our work, that we are constantly being audited, that we are constantly being questioned and that we are passing and that customers have been satisfied with us going on six years now and we believe that they will continue to be.

Redwood Empire Termite & Pest ControlBrandy Straub, OwnerHome ServicesSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=9Jmm4OWUxN0

With the Diamond Certification, they know that I’ve satisfied a lot of customers, that my pricing is good, that I’m fair.

Well, I have kind of set myself apart from my competitors by being topnotch in one of the top companies and a lot of people know me as a state licensed educator and people in the industry know who I am but a lot of people out there don’t know who I am, so without letting yourself being known you could be the greatest person in the world but if you’re locked in your room nobody ever knows who you are. So, you actually have to let people know who you are and basically be the town crier and I felt that Diamond Certified was a great media to go ahead and exploit my company and know who I am and what I can do for people.

First Choice Abbey CarpetPaul Byer, PresidentHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=CjzluKIG2n4

Being Diamond Certified is important to us because it really separates us from the competition. A customer can be assured by the fact that our previous customers have an extremely high level of satisfaction which is a good indication that they too will be satisfied with our products and services.

Chasov Electrical, Voice & DataMichael Chasov, OwnerHome ServicesSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=VN2edSqXCYg

We value our reputation very much and that’s what is reflected in the Diamond Certified responses from our clients. So, when you work with us you can be sure you will get a great job. We hand out the brochures to our clients when we meet them and they always point it out that its not an advertisement per say, its the actual rating of our company that’s very important compared to any other one. So, when you could actually read the transcript of our clients responses about our company, you can see that there is a lot of satisfied customers. It’s sort of a seal of approval of our quality of our work.

Advance Tree Service, Inc.Darren Edwards, OwnerHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=baKo1p9jvbs

One thing about being Diamond Certified is we don’t have customers with fears. They know that we are a respectable company, that we come in, we’re clean, we’re safe, our crew is safe, we’re going to get the job done that they want, they are going to be satisfied with the job that we do and they are not going to have any fears of our whole experience of us being there.

Coelho’s Body Repair & Auto Sales, Inc.Nelson Coelho, Jr., PresidentAutoAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=eRgBrEex7ds

It’s outperformed any advertising that we’ve had over the last 20-27-28 years. The small internet ads you get a lot of bargain shoppers with Diamond Certified, customers are looking for someone who is ready to do the job. They are looking for a guy to do the job and do it right. They’ll say, “I see you every week in the paper, I trust Diamond Certified and I don’t necessarily trust where my insurance companies wants to send me and here’s the keys. I trust you.”

You might have an accident you have been driving 30 years and you have one accident, you don’t really know of a place to go. So when your insurance tells you “Hey this body shop the work is guarantees through us.” A lot of times they just want to go there, a lot of times they say it will expedite the repair, they just out of connivance to go there. Diamond Certified it gives me that edge,  the customer they see us out there  they know the quality they can go online check are customers comments out about my business. That’s better than your insurance company that’s the people that have had work done there and they can tell you “It was good. They were good. No doubt about it.”

They help you get your name out there, so you can really show more people the quality of your work what you’re really about. You know you don’t do as many jobs. It’s a good feeling and it makes me feel like we can complete with anyone out there.

Cupertino Podiatry Inc., Dr. Michael J. CornelisonMichael J. Cornelison, DPMHealthSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=OnWgJWtPXNo

What’s great is that it is sort of a marketing technique that speaks for itself. I really don’t have to make a lot of effort to promote it. One of the things that really made me interested in Diamond Certified to begin with was the idea that I could also ascertain what I was doing for my patients and get their satisfaction level measured. Once I saw that happen, essentially it has been speaking for itself and I haven’t had to do much to really promote it as far as that goes. Certainly I make sure that when I communicate with other physicians, who are essentially my main referral base aside from insurance directories and that type of thing, the easiest thing for me to do when I correspond with them is to put one of my tri-fold fliers in with the correspondence and a little explanation of what that’s all about. Granted again, the flyer speaks for itself but I want to share with them that I have gone through the process of what amounts to a patient satisfaction survey that came out with very good results and that they can essentially rely on that aside from their dealings with me to have confidence that they are sending their patients to the right place so I think that has been very helpful. To basically reinforce the value of me as someone that they can refer their patients to. Now granted the fliers, of course, are great for handing to patients to hand to their friend, to distribute in other ways but that’s been the most powerful. I’ve had a number of referring positions say, “this is terrific, this is more information,” and its objective information that they otherwise would hear very subjectively from a physician that comes to speak to them that says, “this is why you should send me patients.” To have it written by somebody else that has the very formal process of evaluating my satisfaction rate – that’s more powerful than anything else I can think of. I was a little hesitant before going through the survey process to sort of toot my own horn because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being arrogant and I wanted to make sure I was being factual in terms of saying, “Well my patients love me,” but I want to make sure I am saying that accurately. If someone really wants to gage where they stand in terms of what their clientele thinks of them and feel confident about that to the point where you can very objectively share that with people you are trying to get referrals from or you’re trying to seek business from – that makes it a lot easier and you can be much more confident about that and in many cases you don’t even have to say anything, you can simply hand them the evidence right there. The other value of that is that I was very fortunate to see that I had such a high satisfaction rate, there is still a few small things here or there that raise flags that say “here is how we can improve a little bit,” and that was very helpful. Obviously the benefits of being Diamond Certified now with the Directory, the tri-fold brochures, all of the advertising – that’s very powerful in itself but the added bonus to my own practice is that I have the knowledge of what I went through for the certification process, of what the survey results were and that gives me a lot of confidence going forward as a businessman.

J & D PaintingHarold Jagoda, OwnerHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=NAl6VkirWaw
I’ve actually recommended it to other painting contractors in the past which kind of cut my throat, it worked so well for them. So, I wouldn’t do that again but for a dentist its great, for anybody but a painter.
I only do a little bit of advertising and that’s probably in the Oakland and Fremont phonebooks and everything else really is Diamond Certified or referrals. So, anytime I get a call from Contra Costa County, pretty good chance it is a Diamond Certified call and I probably get, if I bid five or six jobs, I get two or three of them which is a real good percentage. Its worked for me, depending on the company, I can’t see how it couldn’t work for them.
Marco RoofingMike Creeden, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=u6MTjHmfLbw
There are a lot of good companies out there but its difficult to get that message out. Everybody you call says, “we are the best,” but when you have a non-biased service like Diamond Certified put their stamp on you and back it up with saying we’ve done an unbiased research of your customers and we’ve got positive results, that’s worth a lot. All the leads that I get from Diamond Certified are very valuable to me. I will pursue one of those leads before any other lead knowing that what’s important to those customers is service and quality and a fair price.
I try to impart on my employees that with the initial phone call for an appointment, for a roof estimate, is to take just a second to say that we are Diamond Certified which means we have received a very high rating from our customers and that the large majority of our customers would refer us again and were satisfied with their results and I think its nice to have an outside company, a non-biased company, say that about yourself.
Roberts Electric Company, Inc.Dan Pitcock, PresidentHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=YU9Yg8EEzW8

From a business rate, business perspective, the leads you get are usually more interested in service and quality and they already understand, because of the way Diamond Certified markets itself or presents their system, that they already know they are not going to pay the least amount of money so the challenge is to let them know, “Yeah, it is more money but you are going to get a better product and better service because of it. A lot of people want that.

Samscaping, Inc.Sam Whitney, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=gaFd2GBAsgs

Shortly after we began the Diamond Certified program, I got a call from a client and I went to meet them and at the time I had my doubts that the program was going to be everything it promoted itself to be and I was really shocked when I met this lady and walked in her house. She said to me, “We had a Diamond Certified contractor redo our kitchen and I’ll only have a Diamond Certified contractor do any other work on our property and a year later and a very large six figure project, Diamond Certified has paid for itself many times over.

I’ve had other customers tell me they have used other Diamond Certified contractors on other projects in their house and they were very happy with them and only like to work with Diamond Certified contractors. We definitely know when the calls come in that they are coming from Diamond Certified. People almost always tell us that straight out on the phone where they got our name and do we track all of our leads. We do advertise in other forms of publications in the area and we don’t get nearly as many people telling us they got us out of those.

Diamond Certified is definitely providing us with the quality leads that we are looking for. Some of them are not suited for us and we are able to weed those out and it allows us to choose the ones we want. I think that having Diamond Certified on our web site really does help solidify our professionalism to the consumer. I think that they’re definitely becoming more educated that Diamond Certified is a quality program that promotes quality contractors. Diamond Certified has definitely given us a lot more leads. Our phone rings every day with Diamond Certified leads that are driven from their advertising program and people seem to know in general that they are looking for quality work and that is why they are calling a Diamond Certified contractor.

Statcomm Inc.Richard Schwank, General ManagerHome ServicesSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=qrdVnDbu45Q

Diamond Certified has definitely elevated STATCOMM. It’s helped our firm actually perpetuate beyond anything we can reach on our own, through word of mouth and our own reputation. I consider Diamond Certified a teammate and through the representatives of Diamond Certified that come to our firm and help guide us through the process how to best utilize the tools because Diamond Certified actually provides tools that can be utilized by a business. It is not just the matter of an emblem on a truck, it’s a process and a set of tools that if properly utilized and the firm is a reputable firm and they are good at what they do and they respect what they do and are concerned about how they are perceived by the customers, Diamond Certified is nothing but a good strong teammate reaching the customers that they normally wouldn’t be able to do.

Diamond Certified takes the concept of word-of-mouth to the next level. Basically what it does is it takes your good reputation that you built to share within a community and exponentially promotes that. We found that Diamond Certified has now, as it’s read in the newspaper – the San Jose Mercury, local periodicals and advertising, KGO radio – we found that our customers recognize it too. One gain that was never really ever perceived was that my teammates they take a lot of care and respect in that Diamond Certified label on their vehicles. What happens is it also sets the bar and their expectations of performance.

Western Auto Body, Inc.Tiffany Hamm, Office ManagerAutoSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=DsckTVlNCX4

We’ve done a lot of advertising in the past whether it be radio or money mailers or the yellow pages and we get little hits here and there – one person every once in a while from those other areas but Diamond Certified is definitely the one advertising tool that we get the most feedback from. Since it is getting out there more in the media a lot of times they already know about it and that’s great and now we can just say that we are Diamond Certified and that it is a great tool.

Being Diamond Certified proves to our customers that we have great customer service, we always pride ourselves on that and now actually, there is a ratings company that can show proof to them that we do have great customer service.

It was a great feeling. We already knew we had good customer service but this, I really like the fact that you get the booklet and can read all of the customers comments and what they like about you, what they don’t like about you so that right there was one of the main selling factors as to why I wanted to be Diamond Certified just to know the things they do like about us and what they don’t like about us so we can help in the areas we need to improve.

We use it on all of our paperwork, all of the stickers that we get. We put it on postcards, follow-up postcards I send out, thank you letters, business cards. We have it on our vehicles, signage at the business and I just recently started doing some outside sales marketing where I go around to other Diamond Certified companies and little packet which includes my business card and the Diamond Certified brochure and some information and just go around to different companies and give them that packet and they’re already open to the Diamond Certified companies since they are already Diamond Certified so it’s a little easier since I have already started the whole marketing process and it’s worked out very well so far.

Diamond Certified has impacted our business greatly. We’ve always prided ourselves on our customer service but its basically been a tool to market our business more and realize that is one of the reasons we are Diamond Certified is because we have great customer service. If a business owner asked us about being Diamond Certified, I would say absolutely. It definitely pays off, especially now that people know more and more about it. I live off the book and all of our customers are like Wow. Its like the bible to them now for companies. Its definitely paid off for us and I would say go for it.

World Class Window Coverings, Co.Melisa Yocum, CFO/OwnerHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=VrZv1PUZ5II

I think being Diamond Certified has been the biggest honor we’ve received thus far because our customers are the ones who are giving us feedback and there the ones whoa are giving us feedback and they are the ones who are giving us their true opinions once the job is actually completed from the beginning, the initial consultation all the way to the end. With 98% of our customers saying that they are satisfied with the work that we have done and they are willing to recommend us to their family and friends, that to us is the utmost honor because customer service and customer satisfaction is what we pride ourselves on.

Wildcat MetalsKaty Laubach, ControllerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=INcj8ral-Eo

Diamond Certified has been a great investment for our company because customers that are going there are educated. They care that we have insurance, and that’s important to us. They are educated in that they are looking to have a good experience and we are looking to have a long-term relationship with them.

Wildcat MetalsKaty Laubach, ControllerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=jzzcxpsh6NA

We use Diamond Certified as an additional selling tool when we are out talking to the homeowner/consumer and its a way for us to show we have a third party that comes in to check our customer service and its a good information for us because we’ve always worked at customer service, it’s always been really important to us but until you get that feedback, you really don’t know how well you are doing, so in getting the feedback, we’ve been able to really see that what we thought was doing was working well and be able to take some of the feedback and improve upon what our services are.

Western Auto Body, Inc.Tiffany Hamm, Office ManagerAutoSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=GACRPJf1zeo

Being Diamond Certified has been a great tool for us. It’s pretty well known around the county now. A lot of people come here now because they know that we’re Diamond Certified. It’s just a great tool because we can let the customers know that other people have loved us and you are going to love us as well.

Springs ConstructionMel Springs, OwnerHome ContractorSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=G90DulOa0fU

What do I like about being Diamond Certified? I would say the biggest single advantage of Diamond Certified over any other form of advertising is that it sets us apart from our competition. By setting ourselves apart from our competition, our customers know that, our potential customers know that and they are different than your average run of the mill customer. They are not looking for – I guess you could say – the cheapest price. They want quality, they want dependability, they want the job done the way they want it and they know the best way to do that is go to a Diamond Certified contractor.

The Pool DoctorSharon Hiebing, Former Co-OwnerHome ServicesAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Q73Gn39RF6A

You know, the best thing about receiving our Diamond Certified certification is that it actually held us to a standard, a higher standard than we ever would have held ourselves to before. Diamond Certified really is something you should be proud of and wear with dignity and we do. We never want to let down a customer who calls us because we are Diamond Certified so we take it quite seriously and actually Diamond Certification has allowed us to meet a lot of customers we would have never met otherwise so we certainly appreciate all of the trust they have put in us.

Storage Master Self StoragePatty Frazzetta, Regional ManagerProfessionalSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=JVTXNWe3ikI

A lot of people know about it and they go “oh really” so its like wow they know about it and they are really happy to hear that we are Diamond Certified and we are educating them on what that really means.

Smart Plumbers, Inc.Jin Lee, OwnerHome ContractorSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=TES83IBBNb8

Ok for the Diamond Certified, as I explained to you, always for the new customer I am explain the way to getting of Diamond Certified. It’s not an easy job. We have to pass all my customers to the Diamond Certified company and they are selecting as they want and they call. After that, over 90% should be satisfied. It’s not an easy job. Also, Diamond Certified they are guaranteed to the customer that namely if we couldn’t do well they will compensate. They are doing like that so. I got the Diamond Certified for several years. At first time it was reliable but not so big like this. Diamond Certified name value becomes very big and many people know about Diamond Certified but many people does not know how to get the Diamond Certified, the process of it so I explain about it. Then 100% of people believe about that – quality. So I like the Diamond Certified, very good system.

World Tree Service, Inc.James Cairnes, OwnerHome ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=ElRYlmlL1iE

I think Diamond Certified has helped us tremendously. I find that it takes us away from the Yellow Pages which tends to just be a huge fight for a very cheap job, very sort of uninspiring so I find Diamond Certified people know they are going to pay a little bit more but they are going to get excellent service guaranteed by Diamond Certified. It’s brought us great work, repetitive customers. We are very pleased with it, brought us a lot of work and we’re going to stick with Diamond Certified it’s the best.

World Tree Service, Inc.James Cairnes, OwnerHome ServicesMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=OR9c2IcrA5Y

I would say Diamond Certified will probably bring us in a good 10 or 12 leads a week probably.

Save Energy CompanyJohn Gorman, OwnerHome ContractorMarin, San Francisco, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=9HvbZA_ez4g

Diamond Certified started out as a project to separate ourselves from the competition and we used that obviously as a marketing tool on that level but its really just raised our view of ourselves and it goes into what our view of ourselves is – is more better than anyone else. Anyone can say that, how wonderful they are but we’ve been Diamond Certified for eight years now and we’ve got some of the highest scores that I think any contracting company has had in Diamond Certified. It’s just been a great relationship. We think it has been a really good, symbiotic relationship.

San Jose Plumbing, Inc.Kevin Garza, President & Adam Garza, Vice PresidentHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=wS6ckQ79eAM

The best thing we’ve ever done for our company is actually Diamond Certified. My wife was for it, I was against it, my wife was right. It cost some money to get Diamond Certified but it’s been the best thing we have ever done as far as getting… it makes you different. People are looking for something that is different about your company and that’s Diamond Certified and it’s brought us so much business. We get calls every day because we are Diamond Certified because people see us in the newspapers, they hear it on the radio, they go on the web site and it really has been a great thing for our company to get involved in.

Adam – And I feel that we have always been very progressive but with Diamond Certified has definitely taken us to the next level so its been tremendous.

San Jose Plumbing, Inc.Kevin Garza, PresidentSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=a8PccTeMn-g

It seems that Diamond Certified, they get more of the high end, middle class and more high end and so they have money to spend people, I don’t know why it just seems that they have money to spend even in these hard times and they will only spend it with companies that the trust and we are trusted because we are Diamond Certified.

San Jose Plumbing, Inc.Adam Garza, Vice PresidentHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=NwOlevBqKSI

Customers that come from Diamond Certified are already a little relaxed. I can just tell by their demeanor, they don’t seem to be as intense or stressed about the situation. I definitely get a sense of people being very calm when we come because they know we are Diamond Certified and I think that calms them just to know that we have a good reputation, that its there, Diamond Certified has stamped that saying we are definitely good quality people, good quality company and that goes back to our reputation. So, Diamond Certified has helped us do that and I think the customers know that and so their demeanor is definitely different. Diamond Certified customers are definitely different from regular customer that we typically deal with.

Ryan & Ryan Construction, Inc.Gary Ryan, CFOHome ContractorSan Francisco, San Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=H5pU0qDSywM

Being Diamond Certified really helped Ryan & Ryan Construction and it really helped the customers understand that they had a quality construction company taking care of their needs.

RoofmaxJon Aikele, Owner/CEOHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=g7JyYGBTdNs

Diamond Certified has been tremendous for us because the consumer wants to make sure they are getting quality and how do you do that? How do you that the person up on the roof is going to be doing things the correct way? Well, the best way to do that is by going off of what other happy customers are saying their experiences are. With Diamond Certified, they take all of the guesswork out of it because they actually go in and interview our customers and find out what level of satisfaction they have. We are happy that our customers have ranked us high enough that we are able to be Diamond Certified. It has been a great blessing to our company.

RoofmaxJon Aikele, Owner/CEOHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=syRVcOWa3cg

Diamond Certified is probably our very best source for marketing that we have. Out of all of our marketing that we do, Diamond Certified ranks up there, probably number one.

Roger’s Pool & Spa Service Inc.John Pittman, OwnerHome ServicesSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=QXdUjqrXYP8

What Diamond Certified, this is our sixth year of being involved with Diamond Certified and I was certainly skeptical initially six years ago to become involved in Diamond Certified. The best way I can say it helped our company is we have seen growth for six consecutive years. We have to attribute that to something. I know our business practices but primarily the only advertising that we do other than Yellow Pages is Diamond Certified and I feel very comfortable that that contributes greatly to what we have actually accomplished.

Pacific Circle, Inc.Brandon Stieg, PresidentHome ContractorMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmcFTURkxsE

Diamond Certified has been a huge asset to our company. It evokes a sense of pride in doing what we do best. It brings us clients who really know what they want. People who find us through Diamond Certified really care about quality and really care about getting the best service possible and that is what we like to provide.

Optimum Realty & Financial ServicesJane Brown, OwnerProfessionalSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo0AMMG6SqM

I think it has given me lots of credibility. When somebody else is observing you and questioning what you are doing and how well you are doing it in the eyes of others, I feel that it gives them double assurance. Certainly we are giving them the assurance of what we are doing but when a third-party can ask and check out things – its a double credibility and that is why I appreciate Diamond Certified so much.

Japan Auto Repair, Inc.Kenzo Kojima, PresidentAutoMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=dlN1TxbNC0E

Especially newcomer or new visitor, newcomer in the area to living they looking for new mechanics. Diamond Certified judge the mechanic or judge the place on quality, and trust and also people, customers comes to judge the shop. So they trust the Diamond Certified pretty important get our business for us.

J & M Windows & Glass, Inc.Mark Young, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=7qxAWXrkNfI

I think the idea of having us Diamond Certified even in the slow times has gotten our name out there and people are still doing remodels and bathrooms, things have gotten a little smaller lately, but they are still doing small things like bathrooms and kitchens and things of that sort but what its done for us is given us the exposure we typically wouldn’t have had. The thing that helps push people to us is the idea that we have been Diamond Certified.

J & J’s Final Coat Painting, Inc.Joe Sabel, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr2DzAPuv0I

Most definitely. The people that investigate Diamond Certified, the directory that they get us from whether it be the directory, whether it be the web site, I think Diamond Certified, they trust Diamond Certified because of the research that Diamond Certified does prior to even accepting a company such as myself. So they already know they are getting a quality company, it’s just a matter of which one to choose between the ones that are available in Diamond Certified.

Innovative Mechanical, Inc.Al Morando, Vice PresidentHome ServicesSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y65Zd3L2_A

We love Diamond Certified. We’ve been with Diamond Certified from day one and what’s really great about Diamond Certified is that they rate you, they come in and take your customer base and they go through them. They call and check and make sure you have a high approval rating and that’s the most important thing for customers to know that contractor that’s coming in their home was rated independently by an independent company and it sets us apart from the average contractor down the street.

HOUSEworks, Inc.Jeff Kann, PresidentHome ContractorSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=TInscJJKELY

Diamond Certified is very important to us. Not only has it enabled us to get our name out there but it is an independent rating agency. It provides comfort to our clients that we’ve gone through a process that we’ve been rated highest in category and people know what they are getting and they understand that there is a team at Diamond Certified there ready to back them up and make sure we like it. It tells them that our company is good and we like doing business with other Diamond Certified companies because it gives us a level of comfort that they too have met those rigorous standards.

Heavenly TouchJames Stephens, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=7NdnPAB8nnU

Diamond Certified gives me a unique advantage because not too many people can qualify and its a matter of showing them we’ve stayed on top of our customer survey. I can show them the customer survey and show them that these are unbiased people that are giving us kudos for a job well done and because it is kept current, it just aids in that. Plus having that nice-colored brochure with the gold on the outside of the blue, not many companies have their own brochure and it just adds a little extra touch when closing the deal.

Heavenly TouchJames Stephens, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=ivFXPUol5NU

Diamond Certified has definitely had a positive effect. I’ve had many customers ask me about Diamond Certified, what it means and I’m very happy to pull out the brochure and let them know the qualifications that our company that were licensed. We carry insurance which is all on file with Diamond Certified and I think it makes the customer feel extremely at ease. A few years back when I was on the truck, I personally received a few phone calls from other customers that have used Diamond Certified services. First name that comes to my mind was San Jose Plumbing, it was in Cupertino, someone had used them and they were so extremely with the price that they were given, the honesty and the fairness that they pulled out the book and started using additional Diamond Certified companies and I was called and they were extremely happy with the job that we did. So, as far as that Diamond Certified has definitely opened up many doors that may not necessarily be opened.

Heavenly TouchJames Stephens, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=mqud_tME2Pc

I personally think the Diamond Certified book that comes out in March and April is a very well put out book , its a colored book. It looks very nice, I have seen it numerous times when I have gone to customers’ houses right there where a telephone book normally is by the telephone so I know it does carry a presence. The newspaper ad is nice as well. People that do have that book can look in there and say, “hey this is Diamond Certified and we have that book at our house,” and I just think its additional presence for the Diamond Certified companies.

Heavenly TouchJames Stephens, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=r1OJs_cetfs

Diamond Certified primarily works for me number one is the rating system. If you were to open up the phone book to carpet cleaning per say, there is 12 pages of carpet cleaners and it’s very difficult from a customer stand point to differentiate who’s better than the other person and I think with Diamond Certified advertising o the buses, radio ads I think most affluent people are fairly aware of Diamond Certified and what it stands for.

Earl Farnsworth ExpressCal Farnsworth, PresidentProfessionalMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=Giw5dtIIJ8Q

It gives us an extra added feather in our cap when it comes to sales.

Earl Farnsworth ExpressCal Farnsworth, PresidentProfessionalMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=wadZtNDqgNk

I think its just basically another certification for our customers to be able to feel comfortable that an independent company has rated us and qualified us as a quality mover.

Driven Auto CarePaul Jancis, OwnerAutoSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=5p1WfdhxQVw

Well, I think the biggest benefit to being Diamond Certified is it gives your customer peace of mind. It gives them peace in mind in saying yes there is an independent person out there that has gone through your business, asked your customers and they know that they are going to expect the type of service that they claim to have. It’s a checks and balances type of system whereas the USDA may grade meat grade A, grade B, prime choice if you’re going to Diamond Certified company you are going to get that prime cut of meat so that’s the biggest benefit to it. How Diamond Certified has helped me the most is by the regular advertising that they give. I get many comments on how people have noticed the Diamond Certified ad in the Mercury News and noticed that my company was on there and that was the reason why they called me so that’s a great marketing tool then once I get that call I am able to talk about what kind of business we are and how we can service them properly. Most of the time I am able to get them to come in and fix the car with us.

Driven Auto CarePaul Jancis, OwnerAutoSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=nKCCM272jKI

The Diamond Certified symbol is becoming more well known. People are starting to understand what a Diamond Certified company is and that they can trust a Diamond Certified company. As they drive by and see my brightly colored building and then they see the Diamond Certified logo also plastered on the building as well, it gives them an opportunity to know, “hey I can trust these guys, I want to make sure I go there.”

Driven Auto CarePaul Jancis, OwnerAutoSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=istBQbPxgoY

I have used the 1000 dollar guarantee a couple times to customers when they were kind of on the fence on whether or not they were going to do a repair or not do a repair. That actual guarantee is not just outside of my warranty that I would give to them, its another guarantee to them, another piece of mind guarantee saying this is going to fix my car and once that happens people are able to say, “hey, this is a great value for my money.”

CertaPro Painters of the Peninsula & South BaySteve Bonbright, OwnerHome ServicesSan Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=OQa9XhRD9kc

We love being Diamond Certified. It’s representative of quality work and quality past customer service experiences. Again, I think our referrals speak for themselves and I think if you are Diamond Certified you adhere to a certain caliber of work which is the best of the best.

Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air, Inc.Jason Schlunt, Chief Operations ManagerHome ServicesSanta Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=QVKMTumgW9c

Ill give you two good things about Diamond Certified that we’ve noticed in the market. One- when you go on a Diamond Certified job, you know you are not going up against every low baller out there and every unlicensed- I mean in my industry, every unlicensed plumber out there. They are probably calling the other Diamond Certified companies that are reputable companies also. So, the level of your competitors is increased more to your level. You’re not going up against the guys who are just working out of their trucks who don’t offer any service and also it’s great to walk into the house and the customer already trusts you. They know you are an expert, you wouldn’t be Diamond Certified if you weren’t so it just makes the job a little bit easier and we also like the fact that we are at least competing with real companies. We have no problem with competition but we like to compete with real companies.

Atlas Plumbing & RooterJoel Ledesma, PresidentHome ServicesSan Francisco, San Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=umcwqwciBoc

It’s helped me in many ways. It has helped me with more client base – with more clientele. It’s helped me, my guys feel more confident because they’ve passed the Diamond Certification test. We got a lot of referrals because of Diamond Certified and it’s very prestigious.

Arbor Fence, Inc.Ron Wooden, OwnerHome ServicesNapawww.youtube.com/watch?v=3w1AssLYEYk

Diamond Certified has helped our company in the fact that it answers a lot of questions to the customer before they even call us so a lot of their fears and doubts are already answered before they even call Arbor Fence and it does help screen customers that way.

American Kitchen and Bath, Inc.Johans Wartenbergh, OwnerHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=qzJn_eY4jR0

We really like working with people that came from Diamond Certified because those customers especially respect the quality that we offer. Many contractors couldn’t even qualify to get Diamond Certified. It is something we are proud of and we make sure you are one of those happy customers because we do not want to lose this rating. We treat every customer like that and make sure our surveys stay in the top 90%.

All Seasons ConstructionMark Corrallo, PresidentHome ContractorAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Blxzfb5-cR0

I had heard of Diamond Certified before I applied and my perception was that it was not easy to get on the Diamond Certified list meaning you had to be pretty good. I know that people are afraid of hiring an unknown contractor, too many horror stories out there. On a personal level, I would feel comfortable hiring a Diamond Certified company because I knew they had been properly screened and it’s a lot better than simply picking a name out of the phone book. I wanted to be one of those contractors, I wanted to be one of those contractors that people presumed had been thoroughly checked out and was a good, reliable company.

American Home Renewal, Inc.Marc Stelzer, Partner/OwnerHome ContractorMarin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=qeTplCRGYUI

We are very happy to be a Diamond Certified company, in fact this is our eighth consecutive year. It’s a great way for consumers to know that we are one of the better companies out there and they reach a lot of people that way. It has really worked out great for us.

McHale’s Environmental Insulation, Inc.Dan Hair, OwnerHome ServicesAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=TxQwuxwYn6M

One of the things I enjoy about being a Diamond Certified company is the fact that being Diamond Certified helps take some of the homework out of the initial due diligence someone would need to do when they are thinking about hiring a contractor. For one you know that they are licensed, they’re insured and have a high regard to customer satisfaction and quality of work. That’s one thing that we stand behind 100% is the satisfaction of our customers because we know that a happy customer means more work for us down in the future.

ClickAwayRick Sutherland, CEOProfessionalSan Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=qfmXNDDuuxo

ClickAway is in it’s Sixth year of being Diamond Certified. It’s been one of the best marketing and management decisions we have made in the history of the company. We really value the feedback that we get from the customer surveys that are done. From a marketing point of view, we know that the credibility that Diamond Certified brings to the ClickAway brand is very valuable. People appreciate the fact that we have a business license, we are insured , we do carry the appropriate workers compensation and that we are a business that’s concerned about the quality of the service that we provide. The surveys that Diamond Certified has done for us have just been a tremendous insight and one of the best management tools that we have ever been able to utilize in a company.

J & M Windows & Glass, Inc.Mark Young, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=MSJkizXbKaw

Having been Diamond Certified has enabled us to add a little more validity to our company, to have people look at us and know that someone else has taken a look at our company, that they’ve judged our company and that’s given them the confidence in dealing with us, knowing that we have our insurance’s in place, we have people that are knowledgeable. When they deal with us, they know that they’re dealing with a reputable company – somebody that isn’t just out there doing business and they really don’t know for sure if its somebody that is qualified to do their work. Having Diamond Certified checked into our policies and checked with our old customers, seeing how they felt about the job that we did has enabled a lot of people to feel more confident in dealing with us.

Better Water HeatersFrans Cartwright, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=8sUB9Epg71c

I was excited that I had a lot of customer feedback that was positive but I was also concerned, is this really going to result in real business to me – that was my concern and it quickly proved to be true that it does. Now that I trust the Diamond Certified program completely, I use that data to improve my quality. The people involved are really top-quality people and every customer I asked how they heard about me and a lot more often than not is from Diamond Certified.

I get a whole bunch of marketing materials primarily really nice, professional handouts that I give to customers when I am doing an estimate. The close rate is much higher with those. Also, a Diamond Certified customer is a much better quality customer – they are less price-sensitive and more quality focused so it is a much better close rate. Typically, with me, I go to the house – first of all I will ask how they heard about me. I spend a lot on advertising and if they say Diamond Certified, I put a little note – Diamond Certified – and I really know that that means they are not going to quibble about the price, it is more of a quality sale.

When I am at the customer’s site – however they heard about me, Diamond Certified or not – Ill hand them a Diamond Certified brochure and say, “I’m proud to be Diamond Certified, this is what it means, you can read about me and my company and then give me a few minutes to write this estimate up.” So it gives them a few minutes to reflect on the value and the quality. By the time I am ready to give them the estimate it is almost always a closed deal.

I would say you could trust, I would assume it would be Mike Ellerin or whoever, trust the people and what they are telling you. I certainly, as a business owner have seen a lot of value from it. I’m least excited about my marketing dollar I spend on Yellow Pages and most excited by Diamond Certified. Certainly something I’ll be sticking with for a long time.

Anchor Auto BodyBetsy Trago, OwnerAutoSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Geawh4HfSxo

Well a lot of our customers will tell us that they’re there because they saw that we were Diamond Certified as they were driving by or they saw us in the booklets from somewhere else. Then we call our customers as well and we ask, “How did you hear about us?” and also on our customer information sheet we have a place for that as well.

Yes, absolutely. We use the brochures when our customers come in and you know we give them an estimate or while they are waiting either before or after we have the estimate and then we will go back to the customer with the estimate and we will pull the brochure out and explain what we had to do to become Diamond Certified, what we have to continue doing to stay Diamond Certified and what Diamond Certified means so it’s a great tool.

Then you say, “By the way, did you know we were Diamond Certified?” and they just kind of roll into that and a lot of times, I know there has been a few times- my office is right there off the customer lounge- and I’ve heard customers go “Oh I had no idea you were Diamond Certified.” That basically closes the deal because they know they are going to get good quality and great customer service and it’s backed up by Diamond Certified.

It was the best thing we ever did. I am so happy that we did it, it has made such a huge difference in our business and our lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have the Diamond Certified books – so they see that, they see us in the books and they come to us just because of that reason. We have been Diamond Certified a little over three years now and I think it has helped our business grow. We have customers come to us just because they see that we are Diamond Certified.

Abbey Carpet & FloorNancy Stanton, PresidentHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=8pRLKWm-u2I

When they act like they are hemming between our company and a competitor, I always point out and our sales people point out that we are Diamond Certified, that we back up our installations and our service, it’s just a good thing. It’s a good thing all the way around. We really stress the fact that in order to be Diamond Certified, that you get checked out, your background is checked out and that we have a clean record and are doing well.

Once that Directory came out, it was huge. I was getting a lot of people coming in and I also get people saying I’m looking for flooring, they might be looking at my store as well as another competitor, its going to set me apart to have that Diamond Certification and I have actually had customers who said they would only do business with a Diamond Certified company.

On all of our estimates that go out, we put a Diamond Certified logo on it. Our installers have shirts that have Diamond Certified logos on them, our sales people have shirts that have our company logos as well as the Diamond Certified logo on them. We put the banners in the store. The brochures are there with our business cards attached so that people can see right from the very beginning we are a step ahead of most of our competition in the area because of Diamond Certified.

Gentec Services, Inc.Joe Scerbo, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=BK8SKHmHK-E

We get five calls a week and we are able to close at least three of those calls because they are strong leads. It’s like a cult following, people already know what Diamond Certified is by the time they call us. A lot of times when we present to clients who didn’t find us through Diamond Certified, they, “Oh yeah, we have heard of Diamond Certified. You guys are Diamond Certified.” It’s a done deal.

The leads that you get are going to be solid leads. People usually already recognize Diamond Certified and they know what it means. Just the name alone sounds a lot better than you know, Joe Blow whatever. It has an edification, you know the name itself stands for something.

Case Design/RemodelingJim Kabel, PresidentHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=EA_4kFmtMrI

It’s been fantastic for our business. In the two years that we have been Diamond Certified, Diamond Certified has been the single largest source of leads for us and provides the single highest return on investment of any marketing program that we do for our business.

So we have logos on our business cards and our stationary and most of our work orders.

I think first and foremost, you have to look at your business and for me, the evaluation was pretty simple because in the General Contracting, Home Improvement area, this industry has one of the lowest reputations for customer satisfaction and quality so for me it was natural to affiliate with an organization that did an independent certification of that. So I think if you are in an industry where that’s an issue with the customer base, that is really important.

Optimum Realty & Financial ServicesJane Brown, OwnerProfessionalSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=BMkWK1LM8hU

I take great pride, first of all, in the fact that we are Diamond Certified. I feel that I can perhaps promote the fact that we are Diamond Certified more so that it will do even more but I do get calls from persons who have seen either the ads in the paper or the ads in the magazine and as a result they have called specifically just based on those ads. I think it gives me added credibility. For people who have not possibly had any association with me previously, its says someone – a third-party – has looked at us and listened to our clients, heard their impression of us and given us a rating and that says something. I would not give up my Diamond Certified for anything.

Knights’ Electric, Inc.Barbara Lagsdale, OwnerHome ContractorNapa, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=LFeL4yLGenE

What I like about Diamond Certified is that we’re held accountable and at a different level then if we were just getting good comments from our customers ourselves. We do our own care calls and our own service surveys but Diamond Certified takes it outside of us and gives us an independent rating and I like that. We do use the, we have the stickers on our trucks and we do use the Diamond Certified logo on all of our outgoing correspondence. It’s a link on our web site, it’s on our business cards. We use the brochures in our mailers and in our outgoing invoices to remind people that we are Diamond Certified and that the service they just received is rated highly by an independent company.

Farrar ConstructionMark Farrar, OwnerHome ContractorSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=eVEbpKcbZfM

Generally speaking, most of the calls we get from people it seems are from our Diamond Certified advertising and the caliber of that person is the person we have been looking for that we have not found in any other kind of advertising. It seems that we arrive on the job site or we arrive at an appointment to bid on a project they already have in their mind that the person showing up at the job is a high-quality person and so we seem to be received very well and I find my success rate with winning contracts has been much higher than with any other kind of advertising.

Hansen Landscape ContractorSteve Hansen, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=8hDMXsH-4Kw

Being awarded Diamond Certification, we are very appreciative that this service is here for us as a business and a contractor and that it puts a light on companies that want to do well for their customers that strive and work hard to produce a company and a product that is going to leave customers feeling happy and satisfied with whom they have hired. Diamond Certification has helped continue our goal to be a good and reputable contractor. We would want no less from people that we would hire whether they would be from working on our own homes or within our company, we would want no less from the companies that we would hire so that simply is that the company provides top quality service, keeps our customers satisfied, completes their projects on time and on budget and Diamond Certified has just kind of solidified and kind of concreted our personal company goals to make sure that all of the little things that go along with running a business and taking care of a customer – that those items are looked after and I think that’s one of the things that now being Diamond Certified has allowed us to do is to just stay completely conscious of what it takes to make a customer happy.

Sterck Kulik O’Neill Accounting Group, Inc.Geoffrey P. Kulik, PartnerProfessionalSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=h3iW6kSRFjE

I’ve been very happy with the quality of the clients that have come from the Diamond Certified venue. They tend to be people who know who they are and they know what they want. The more importance, they know how to articulate what it is that they want so that we can be very direct about who they are, what they want and how we will serve them as it relates to who they are and what t hey want which adds to the communication process that I think is very important because its important in the process of building rapport so that when important things come up, there is a rapport that exists and that we can truly be effective with those people when critical decisions need to be made. When people go to Diamond Certified, they are really looking for a need to be filled right at that point in time so we know when we have a phone call from someone who identifies the fact that they found us through Diamond Certified that they are really serious consumers who are looking to see if we can meet their expectations and provide them with a service so that’s already a well-informed consumer. With the links to our web site, they more than likely have already gone out and had a good feel for who our firm is because they have been able to go and poke around and see what information about us do we make available on the internet, what information is available out there for them to find. So, the conversations can move forward much more quickly than they can when you have people who are simply using an old Yellow Page system, asking their brother in law, anything along those lines. So I have been very impressed working with Diamond Certified as well.

Save Energy CompanyJohn Gorman, OwnerHome ContractorMarin, San Francisco, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=csmw0MR9vTA

We use it everywhere. Its on all our marketing, everything we have out there has Diamond Certified on it. When we answer the phone we mention it, when we go out and do our presentation, its a big part of our presentation. Its an integral part of our business now. I like the fact that we can differentiate ourselves from the other companies and that’s really important to do out there, it is a very competitive business.

Madden Door & Sons, Inc.Scott O'Neill, Sales ManagerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=zvkMwUN0YlE

Being Diamond Certified has been a tremendous added benefit to our sales program. That’s not just a sales tool, its a trust, its an instilled trust we can prove to our customers. Listen, we’re not the ones who say we’re the best, our customers have. When you’re providing a new potential door for a customer or even a service call, its knowing that that company is trustworthy as the client, that is the hardest hurdle for most clients to get over. Being Diamond Certified three years in a row has proven over and over that our clients themselves when independently surveyed have said Madden Door & Sons is the company to go to, they are the right value, they are the right company and they are the leader in this industry so we are proud to have had that as part of our added marketing tools and most importantly, it also gives us a philosophy that all of us have to follow, down to our installers, service technicians to the very first phone call and every interaction that we have with a client, we want to keep that status and the only way we can do so is by being matter of fact, clear, forthright and obviously relevant to the solution for the client.

Albert Nahman Plumbing and HeatingAlbert Nahman, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=JaNK5mrhI3I

Being Diamond Certified is sort of an automatic qualifier for our company. People want to have a recommended company and as the years have passed and Diamond Certified is being more prominent in the customers mind, people know what Diamond Certified is, they know that there is a rigorous requirement to be Diamond Certified, it hold a lot of weight with the client. Its almost like having a trusted friend recommend you. Its not quite as personal but they can actually read real customer comments which is excellent, they can see your track record, they know you have gone through the rigorous requirements that Diamond Certified puts out. We think it a great benefit to our company to have been Diamond Certified for all these years and we’re very proud of that. We think that we deserve it because we are professional and we’ve always strived to be professional and do the best plumbing job that we can and provide the best customer service.

Orinda Motors, Inc.John Vanek, ManagerAutoContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=PtsXXDjTKrM

Well, I would say it is a worthwhile company to be affiliated with, especially now our realization is Diamond Certified is continued to do more and more things to provide awareness of the shops that are Diamond Certified coupled with the money back guarantee and the inspections and the fact that you have to be awarded that Diamond Certification is not an easy thing to do. That right there, once you are Diamond Certified and become approved, that puts you at the top of the class. A lot of customers only use businesses that are Diamond Certified, period. So that means those people, won’t even give you the time of day if you are not Diamond Certified and I get that quite a bit and folks that have not used us and are not sure about us, that Diamond Certified money back guarantee certainly helps because they know if they have an issue, that they have that behind them. Needless to say, Diamond Certified has not had to give anyone their money back… (new person talking) and probably never will. Diamond Certified is so well respected that it is actually chosen over the BBB as far as consumers research and making their decisions of where to go. When they see Diamond Certified that actually puts their decision in their hands and once they see the five stars, they know where to go.

Rafael Floors, Abbey Carpet CenterRon Leach, OwnerHome ServicesMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=PEqg9wtHgYQ

Well, it does elay some concerns that customers have when coming into a business. For instance, if they’re familiar with the Diamond Certified and we do have people that say, “we had a Diamond Certified heating and cooling guy in the house, I had a Diamond Certified painter and now I am going to have Diamond Certified floor covering technician,” so that elays some concerns right off the bat when they come in. If they come in and they don’t realize we are Diamond Certified, we try to make sure they get a brochure, personalized brochure, with our card and they leave the store so they can check it out and perhaps go on the website and see this video that we are making. We have been very happy with the Diamond Certified process and what they do to try to make sure that all companies that are listed as Diamond Certified keep up the level of integrity and installation and quality that we like to be remembered by in a community.

A and P Moving, Inc.Darcy Quinn, National Account ManagerProfessionalMarin, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=aG7Hk90KGps

It’s helped validate what we believe in ourselves and what we tell people. I think a lot of times if you tell people we have all these great customers that write these letters, we have no claims, I think people are a little skeptical because people think you are only going to tell them what they want to hear. Diamond Certified is an independent, quality testament to a company’s success and track record on what they have done and what they commit to a customer and that is very important. It holds us in a different level that we like to be at and without Diamond Certified, I don’t think we would get our foot in the door or have people consider us as strong as they do.

ATCO Pest ControlRichard Estrada, PresidentHome ServicesMarin, San Francisco, Sonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=m8tAw_XTU0E

Diamond Certified has been very good. We average between one and two phone calls on a daily basis. We just started, literally, within six weeks I believe that it’s been. One of the things that we find as people call in is that we come in at a higher level. In other words, we don’t have to prove that we’re good, they understand that already. We don’t have to prove that we are a professional company, that we are knowledgeable, that has already been established. We also find many homeowners will only choose companies that are Diamond Certified.

Better Water HeatersFrans Cartwright, OwnerHome ServicesSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=MsOc0DBFkO4

Being Diamond Certified has been great for the company. We get a lot of calls from customers who have had positive experiences with other Diamond Certified companies and there seems to be a lack of trust in general with plumbers but I find that Diamond Certified customers are a lot more willing to trust a company that has earned Diamond Certification. We work hard to make sure our customers are happy and we are audited by Diamond Certified to make sure our customers stay happy and I think you can rest assured that, that means you’ll have a good experience with us.

Donovan’s Pest Control, Inc.Jim Donovan, PresidentHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=IeRTSFaghyE

What we find with Diamond Certified customer is that they understand the value in the relationship. They’re more interested in solving the problem the first time and if they have to prevent the problem, they understand the value of the maintenance relationship. First I’m going to take a gardener or a housekeeper. You employ these services to prevent problems down the road and that’s what we do. We inspect your property and we look at ways of solving the problem without emphasizing traditional methods of pest control.

Case Design/RemodelingJim Kabel, PresidentHome ContractorSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Tva3PNnt8VM

Well, Diamond Certified has helped our company immensely. For five years its helped us connect our business with quality-oriented consumers who are looking for value and a fair price as opposed to just the lowest priced bidder. Those are the clients that best fit with our business and our needs and we enjoy working with them more than anybody else. So, Diamond Certified has been fantastic for us in good times and in bad times. Diamond Certified has been able to find and direct those clients to our business.

The Lunt Marymor CompanyAngie McLane, Service ManagerHome ServicesAlamedawww.youtube.com/watch?v=ejpTpVrKU7o

Being Diamond Certified gives our clients the comfort of knowing that we went through a, a very difficult process in, in order to get to this point. They have to interview many of our clients and make sure that they were happy with our services. They know that we’re going to stand behind our product, that we’re going to deliver a high quality product. So yes, definitely — and the recognition of being Diamond Certified — it’s quite an honor.

Mapleservice, Inc.Dale Maples, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=ubASV5x3n1Y

Diamond Certified is, is — I wasn’t sure how I felt about Diamond Certified until I, until I began to spend a tremendous amount of time in Sonoma County and what I realized is that Diamond Certified is a well-known certification — and so not only do I accept Diamond Certified but I embrace it as part of our brand — and what I like about Diamond Certified is not everyone can attain it. We have to go through the process of attaining our Diamond Certification every year simply by Diamond Certified interviewing our customers. I can’t think of anything I trust more than what our customers say. It’s not what I think — it’s what they think.

Kraft’s Body Shop, Inc.Todd Kraft, OwnerAutoSanta Cruzwww.youtube.com/watch?v=1obTXW9zf4U

Being Diamond Certified for our company has helped us in many ways. One of the biggest is, it’s taken a lot of the work out for the customer because they know for a business to be Diamond Certified, they have to go through certifications and qualifications that most businesses cannot pass and at Kraft’s Body Shop we have passed all those tests and customers can come here knowing that were going to do a good job for them.

Carmen Miranda – Alain Pinel RealtorsCarmen Miranda, Agent/RealtorProfessionalSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=XKQ1eGdGYm0

Diamond Certified has actually assisted me in increasing my market share in that this year alone, I probably have had three valid leads and how I find this is I ask them where did they find me and they always say Diamond Certified. I’ve actually been compared to four other realtors and that client is purchasing as well as selling their home and Diamond Certified was one of the foremost criteria’s or needs.

Carrasco ConstructionFrank Carrasco, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=_8gt5bKG1Hc

I’ve been called by other contractors and have been asked what I have thought about it as well and I just tell them you need to get in and try it because you won’t regret it. It has been really – it has helped me grow my company to the level it has been, that it is now and it continues to provide me with excellent leads.

The Painting ProsCleve Dayton, OwnerHome Services, ProfessionalSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=MHFXo7cWCRk

If some other business were to call me and ask me about Diamond Certified and how I liked it and if they should sign up with it, I would say absolutely – Sign up, see if you can get the certificate, you do have to deserve it, you do have to earn it. I think any company, I think its great system. It’s just a good way to show that you’re a good business and you are certified as a quality company.

Reilly DesignsScott Reilly, OwnerHome ServicesMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=oKqS9z3_TTo

Diamond Certified is definitely – it’s proven to me that its just not a marketing ploy and I’ve been happy with it. It’s kept me – like I want to be within parameters of what’s being a good contractor.

The Floor StoreBret Lowder, General ManagerProfessionalContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykb8UES2vkc

I believed its really once again – we knew we were great. It’s something that now give people a valid, tangible way to measure the fact of that greatness. We were, to be honest with you, reluctant for many years to apply because the standards were so high and we thought – we have six locations, that’s a tall order to go ahead and say that you have a 90% plus approval rating and it was definitely a very proud moment for me when we received our Diamond Certification.

Rebarts InteriorsBart San Diego, OwnerHome ServicesSan Mateowww.youtube.com/watch?v=LSh_315Dv8A

Being a member of Diamond Certified actually gives ease to clients because a lot of our clients actually they only will work with Diamond Certified contractors because they know for sure that they are all screened, they check all our former clients, past customers and see how we did on our jobs and its been really helpful for us, especially with clients.

Mike Testa Plumbing, Inc.Mike Testa, OwnerHome Contractor, Home ServicesMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=qHtEakIZULI

Well not just has it given me business, because people call me because we are listed in Diamond Certified, it also eases their mind when they do call us so that initial reaction that they could possibly be not getting treated fairly is gone so it helps us to when we get to go to the doorstep as far as people being confident that we will do a good job.

Molly Maid of Marin, Berkeley and West Contra Costa CountiesPat Belardi, OwnerHome Services, ProfessionalMarinwww.youtube.com/watch?v=tZdvCH-Oa_U

Well, we have only been with Diamond Certified for two years so I don’t have a long history but we do know customers call us because they see us in the Diamond Certified book or they see us in the Diamond Certified ad so certainly they have added customers to our roster and we appreciate that. It’s a very effective way to add customers and much less expensive than running our own advertising campaign.

Advanced Instruments Hearing Aid CenterEric Stratton, OwnerHealthSolanowww.youtube.com/watch?v=F7DA3LruO8U

We’re always motivated to do a very good job for our patients. The Diamond certification is just a verification of our desire to do the best job we can so that really sets us apart and I believe we’re one of the only locations, I think, in the, in the North Bay area that is Diamond Certified and we’ve maintained that certification for several years now and that’s one thing that can put our patients’ mind at ease is knowing that we’ve been rated by fellow patients.

Artisans LandscapeElliot Golliger, PresidentHome Contractor, Home ServicesSan Franciscowww.youtube.com/watch?v=KspvqvbJrBE

Diamond Certified has been great because they do the prescreening and the clients that we get from Diamond Certified already feel quite comfortable with our capabilities and competencies and that gives us a real jump. We can start focusing on the hard stuff right away.

Anchor Auto BodyTom Trago, OwnerAutoSanta Clarawww.youtube.com/watch?v=xNmbs3Dojcs

I believe that they want to know, that they want to feel comfortable in the fact that they are going to be taken care of you know from a quality standpoint so that’s why Diamond Certified we use it, we use it when we are writing estimates, we point out to our customers that hey look we are Diamond Certified, take a few minutes and read through this brochure it will clue you in real fast to what we are about here.

A & J FencingJustin Lena, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk0g95E1kkY

Diamond Certified has helped us a great deal. Using all the pamphlets, products and things that the Diamond Certified offers if you use the program like you are supposed to use it, you will get a great benefit from it not only via online but all of your advertising and everything like that. If you tie it in and use it properly, it pays off greatly.

Amazing Stone, Inc.Jack Chan, Sales ManagerHome ServicesAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=en-DBh1qBjE

Being a Diamond Certified company helps our business because a big portion of our business is relying on referrals and also I have customers come in and tell me that they will only hire companies from a Diamond Certified listing because they have confidence that we can do a good jobs.

Altera Design & Remodeling, Inc.Jim Vivrette, OwnerHome ContractorContra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=D51qxLuUm-A

I think Diamond Certified is an outstanding service. It is our primary advertising source. The clients that come from Diamond Certified are far superior to anything out of the phone book so it’s just worked out extremely well for us and we are in three different sections because of that.

Roberts Electric Company, Inc.Dan Pitcock, PresidentHome ContractorAlameda, Contra Costawww.youtube.com/watch?v=IGRpm99q_24

So continuously qualifying for Diamond Certified means we are doing a good job for our customers. We have to send in the questionnaires and give them lists of our customers on a periodic basis so we’re.. It’s important for us to know to get that feedback that we are continuing to meet our mission of giving good service and quality to our customers.

The Hand Group Inc.Steve Hand, OwnerHome ContractorSonomawww.youtube.com/watch?v=I2VQI47mWfg

Well, the biggest thing that I enjoy having Diamond certification is when a customer calls me and they tell me – Hey, I found your ad in Diamond Certified, I immediately know they’re not looking for the average run-of-the-mill contractor. They’re looking for more specialty work. So, that’s kind of the biggest advantage. I know generally what they want and I know they’re not looking to do a ten thousand dollar kitchen on a five thousand dollar budget.

The website. I’m able to direct all my customers to the website and Diamond has a beautiful website.

When a Diamond Certified customer, or actually any customer for that matter, I hand them a brochure that we have and you know, I just say “Hi, Steve Hand, I’m a Diamond Certified contractor.” I give them my business card, which I staple onto the pamphlet.

Okay, well, the website. You know, that’s one of the main reasons why we’re Diamond Certified is because of the website. You know, people go on there and they look at it, and it looks like were multi-million-dollar business and we’re just a small little company. So…

I think the biggest advantage is, the people that are going to Diamond Certified, they are people that have a little bit more money.

Right, and they know we’re a legitimate company. Because people will constantly go on my website and they say, I’ve checked you out, I like what you had to say. Or, you know, I like the fact that you are insured and licensed and you have all that there. So, that’s real important. People look for that. And if they don’t, I push them towards it. Which, that reinforces the website. The website’s the number one thing.