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by Greg Louie
April 01, 2018

Spring is a season of renewal. In nature, new grasses grow, flowers bloom and birds nest. For consumers, moods brighten, home improvement projects are planned and winter-delayed health appointments are booked. For company managers, it’s a time to achieve performance numbers, optimize employee skills and generate more referrals.

For the Giants and A’s, spring is a great opportunity to work on perfecting the fundamentals. As the MLB season gets underway, I can’t help but reminisce about my own history with America’s pastime. Here’s something you might not know about me: from the age of 19 to 25, I was a semi-professional baseball player. It seems like a lifetime ago, but it’s true—I played on a number of tournament teams that competed across the United States and even played against international teams like Australia and Japan. Read more

by Greg Louie
March 01, 2018

The other day, I watched a documentary about the making of Pink Floyd’s groundbreaking 1973 album, The Dark Side of the Moon. It’s an album I’ve heard countless times over the course of my life, but as I watched the band members go into detail about the techniques they used to record those classic songs, it occurred to me that I only knew part of the story. Sure, I know most of the words to “Money,” but I didn’t know that in order to achieve the cash register sounds at the beginning, they had to stretch their reel-to-reel tape across the studio to make it fit with the song’s unusual time signature. Read more

by Greg Louie
January 05, 2018

We have exciting news! This year, if you qualify for Diamond Certified, your Diamond Certified Expert Contributions will be presented in more places, so Quality Customers in your community will see you more often as their (famous) local top rated expert who cares. You can see we’re determined to help you beat your competitors by giving you a big Deep Info advantage. We’ll help you get the best articles, photos, videos, ratings, tables and your project presentations, boosting your company with Quality Customers. Your company website is a must check-in point for potential customers shopping your business. So, we’re going to help you upgrade your own website by adding Diamond Certified Deep Info inside your key pages to prove your team delivers High Quality and Helpful Expertise, Read more

by Greg Louie
December 05, 2017

We’re really excited about our plans to build your company in 2018 (if you qualify for Diamond Certified). We’re doing it by heavily investing in four main areas:

1. Your Company Report Page Crushes Competitors with Design and Deep Info
Who your company appears to be is completely driven by your Deep Info. It’s the totality of info accessible about you and your company. Optimally presenting your best Deep Info is key to your success. Your Deep Info presentation influences every potential customer to choose you or…someone else. That’s why we’ve newly designed each Diamond Certified Company Report page to beat all other presentations on the web, giving potential customers all the info they need in the format they want to maximize their confidence in choosing. Read more

by Jim Stein
October 26, 2017

Strength matters.

Your strong quality brand attracts those who care about quality and are willing to pay for it.

Your strong customer loyalty bear hugs your customers so they return and refer you.

Your strong digital helps your best prospects find and engage with you on their smartphones.

Your strong Deep Info makes more of your best prospects choose you over your competitors. Read more

by Jim Stein
September 26, 2017

With the launch of your newly designed Diamond Certified Company Report page, your “Best Page Ever” just got even better (if you qualify for Diamond Certified)! It beats all other presentations of your company for high trust and influence, so you’ll attract and sell more to quality-seeking customers. Starting on the very first page view of your Company Report, your prospective customers instantly see that you’re top rated and guaranteed, and they connect emotionally with your company through your video and lead article. Plus, this gives them easy scroll-down or simple NAVIGATION menu access to Deep InfoTM on your company. Read more

by Jim Stein
August 26, 2017

If you run a company, you face problems. They come with the territory and change with market conditions and the flavor of staff issues. People may say you have “good problems” if you have too many potential customer inquiries to handle, but we both know you face a big challenge if you’re also dealing with severe capacity issues due to a shortage of quality staff. If you can’t do the work, having inquiries can be frustrating and, if you don’t follow up well, lead to an erosion of your brand image. “Bad problems” may be times when you lack Quality Customers and have thin margins and/or face new competition. These problems kill financial performance, and left unresolved, Read more

by Jim Stein
July 26, 2017

Half the year has passed, so it’s a good time to conduct a review of your company’s key metrics and create a simple action plan that should yield improvements for the second half of the year. This periodic review and action plan process leads to continuous improvement in your company’s performance. Here are our key metrics for the Diamond Certified Resource. As you can see, comparing the first half of this year to the same period last year, we had a 10% gain in our number of consumer fans and a massive gain in the number of times these Preferred Consumers engaged by reading our email newsletters.

Read more

by Jim Stein
June 22, 2017

If you qualify for Diamond Certified, it will be the daily brand that builds your company. Every day, your daily brand will certify that your team consistently delivers Quality, Helpful Expertise and Customer Satisfaction. To create this meaning, we’ve operated the most accurate ratings of local companies available. We’ve spent more than $55 million promoting the meaning of this daily brand in the Bay Area over the past 16 years, and we’ve delivered 12 million directories to local Quality Consumers. Plus, Diamond Certified companies have handed out more than 3 million Diamond Certified brochures.

Your Daily Leadership of Brand Position
Just as each day you lead your team to consistently deliver Quality, Read more

by Jim Stein
May 22, 2017

Simply put, if you reach and “speak to” potential Quality Customers better than your competitors, you’ll build a stronger, more profitable business. Here’s how you do it.

1. Fill out this “Profile My Quality Customers and Prospects” form.
To do this, pull out your billing for the last 100 customers you served (or the past 12 months). Look at each one and think of the customer. For each customer, write down the answers to these three questions:

a. Were they good to deal with?
b. Was the service you performed what you want to be doing in the future?
c. How profitable was this transaction? Read more